4 Best Barbed Wire For Cattle Reviews in 2022

Best Barbed Wire For Cattle

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Understood the importance of Cattle fencing? Well, even if you took some time, have lost your precious ones in between understanding the importance of cattle fencing, I would say better late than never! 

Cattle are usually fenced not only to confine them to a place but to protect them and the cute little calves from predators. For cattle fencing, electric or Barbed Wire is used. In this article, we would be shortlisting the few best Barbed wires listed on Amazon and rewarding our readers with a buyer’s guide. 

Before jumping onto our suggestions, let’s quickly enlighten our readers who are solely reading this article to increase their knowledge.

Barbed wire is a sharp steel fencing wire that is also popular among the users as “barb wire”, “bobbed wire”, or ” bob wire”. We usually install it for security purposes and it is believed to be the cheapest yet effective security measure. Barbed wire fencing is super popular these days, it is being used not just to confine cattle to a place but for agricultural and welfare purposes as well. 

Now that the worth sharing information is served, our readers know what this wire is and what it is used for, it is fair to move ahead and discuss what we gathered to discuss.

Best Barbed Wire For Cattle Reviews

Best overall: Bekaert High Tensile Barbed Wire

Durable: Beistle 12 Feet Long Barbed Wire Garland

Cheap in Price: Dlh Western Real 18 Gauge Barbed Wire 

1. Bekaert High Tensile Barbed Wire

Bekaert has been providing steel wire transformation and coating technology solutions worldwide for decades. Bekaert innovations are known for their durability, handy design, and affordability. This Bekaert high tensile barbed wire is specifically made to dedicate an area to cattle.

This barbed wire is manufactured to serve it’s purpose to perfection, discouraging unauthorized entry and exit. The quality, durability, and sharpness make it the best alternative to the famous American brand “Oklahoma Ok” barbed wires.

The thoughtful barb placement is just perfect to confine the said animal to an area. Besides the typical use, this ½- gauge wire fencing can be utilized for chain links or any other fencing barrier for better security.

However, a few buyers do not find it sharp enough to serve the purpose. It’s too lightweight for a few users as well. Besides the two issues, it’s super affordable and packed well. 


  • ½- gauge wire
  • Can be used for chain links or any other fencing barrier
  • Heightens security
  • Durable
  • Specifically made for cattle
  • Easy to work with


  • Lightweight
  • Not-so-sharp
  • A bit expensive

2. Beistle 12 Feet Long Barbed Wire Garland

Beistle Company has been serving us with innovative products since 1900. It has been manufacturing products for almost every possible event and celebration. 

This Beistle 12 feet long barbed wire garland is manufactured to decorate Halloween and western parties but the handy design makes it super useful for cattle as well.

This heavy-duty multi-purpose barbed wire is super flexible, unlike the original barbed wires it can be wrapped without any difficulty. However, a few users think it’s only good for the purpose the wire is made and it’s not suitable for cattle as the original barbed wires are.


  • Handy
  • Can be wrapped easily
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Thick and durable


  • Made for decorative purposes 

3. Dlh Western Real 18 Gauge Barbed Wire 

This Dlh Western real 18 gauge barbed wire is in Amazon’s choice as the best-barbed wire. It has all the features the buyers or users look for. This 4 points barbed wire can be shaped and used as per the requirements conveniently. 

This useful American invention is manufactured using superior-grade steel that rarely gets affected by rust or environmental factors. Its versatility allows you to use it to confine cattle or any other purpose. 

Several users have confessed that this 18 gauge barbed wire has given them relief from squirrels, raccoons, and deterring pests. The barbs are located 5 inches apart, exactly where they should be. 

It must be noted that this is “real” barbed wire so it’s quite sharp, requires careful handling. This Dlh barbed wire is springy, the users are supposed to be careful while opening the packing. 


  • Galvanized 
  • Sharp
  • Barbs are located at the right distance, 5 inches far
  • Can help in controlling raccoons, squirrels, and deterring pests
  • Can be used for all kinds of protective purposes 


  • Springy
  • Can make you stand in a pool of blood as it sharp

4. Farm Gard 4 Point 15-½ Gauge High Tensile Barbed Wire

This Farm Gard 4 point 15-½ high tensile barbed wire made it to our list because of its versatility, durability, and sharpness. This Farm Gard high tensile barbed wire is engineered to keep the cattle confined to a secure place. 

This easy to erect Farm Gard barbed wire besides fencing the cattle to a place can be used for agricultural and welfare purposes as well. This high tensile wire is constructed using thinner higher-strength steel that promises sharpness and longevity.

However, the supremely elastic nature makes it a little hard for a naive person to handle. So, to prevent injuries, it is suggested to get it installed by a professional.


  • Durable
  • Sharp
  • Versatile, it can be used for other purposes as well
  • Serves the purpose well


  • Elastic, it’s a little harder to handle
  • Thin

For Barbed Wire specifically, Amazon is not the right option for those who need a lot of options to choose from.

Amazon is the place we usually prefer going to whenever we need to compare to get the best one or have to invest in some quality products but unfortunately for barbed wire, Amazon fails in serving us with a plate full of options.

Surprisingly, even though the options are pretty limited, one can still shortlist one or two barbed wires to compare and choose from.

To be able to find the right option for you, you need to know how the barbed wire should be? And what you need to look for. Since this article is solely being written to help you in shortlisting and finding the right barbed wire for your cattle, we are here with a buyer’s guide as well. 

What you need to look for Barbed Wire For Cattle?

As cattle fencing requires a huge investment, you need to choose the right option. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that the barbed wire should serve the purpose, you would only be able to find the right option when you can judge what’s fine and what’s not. 

While ordering the barbed wire, you need to check the product description first, it would surely reward you with all the necessary details. So, if you have already decided what’s going to be your go-to option, go double-check the product description first, write down the important details for comparison. Once you are done with the said request, you need to look for the following qualities;


The first thing you need to be careful of is “material” there are different kinds of barbed wires; zinc-aluminum alloy coated steel wire, zinc-coated steel wire, stainless steel wire, and polymer-coated steel wire.

The aluminum alloy coated steel wire is engineered combining zinc, aluminum alloy, and mischmetal steel, the zinc-coated steel using galvanized steel, stainless steel with pure steel, polymer-coated steel wire combining PVC, PE, and another organic polymer coating. 

The aluminum alloy coated steel wire is remarkably corrosion resistant, zinc-coated steel wire is also durable and quite good for outdoor fencing.

The zinc-coated steel wires hardly get affected by rain, snow, and sun. Stainless steel ones are not as good as the two above-mentioned options as the said material is recommended to use in sculptures, welding, musical instruments, screws, rivets, nails, keyrings, staples, pins, and carabiners only, not in barbed wires. The polymer-coated wires make the decorative items handy and durable. 

Make sure the Barbed Wire you choose is handy, durable, and highly resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. I suggest you go for an aluminum alloy coated steel wire or zinc-coated steel wire because stainless steel is not that corrosion resistant as such wires should be. 


There are three different types of barbed wires; single twist barbed wire, double twist barbed wire, and traditional twist barbed wire. Now, you have to decide whether a single twist, double twist, or traditional twist suits your needs more? 

Single twist barbed wire has only one wire that is twisted to offer superior security. Single twist wires are usually sharp, requiring careful handling.

Typically the said wires are made from low carbon steel, PVC coated iron, galvanized, and stainless steel. These wires are demanded to strengthen the security system of government buildings, detention houses, military fields, and prisons, etc. 

Double twist, as its name suggests, has two wires twisted together to form a Barbed Wire. Double twist wires are much safer and durable than single twist Barbed Wires.

Double twist wires are usually engineered using PVC coated, electro galvanized, or hot-dipped galvanized wires. This Barbed Wire is comparatively cheaper and effective than the other types. The double twist wires are usually used for cattle, farm, and grassland fencing. 

Now comes the traditional Barbed Wire, the said wire is also manufactured using two low carbon, steel, or galvanized wires together.

Traditional Barbed Wires are believed to make the safest security fence than any other wire. Besides the two types (low carbon, steel, or galvanized wires) the traditional Barbed Wire can also be of zinc, PVC, or iron coated wire. Such wires are usually used for land, home, business fencing, and animal cages. Traditional Barbed Wires are flexible enough to suit almost all kinds of needs. 

If I’m supposed to suggest what should be your go-to option? I would say choose to bring double twist Barbed wire to limelight as it is specifically made for cattle fencing, if for a reason you can not find it, traditional Barbed Wire is also a fine option. But choose wisely. 


Once the material and the type are finalized, you need to look at what it is coated with. Generally, the Barbed Wires are coated with hot-dip or electro galvanization.

In the hot-dip method, Barbed Wires are usually dipped in molten zinc whereas, in electro galvanization, the zinc is usually coated by a complex process called “electroplating”. The Hot dip Barbed Wires are much cheaper, durable, and effective in confining the cattle to a place. The electro-galvanized wires work great but they are not usually demanded for cattle fencing. 


We usually ignore packing but when it comes to Barbed Wire, packing can not be neglected at all. The barbs are usually sharp, the barbed wire must be well packaged so no one gets hurt. 


As you are investing to offer superior security, brand matters. Try finding the well-reputed brand and the most positively reviewed wire to offer the best possible security to your cattle. Be aware of the paid reviews.


Weight matters when you are looking for a barbed wire. The Barbed Wire should neither be too thick or thin, it should rather be of balanced weight. Scroll down and check what the product weight is given to judge whether it suits your needs or not. 


Lastly, you have to look at whether it keeps you on your budget or not. If it’s way too expensive(as few products on Amazon are), keep searching until you find the Barbed Wire that is rightly priced. 

My recommendation? 

I have found all the shortlisted Barbed Wires exceptional to confine cattle to a place and save them from the predators but if I am supposed to suggest one, I would suggest Farm Gard 4 Point 15-½ Gauge High Tensile Barbed Wire. This Farm Gard 4 Point 15-½ Gauge High Tensile Barbed Wire is being suggested because it’s sharp, durable, and affordable. In short, it has all one usually looks for in a Barbed wire.

How to Install Barbed Wire safely?

As Barbed wires are super sharp anyone can easily get injured if the safety measures are not taken seriously. The user must be fully equipped with a protective mask, eyewear, gloves, and boots while unpacking and handling the barbed wire. It is also suggested to take someone’s help, it would minimize the risk of injuries to a great extent.

Before moving onto the project of installing Barbed Wire, you need to make sure 

  • You have all the tools
  • You have considered all the additions
  • You have sketched out everything in your mind
  • You know what you are supposed to do

Once you are done arranging the tools, sketching out the map, and considering additions, you can move ahead and install the Barbed wire.

It is suggested to take professional help if it’s too expensive and you have experience of handling such things, get equipped with protective wear. Carefully unpack the Barbed wire, determine the desired height of the lowest strand, tie off the end, stretch out the wire and tie the other end as well. Repeat the steps until it starts looking like a fence.

A piece of advice 

Barbed wires are not only used to confine cattle to a place but it is also installed to protect cattle and their young calves from predators. Unfortunately, there are just a few Barbed Wires listed on Amazon and the product description is also not satisfactory.

So, you can easily end up buying the wrong one. It is suggested to take professional help or judge the product thoroughly until you are satisfied. Lastly, I hope you find the right Barbed Wire for your cattle fencing and this article eases your Barbed Wire hunt. Good luck and Happy Shopping!

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