6 Best Pig Dewormer in 2022

Best Pig Dewormer

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Whether pigs are raised for slaughter or not, deworming is mandatory for the animal’s health and wellness.

If the parasites remain unbothered, the worms rob the essential nutrients pigs consume through feed and prevent them from growing and gaining weight.

Therefore, if deworming is bringing your pig down, it’s better to nip the evil in the bud.

The best way to deworm the pigs is to get a vet’s prescription. However if you can afford to get your pig checked, here are a few effective and safe deworming treatments.

Best Pig Dewormer Reviews

1. Merck Animal Health Mult Dewormer

Merck Animal Health is a brand that does not just offer the best cure for the animal disease but a guiding star as well when it comes to their health.

This company can be contacted for information, technology, and veterinary services as well. Isn’t that amazing?

FDA certified

The best part of this Merck deal is that this dewormer is FDA certified.

The FDA certification means that the benefits of this dewormer outweigh the risk for the intended use.

Therefore, the dewormer is safe to use as long as the prescription is followed properly.


The Fenbendazole is being offered in the shape of Merck Animal Health Mult Dewormer.

Therefore, as you all know it is specifically made to target gastrointestinal parasites.


This Merck deal is not just tested for safety but effectiveness as well. To be more specific, this dewormer is effective on lungworms, barber pole worms, brown stomach worms, small stomach worms, hookworms, intestinal worms, bankrupt worms, nodular worms, and a few other worms that affect the pig’s health.


  • 100% safe and effective
  • FDA certified
  • Cures several animals including pigs
  • No milk withdrawal
  • Targets lungworms, barber pole worms, brown stomach worms, small stomach worms, hookworms, intestinal worms, bankrupt worms, nodular worms
  • Cheap deworming treatment


  • Requires you to get a vet’s approval
  • Does not come with the detailed feeding instructions

2. Safeguard (Fenbendazole) Dewormer Liquid

If you can not see your pig suffering anymore, the Safeguard (fenbendazole) dewormer liquid is the fastest-acting solution.

Being a liquid dewormer, it shows improvement in just a matter of hours.


This dewormer is found effective in controlling and curing intestinal and stomach worms.

The good thing about this liquid dewormer is that it targets almost all intestinal and stomach worms. Surprisingly, it is effective in fighting giardia as well.

Labeled for goats but made for pigs

As it can clearly be seen on the package, the dewormer is made and labeled for goats. However, this dewormer is versatile enough to be used on pigs as well.


Being a liquid dewormer, this works as fast as any other liquid dewormer. As per the observation, this liquid dewormer has shown signs of recovery in just a few hours of use.


  • Can not be used on lactating pigs, goats, or other animals
  • Shows signs of recovery in a matter of minutes
  • Versatile
  • 100% safe and effective for intestinal and stomach worms; hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms
  • Fights giardia


  • Not specifically made for goats

3. Durvet Ivermectin Injectable

Durvet is an animal health product distributor with a head office located in Blue Springs, Missouri.

It has been serving us with the best medicines since 1970. Though there are several miraculous products, since we have been recommending the best dewormer here is the one from Durvet.

Treat and control

This dewormer is rewarding in all senses. It doesn’t just target and treat the worm but control the growth and prevent it from further infection.

As there is no surety that the pig would not get infected, this may be the best dewormer.


What’s more convincing about this Durvet’s creation is that you do not have to move heaven and earth to give your pig a prescribed amount of dewormer. You simply have to inject it and wait for the recovery.


The dewormer is highly versatile, it can be considered for cattle, swine, and goats as well.


  • Treats and prevents further infection
  • Injectable
  • Targets the both internal and external parasites
  • Can be used to treat pigs, cattle, and goats
  • The cheapest way to manage worms


  • Being offered in a small quantity

4. Animal Health International Multi-Species Dewormer

If you believe in raising multiple animals and finding one solution for several problems, this Animal Health International multi-species dewormer is the way.


Every life matters, therefore when it comes to health we should always invest in trusted medicated treatment.

This dewormer is medicated, therefore the formula is safe for the purpose it is made.

What worms can it treat?

This multi-species is made to target and treat all kinds of large strongyles, small strongyles, pinworms, ascarids, etc.

Animals it cures?

It is equally effective in treating the dairy beef cattle, pigs, growing turkeys, zoo and wildlife animals. However, it works differently for each animal.


  • Comes in the form of a pellet, the animal may not be known it is taking medicine
  • Made to treat several animals
  • Medicated
  • Treats and control
  • Targets lungworms, Stomach Worms, Intestinal Worms, bankrupt Worms & nodular worms


  • Made in China

5. Merck Animal Health Safe-Guard Swine Scoop

Merck is known for manufacturing and distributing the best medicines for several animal diseases.

This Merck Animal Health invention is one of this company’s best creations.


This dewormer does not require weeks to cure the animal. As per the manufacturer’s claim, it only takes 3 days to work up to the overprotective pig’s parents’ expectations.

Targets lungworms

Parasites can be found in several parts of the pig’s body. Some dewormers are made to treat all kinds of worms and some target just a few of them. This dewormer is made to treat and cure lungworms only.

No pre-slaughter withdrawal period

What’s more promising about this product is that it does not require any lactation or pre-slaughter withdrawal period. Most dewormers require that, this is just an exception.


  • Safe and effective for pigs of all ages
  • Targets, cures, and prevents lungworms
  • No pre-slaughter withdrawal period is required
  • Comes from a reliable brand
  • Cures in just three days


  • Treats only lungworms

6. Durvet Levamed Soluble Pig Dewormer

Out of Durvet’s all dewormers, this Levamed soluble pig dewormer is one of the most effective deworming treatments.

It does not just kill the parasites but prevents them from infecting and damaging the poor animal as well.

Treats several worms

This Durvet’s Levamed soluble pig dewormer, like most deworming treatments, is made to treat and prevent several worms.

To be more specific, this dewormer is most effective on large roundworms, nodular worms, lungworms, and intestinal threadworms.


The best part of this Durvet pig dewormer deal is that it can be stored. As per the company’s claim, this Durvet deworming solution can be stored at up to 25’c for up to 3 months.

Therefore if any other pig is infected during that time, the dewormer can be used to treat that pig as well.

Easy to prepare

The dewormer comes in a powdered form. All you have to do is add the suggested quantity of water, mix it well, and there you have the dewormer ready to disinfect the pigs.


  • Broad-spectrum
  • Can be stored for up to 3 months
  • Effective on large roundworms nodular worms, lungworms, and intestinal threadworms
  • Comes from a well-known brand
  • Easy to prepare


  • Can not be returned
  • It May is not a good option for piglets

How to Find the Best Dewormer for Pigs?

Since deworming requires a medicated treatment, therefore the overprotective pig parent has to be super careful while ordering the dewormer. It is suggested to ask yourself the following questions;

Pure for Pigs

The first thing you should be concerned about is whether the dewormer is specifically made for pigs or not.

The dewormers that are specifically made for pigs are more effective than a multi-species deworming treatment.

Age Factors

Some deworming treatments are made for adults and some for piglets, and only a few are manufactured to treat pigs of all ages.

Therefore to get the best dewormer, we suggest you double-check the information listed with the product.

There are several kinds of worms found in the different parts of the pig’s body. You would hardly find a dewormer that would work for all the worms equally well. Identify what’s bringing your pig’s performance down and try finding a specific solution.


Lastly, if you do not want to face this situation again, try finding a dewormer that is made to cures and prevent the infection as well.

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