Can Ducks Eat Cat Food?

Can Ducks Eat Cat Food

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Cat food for ducks? No way isn’t it supposed to be for cats only. I bet this has been your reaction whenever you see or hear someone recommending or feeding cat food to the ducks. Even if you have never seen someone feeding cat food to ducks, there are still a huge number of bird breeders that recommend and feed cat food to the ducks. 

We like spoiling our birds and animals with treats so this constant pressure to find a new treat keeps on disturbing the peace of our mind. Feeding ducks cat food is a new trend that has taken the world by storm in the last few years. Some of you might want to say yes to this treatment option but then your overprotective side takes over and you quit thinking about it.

If this is your situation that whenever you try to convince yourself to bring cat food for your duck something just scares you away. I promise, after reading this article your doubts will be cleared as we are about to discuss whether this practice is safe or not? and If it’s safe what’s the right way of feeding? 

There are two types of cat food; dry and wet cat food. Let’s see what can and what can not be fed.

Can ducks eat dry cat food?

Ducks can eat dry cat food but not as a meal. Cat food is not super beneficial but it’s not that bad either. The reason why it got mixed views is that it contains a huge amount of protein and it can cause trouble.

But it’s okay to feed dry cat food as a treat occasionally

According to NC State University, Cat food can get harmful if it is either consumed in a large quantity or is being consumed quite often. It doesn’t cause any harm if it is considered a treat, not a meal, and fed occasionally.

Do ducks like cat food?

The chances are fifty-fifty as some ducks seem to enjoy eating it and the others just don’t even come to terms with cat food at all. 

Is cat food useful for ducks in any way?

Yes, it is useful for the feathers to grow. The protein in cat food helps their feathers grow faster. Besides that, it isn’t that useful. However, it can keep the tummy full for some time.

It’s expensive than the regular duck food

Cat food takes a noticeable amount of money from your pocket every year. It would be an expensive treat for ducks with no “real” advantages.

Cat food should not be mixed with anything

Sometimes for a change, we like to play with our animals and birds’ food. Cat food doesn’t allow you to experiment, it should be fed in the way it is. Even if you want to pair it with something, Never, I repeat, Never, mix the formula with bread, donuts, chips, crackers, popcorn, or cereal, etc. 

Fed them chopped veggies instead

Chopped veggies are a great way to please these birds rather than spending a huge sum of money on something useless. Peas, cabbage, blue seal, oyster shell, and grower cal are a fine option.

Don’t go for the cheap cat food if you have to feed it anyway

Cheap cat food is usually lower in protein that may seem fine but it can put you and your poor little bird in trouble. (Resource) So, even if you have to feed it for any reason, it’s better to invest in expensive high protein cat food.

Now you know, that dry cat food is fine. If it’s not good for anything it won’t harm either. It can only be fed in moderation occasionally.  The excessive protein in dry cat food can cause serious trouble. Now let’s discuss wet cat food a little.

Can ducks eat wet cat food? Is it okay for them?

No, it’s not okay for them. Wet cat food is a big No-No for ducks. It shouldn’t be fed even if the ducks have to starve for some time. Feeding occasionally in moderation doesn’t make it any less harmful.

Do not trade dry cat food with wet cat food over the smell

Dry cat food doesn’t stink bad but wet cat food does. Cat food shouldn’t be a treatment option but even if you have to feed the duck anyway, go for the dry food.

Wet or dry cat food is good only for cats or wild birds

Wet or dry both are made to fulfill the nutritional needs of cats only then how can they be beneficial for domestic birds? However, the wild birds have more or less the same demands from nature so for them, cat food is a fine option.

Wild birds can eat it all year round

It’s safe for the wild birds so it can be fed as a meal almost every day. The wild birds can even survive the entire year eating cat food only. However, the ducks may not be able to survive a week or month.

Be careful while feeding the wet/dry cat food if you have other birds or animals on the farm

Eating in moderation occasionally won’t harm the ducks but it can harm other farm animals and birds. So, while feeding ducks the cat food, keep a sharp eye on the birds and animals as your reckless behaviour can invite a lot of trouble.

Other Treat for ducks

Some treats are not included in cat food but you can feed your ducks. Ducks can eat sunflower seeds, rice, bread and grapes.


Ducks can eat dry cat food but in moderation. Wet cat food is a bit smelly and harmful for this poor little bird so it should be avoided at all costs. It’s an expensive treat that has no real benefit, veggies are a great alternative to cat food. Cat food is good only for cats or wild birds. 


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