Can Pigs Eat Chocolate? Benefits and Risks

Can Pigs Eat Chocolate

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Can pigs eat chocolate? It is understandable that most pet owners want to feed chocolate to their pets. Chocolate is a favorite food item of many people and some animals as well.

However, whether it is good for them or not is another debate. Often, pig owners avoid giving sweets to them as they are quite addicting and often unhealthy.

Chocolate is considered “food of the gods” by Aztec people and no one can deny the delicious taste. However, one has to count the health benefits and nutritional value of a treat before feeding them to your precious pet. Care should be exercised when adding new food items to the diet. Not every food safe for human beings can be healthy for pets as well. 

Pigs are omnivorous, so, the options are nearly limitless. Besides the regular diet, pigs can eat a variety of food items.

They are fussy and heavy eaters, therefore, you will see them eating plants, vegetables, fruits, bugs, rotten meat, or dead animals. Though they can eat anything without thinking twice, some particular food items should be avoided.

Can Pigs Eat Chocolate?

As you may know, chocolate is considered poison for some pets, especially dogs. However, you would be delighted to know that pigs can eat chocolate in a moderate amount.

Like humans, they can process chocolate and its ingredients.

Chocolate or Cacao bean contains a special compound that can be dangerous for animals but not for humans.

Humans can digest chocolate without getting severely ill.

The gastrointestinal system of the pigs is similar to human beings, so, they can pretty much eat anything that a human can.

Pigs, being monogastric animals, can digest and process most food items eaten by humans.

The most important thing when feeding chocolate or any other treat is the right quantity and how often should you be feeding this snack.

Pigs can get the taste of this delicious food item at specific stages in their life; after weaning and at finishing.

Additionally, it should be treated as a snack and fed in a moderate amount occasionally.

Pigs should have a low carb and low sugar diet, so, a quantity should be adjusted to avoid weight gain or obesity. A moderate quantity should be given every week or two. 

Is Chocolate Safe For The Pigs?

Yes, chocolate is harmless for the pigs when given under strict supervision. Most pig owners are concerned about chocolate Poisoning which leads to diarrhea and vomiting.

Some pets like dogs can not digest a small amount of chocolate and get severely ill. It is because they can not metabolize Theobromine and caffeine but pigs can.

Unlike cats and dogs, the GI and digestive system of the pigs is capable of processing Theobromine and caffeine irrespective of their concentration.

Theobromine is considered a toxin that proves to be fatal for most pets at times. 

Pigs have this unique ability to separate the toxin before the chocolate is digested. Not just for Theobromine, it is similar for other toxins as well.

Any toxin in any food item gets separated first before the completion of the digestion process. Like other toxins, Theobromine is stored in a specialized chamber and eliminated through urine and feces. 

Now that you know that chocolate is safe, it does not give you a pass to go overboard and feed in excess.

As it is high in fat, the quantity should be monitored and it should not exceed the safe levels. Candies, Chocolate bars, and other such snacks should be given to the pig as occasional treats.

Can Piglets Eat Chocolate? 

Pigs can eat chocolate and they love this sweet treat, what about piglets? Is chocolate safe for piglets? Can you feed chocolate to the piglets? The answer is yes, chocolate is a safe food item to be consumed by the piglets. These young pigs adore chocolate and will keep asking for more. Chocolate consumption is safe for pigs of all ages.

According to Research, Irrespective of age and Theobromine concentration, piglets can digest chocolate well. However, excessive intake should be avoided as it can lead to digestion-related diseases. 

What Happens When A Pig Eat Chocolate?

Nothing significant or notable would happen when a pig eats chocolate, only you will see them happy and content. It is not as harmful as it is to other pets like cats and dogs. Thanks to their gastrointestinal system, pigs and piglets can digest chocolate. 

Their GI system works similar to that of humans, therefore, it can break down and metabolize the components present in the chocolate. However, excessive chocolate is not healthy for the pigs.

The Right Amount of Chocolate 

To avoid digestive disorders, pigs should be kept on a low salt, carbs, and sugar diet. Chocolate is high in sugar and fat, so, set a moderate quantity for pigs to be given once every two weeks.

Though pigs can digest it well, it is better to start giving them small quantities and observe if you see any unpleasant symptoms. 

Benefits of Feeding Chocolate To The Pigs

The main ingredient in chocolate is cocoa which is known for its nutritional benefits. According to the Library of Medicine, It contains plenty of energy, protein, vitamin B6, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and fat. Here’s how chocolate benefit pigs

  • Chocolate stimulates physiological development and productivity in pigs.
  • Chocolate contains a high level of antioxidants, vitamins, iron, zinc, calcium, and other nutrients that contributes to the immune system. However you can feed avocado to pigs as an alternative.
  • Chocolate plays an important role in the weaning process of piglets and can be a potential source of lactose for weaned animals. 
  • Adding sugar to the pig’s diet increases the growth of the carcass.
  • Piglets show greater growth performance when being fed a high sugar diet. 
  • Cocoa husks are fed to the piglets to modify the gut microbiome creating better conditions for good bacterias to develop.

Breaking the Fact Can Pigs Eat Chicken Bones?

Risks of Feeding Chocolate To The Pigs

Chocolate is undoubtedly safe for the pigs but it can be unhealthy due to the high amount of sugar and fats. Therefore, a pig owner is warned to keep the quantity moderate. It can never be used as a primary food source but only as an occasional treat.

  • Excessive intake of chocolate more often may affect the growth of pigs.
  • Their appetite is enhanced when being fed with chocolate, urging them to eat more which leads to unexpected and unwanted weight gain.
  • Pigs become addicted to the sweet treats and keep asking for more.
  • As per the experts, pigs should have a low sugar and salt diet.

In brief, it is safe for pigs and piglets to eat Chocolate, so, go and buy a chocolate bar for your pig. Pigs love it so much that they happily finish this sweet, delicious treat in seconds.


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