13 Best Cattle Clippers (Cordless & Corded) Reviews

Best Cattle Clippers

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Best cattle clippers? Have you been caught in a real dilemma about choosing the best trimmers for farm cattle? It can be hard, choosing from hundreds of options and getting the value for money. 

The market is flooded with mains-powered or battery-operated handsets, small trimmers or heavy-duty, corded or cordless, each design meant to perform different grooming jobs.

Considering different options, we decided to facilitate our readers with some quality cattle grooming clippers to choose from.

Best Cattle Clippers Reviews

1. Wahl Professional Animal X-Block High-Speed Cattle Fitting Clipper

Cutting dirty tails and coats can be a headache unless you are using the right tool. This Wahl grooming shear possesses a powerful and ultra-quiet motor with an incredible cutting speed to do the job quickly without alarming the cattle.

Lightweight 11-ounce design with 18-foot long durable cord ensures easy movement for show-quality clipping and fitting.

It makes the cutting process smoother and quicker with 2-speed gear regulation (low speed: 3,700 SPM, High Speed 4500). Regulate the speed as per the need, make it lower for sensitive areas and higher for quicker full body trimming.

It offers a wider range of applications by trimming horses, ponies, cattle, dogs, and other livestock.

Features an ergonomic handle with the reinforced rubberized body to offer a strong grip and reduce vibration. With this tool, you can trim easily, even if you are not a professional.


  • Powerful
  • High-grade detachable blade


  • Not good for the coarse hair

2. Best Cordless Cattle Clipper: Andis Heavy Duty Cordless Cattle/Horse Clipper

Andis is a famous brand for cattle and equine clippers.

This Andis Heavy-duty comes with a powerful rotary motor which is perfect for clipping of cattle.

This cordless cattle clipper has the same power as a corded clipper.

Full charging will provide you one-hour working ability. Andis provide precision engineering in their products.

The slimmer grip provides great control and no fatigue.


  • Durable and Powerful clipper
  • Quiet Operation


Bit Pricey as compared to other options

3. Lister Star Large Animal Clipper with Fine Blade for Horses, Cattle, Sheep, and Livestock

Lister is a renowned brand known for delivering quality products. This livestock clipper is another valuable product by the brand that is built to do full body clips on horses, slick shearing sheep, and fitting cattle.

It is an Amazon Choice product for Cattle Clipper which says enough about the product quality and popularity. Features a cooling mechanism with ventilation to prevent blade overheating. Users can adjust the correct blade tension with a user-friendly tensioning system.

Equipped with a 16-foot cord for flexibility and easy movements during the clipping process. The Lister A2F/AC Fine Blade has a 3 inches wide clipping surface and a cut length of 1.4mm.


  • Detachable and replaceable air filter
  • Clips & trims all livestock animals
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty 


  • No cons yet

4. BEETRO Horse Clipper Electric Animal Grooming Kit

Next up on our list for best cattle trimmers is a gem from Beetro. This animal shearing product carries a motor of 500 Watts which speeds up to 2400 RMP. 

It allows the user to control the speed with the rotatable button, features a 6-speed gear control, adjusts the speed as per the requirement, it goes from low speed (1-3) to high speed (4-6).

Blades are crafted with high-grade stainless steel material to give optimal toughness, hardness, heat resistance, and durability. Designed with a cooling air fan to prevent blades from overheating.

Cut, trim, clip cattle, horses, llamas, and ponies. Comes with a carrying box to store all the accessories and the clipping machine. 

Caution: It is not recommended to trim timid pets like dogs and cats owing to the powerful motor. Make sure to lubricate the blades when trimming livestock.


  • Aluminum clipping head
  • reinforced nylon PVC cover for secure grip
  • Time saver


  • Blades get overheated when used for too long.

5. Wahl Professional Animal Acro Pet Cordless Clipper Kit with 5-in-1 Blade

You will see Wahl dominating our list for best cattle clippers as the brand is known for serving some of the best animal grooming and shearing products. This clipper from Wahl ensures free mobility and clipping on the go with its cordless design.

The 5-in-1 fine blade offers multiple convenient cutting lengths between the size of 9, 10, 15, and 30. 

Comes with 2 removable and rechargeable batteries having a run time of 80 minutes and 75 minutes charge time. Easy cleaning and maintenance as the cordless design does not possess a loud motor 

Acro measures 6.75 inches long and weighs 7.9 ounces for a comfortable fit without causing any fatigue. 

This 5-in-1 trimmer clips hard-to-reach spots and perfect for trimming show cattle, goats, pigs, horses, and dogs. Whatever you wished to have in a livestock clipper, Acro has it.


  • Easy to use, just takes a delicate touch to clip
  • Cordless built for hassle-free grooming 
  • 1-year limited warranty for US residents


  • Blades are not durable, may need constant replacement

6. TAKEKIT Clippers Professional Electric Animal Grooming Kit

TakeIt is a powerful, heavy-duty helper loved by thousands of animal groomers. Knock down coarse hair, thick coats, and tough mats with 380W powerful copper motor and high a speed of 2400 RPM. 

6-speed control allows you to set the desired pace, set lower speed (1-4) for optimal precision when clipping sensitive areas, and higher speed (4-6) for a full quick full-body shave.

The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel to expand life service, the sharp blades ensure efficient clipping with no accidental cuts and stab.

Perfect for trimming cattle, goats, llamas, ponies, horses, large dogs with thick coats, and other livestock.


  • Durable blades
  • 6-speed gear control
  • Ventilation filter


  • Loud and heavy

7. Oster A5 Two Speed Animal Grooming Clipper with Detachable Cryogen-X #10 Blade

It would be unfair to leave out Oster, a brand that has delivered some of the finest animal grooming clippers. The Oster Turbo A5 features a heavy-duty universal motor that would not bow down to thick coats. 

Get control with the versatile 2-speed setting that speeds up to 4000 strokes per minute to beat tough coats and mats. Low speed (3,000 SPM) allows for precision grooming and High speed (4,000 SPM) goes for full body clipping.

Detachable A5 blade system with wider blade sweep ensures faster clipping and easy replacement. The universal motor works quietly, does not scare off the animal with a loud noise.

It is perfect for trimming cattle, horses, dogs, cats, and other livestock. The professional Oster Turbo A5 comes packaged with a detachable #10 CryogenX blade, blade oil, clipper grease, cleaning brush, and replacement carbon brushes.


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful, heavy-duty motor
  • 2-speed controls


  • Overheats quickly

8. Andis Endurance Detachable Blade Clipper Brushless Motor

You will see Andis among the dominating brands in the market having multiple clippers and shearing products, both corded and cordless. Employ it for the highest and toughest grooming jobs, ideal for trimming cattle, horses, dogs, pets, and other livestock.

Features a 2-speed control that delivers an advanced speed technology of 3,000 and 3,800 strokes per minute. Set the as per the coat thickness and grooming area.

Equipped with a detachable #10 ultra edge blade provides a hassle-free smooth cut finish. Unlike combs, it easily detachable and replaceable.

Comes with a 17′ Heavy-duty power cord that gives the user enough room for free mobility.


  • Lightweight
  • Professional grooming
  • Detachable blade
  • Long cord


  • Expensive 
  • Loud
  • Heavy cord

9. FWQFEW Electric Horse Equine Cattle Clippers, Professional Animals Grooming Shears

This electric cattle clipper is a quality animal grooming tool available at an affordable price. It is built with a 690 Watts powerful motor that makes it suitable for trimming cattle, horses, ponies, large and medium-sized dogs, other livestock, fur garment factory stitching, carpets, plastic threads, and more.

The powerful motor delivers the cutting speed of 2400 RMP with 6-Speed Control options, Low (1-4) for precision and clipping sensitive areas, Hi (4-6) to get the ultimate power rush for quick trimming and full-body shave.

Performance-grade Stainless steel blades ensure longer service life and effectively clips thick coats without any cuts. The reinforced nylon polymer body secures the grip and reduces the vibration.


  • Cooling mechanism
  • In-built ventilation
  • Low noise and vibration


  • Fails to work for coarse hair coats

10. Anbull 550W Electric Sheep Shears Professional 6-Speed Clippers for Farm Livestock

Do not misunderstand this powerful and economical sheep shear only for sheep, it clips and trims sheep, goats, cattle, horses, alpacas, llamas, and large and medium-sized dogs.

The 550W copper motor provides strong power, saves time, and improves work efficiency.

Equipped with chrome aluminum alloy steel blade that allows pressure claw tightness adjustment for different coats. The high-quality blade material makes it heat-resistant, tough, quiet, and rust-free. 

Integrated exhaust holes on both sides of the fuselage dissipate heat, it stays cool during long-term work.

Features 6 smart speed gears to adjust the speed as per the need. Set the pace with a single push. 

Comes with a carrying case and multiple accessories, including a power cord that extends up to 5 meters. 


  • Airhole body design
  • Y-shaped pressing claw for easy clipping
  • Fast cut
  • Sharp


  • A bit heavy 

11. SUNCOO Professional Sheep Shears 350W, Farm Electric Clippers

This professional farm electric clipper has a powerful 350W motor that glides through the coats of sheep, cattle, goats, alpaca, llamas, large dogs, and, horses. However, we do not recommend using it on timid pets.

Durable nylon body and rubber handle ensure easy, comfortable grip and reduce vibration for stable operation. The strong all-aluminum head with an ultra-sharp blade cuts smoothly and quickly.

The powerful copper motor delivers a high speed of 2400 strokes per minute. This professional trimmer is perfect for everyday grooming, comes with a 16ft wire for user convenience.

Professional shearing head with adjustable and sharp blades makes it easier to clip heavy-coated animals efficiently and quickly without any fatigue. The Rotatable knob allows you to adjust the desired blade tension.


  • Integrated ventilation system
  • Replaceable cutting head
  • Easy maintenance 


  • Blades heats up 
  • Heavy & loud

12. Lister Legend Large Animal Clipper with Fine Blade for Horses, Cattle, Sheep, and Livestock

Lister is a household name when it comes to grooming and shearing products. The brand has been serving consumers with high-quality products for many years.

Legend got a robust 150W motor that is powerful enough to clip through thick coats. It is used mainly for slick shearing sheep, fitting cattle, and general show clipping on all livestock animals.

The ribbed black blade reduces weight and heat transfer to ensure safer clipping, sharpen the blades more to increase work efficiency and save time. Comes with an A2F/AC Fine Blade, having a clipping surface of 3 inches and a cutting length of 1.4mm.

The Legend’s dual position comfortable hold in combination with low vibrations and ventilated head lets the user clip, cut, and trim for a longer period.


  • Ventilated head
  • Overload switch
  • Snap-on washable air filter
  • Suitable for show clipping


  • Gets overheated if used for long

13. Andis Vet Pak Detachable Blade Clipper Kit for Veterinarians, Professional Equine and Livestock Grooming

Andis secured another spot on our list with this professional equine and livestock grooming clipper. This heavy-duty cordless clipper gives you more cordless mobility, allowing you to work remotely.

It has a battery time of 1 hour and a speed of 3800 strokes per minute, the Andis Vet Pak runs quietly without creating the fuss or leaving any wounds or incisions. 

A user can easily clean and change detachable blades, Andis detachable blade technology delivers professional cutting performance for faster cutting and smoother finish.


  • Cool ventilation system
  • Does not get overheated
  • Works quietly
  • Portable design


  • The charge does not run as long as described.

How to Choose Best Clippers for cattle?

Choosing a cattle clipper is difficult, not many people know what makes an ideal livestock clipper. Do not worry, we are here to help you out. Here are the following factors that you should pay attention to when buying a cattle clipper.


Normally, the cattle clipper constitutes two parts; the comb and the cutter. There are different blade types available depending on different trimming purposes. Opt for the blade accordingly, for instance, a blade for closer cut or just minor trimming. Also, blades are often designed to be adjustable or fixed. Adjustable blades ensure easy switching while fixed blades would need some manual work.


A factor you can not ignore, it plays a vital role in achieving the livestock grooming goals. Motors, being the main source of power, is divided into three common types; Rotary, Pivot, and Magnetic. The rotary motor is the most popular motor among the three.

It uses electricity for moving disc and creating powers for blades to clip. Magnetic motors include a direct shaft and magnetic field to work whereas pivot motor uses the hand and a magnet to work.


Does the clipper pass all the quality checks? Examine if durable material is used in the construction of the clipper. Also, check if it is manufactured considering all quality standards.


The larger the clipper, the more difficult it would be to handle it. Corded clippers are usually smaller as compared to cordless designs as cordless clippers have additional space for batteries.

Battery Life 

No one would want a clipper who would run out of battery mid-way. Choose the one that stays active for several hours.

Lastly, it can be overwhelming for a novice to choose a cattle clipper from hundreds of brands. That is why we have handpicked some of the best clippers available in the market for you. We hope this guide will help you find the “one” clipper. 

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