Can Sheep Eat Tomatoes? 4 Benefits

Can Sheep Eat Tomatoes

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Sheep live and thrive on eating grass and plants. Your sheep are often in the search of food that is soft and can be consumed easily.

Yes, sheep can eat tomatoes, Your sheep can eat tomatoes if it is red and ripe. There are multiple benefits when your sheep intake nutrient-rich tomatoes.

Nutritional Value of Tomatoes for Sheep

Here are a few benefits

Vitamin C

Tomatoes provide your sheep with enough amount of Vitamin C. It repairs the damaged tissues of your four-footed fluffy friend and strengthens its cartilage and bones. Apples for sheep are a great alternative source.

Vitamin K

It is no less than a great source of protection. Vitamin K in tomatoes helps in clotting the blood of your sheep after an injury. It prevents excessive loss of blood from the wounds of your sheep. Feed Grapes to Sheep as an alternative food.


The fiber in tomatoes has a good impact on your sheep’s health. It eases the bowel moment. Your sheep feel an improved digestive system after fiber intake from tomatoes. Lettuce for Sheep is a great source of fiber.


Tomatoes contain 95% of water. This greater amount of water prevents dehydration of your sheep during hot summer days.

Can Goats Eat Tomato Plant?

No answer to the question of eating tomatoes comes here. Keep the plant of tomatoes out of reach from your sheep. An excessive amount of eating it can have serious harmful effects on your sheep.

The alkaloid in tomatoes leaves can raise the body temperature of your sheep, causes disorientation, and distorted eyesight.

Precautions while Feeding Tomatoes to Sheep

Sheep are browser creatures. They love to eat from surrounding plants and herbs. To keep your sheep safe from toxic plants you need to take certain precautions.


Better to keep the moment of your sheep within the ranch. In this way the chances of your sheep taking toxic plants will be minimal.


Keeping tomatoes planted in the greenhouse will prevent your sheep from in-taking harmful leaves.

Safe plants

Make sure that your sheep have a good amount of safe plants within reach.

Avoid replacement

Do not replace the primary food of your sheep with tomatoes. The latter cannot provide adequate nutrients. Your sheep cannot have healthy growth and development with only tomatoes’ diet.

Avoid Excess

An excess amount of tomatoes can complicate the health of your sheep and can cause diarrhea. Moderation is the key to the good health of your four-leg friend.

Remedial measures

Despite all precautions, if your sheep intake a large number of alkaline leaves you should take immediate measures.

Cleaning the mouth
After consequent complications, clear the remaining leaves from the mouth of your sheep.

Provision of water

Provide your sheep with clean and tepid water.

Baking Soda

Put one spoon of baking soda in the mouth of the affected sheep.

Call Vet
If the situation of your sheep remains unchanged call the vet or rush to his/her clinic.


You can provide your sheep with tomatoes but with certain considerations. Make sure to keep your sheep away from leaves and limit to only the ripe fruit of tomatoes.

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