20 Best Red And Orange Tractor Brands (2021)

20 Best Red And Orange Tractor Brands (2021)

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Color is a distinct feature that makes any tractor brand iconic. Many brands in the tractor market stand out in terms of a particular color. Tractors come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Prominent of which are red and orange colors. But what are the best-selling tractors that are red or orange?

The best red tractor brands are Mahindra, Massey Ferguson, Case IH, Valtra, ArmaTrac, Westwood, Antonio Carraro, Zetor, Belarus, Mitsubishi. The best orange tractor brands are Kubota, Daedong, Kioti, TAFE, Terrion, Bobcat, Ursus, SAME, Steyr, and Simplicity.

Best red tractor brands – 10 brands

1. Mahindra

20 Best Red And Orange Tractor Brands (2021)

Mahindra is the largest manufacturer of tractors in the world. They have been based in India for 75 years and in the USA for 25 years. They have many models in red both in the USA and in India. In the USA, Mahindra is manufacturing tractors in the sub-compact, compact, compact utility, and utility categories. All these tractors are designed to cater to the local farming needs. Apart from tractors, Mahindra USA is also producing implements and attachments. Everything comes in red. A large part of their production comes from India.

Web page: https://www.mahindratractor.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwg7KJBhDyARIsAHrAXaGziq_m8bBzutJhB0e6pwUd5Gi2-42s8JZYCxi5WilV8ECGjli8hCgaAhsYEALw_wcB

Country of origin: India

Headquarters: India

Year Est.: 1945

Mahindra red tractor models: JIVO, XP Plus, SP Plus, YUVO, NOVO, eMax, Max, 1600, 2600, 3600, 4500, 5500, and 6000-9000

2. Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson is one of the oldest tractor manufacturers in the world. Daniel Massey of Canada merged his company Massey-harris with a British company Ferguson. This merged company was known as Massey Ferguson, which slowly built its reputation for manufacturing agricultural machinery and equipment. Their current headquarters are located in the state of Georgia in the United States of America. Massey Ferguson is a global supplier of tractors and agricultural equipment.

Web page: https://www.masseyferguson.com/en.html

Country of origin: Canada

Headquarters: USA

Year Est.:1953

Massey Ferguson red tractor models: MF 8700 S, MF 8S, MF 7700 S, MF 6700 S, MF 5S, MF 5700 M, MF 3700, MF 400 Xtra, MF 4700 M, MF 3700 AL, MF 300 Xtra, MF 200 Xtra, MF 1700 M, and MF 1500.

3. Case IH

20 Best Red And Orange Tractor Brands (2021)

Case IH came into existence in 1985 when International Harvester was bought by Tenneco. Case corporation is as old as the earliest tractors in the world. It was founded in 1842 by Jerome Case. Their red tractors are categorized based on the field of operation. These four categories are General farm work, fieldwork, landscaping, and orchards. These tractors are present in various sizes and powers. All the red series of tractors have further divisions solely based on the field of operation.

Web page: https://www.caseih.com/northamerica/en-us/tools-resources/right-red-tractor#

Country of origin: USA

Year Est.: 1985

Case IH red tractor models: AFS Connect Steiger Series, Steiger Series, AFS Connect Magnum Series, Magnum Series, Optum Series, Puma Series, Maxxum Series, Vestrum Series, and Farmall Series.

4. Valtra Tractors

Out of all the tractor models, only the Valtra F series comes in red. Other colors offered are grey, white, and black. Valtra was founded in 1951 in Finland. Their tractors are predominantly produced in Europe and South America. In South America, their largest production base is in Brazil. One production unit was started in the 1960s in Brazil. This company also came up with the idea of custom-built tractors in the 1990s. Valtra has the F series of tractors all in red.

Web page: https://www.valtra.com/products/fseries.html

Country of origin: Finland

Year Est.: 1951

Valtra red tractor models: F SERIES(75 -105 HP)

5. ArmaTrac 

20 Best Red And Orange Tractor Brands (2021)

ArmaTrac red tractors range from tier 0 to tier IV final. All these tier levels are based on the emission levels, tier 0 being the lowest emitter. ArmaTrac is a tractor brand name originated in Turkey by the company Erkunt group. This brand came into being in 2003. Armatrac is being supplied in European, African, and American countries.

Web page: https://armatrac.com/tractors

Country of origin: Turkey

Year Est.:2003

ArmaTrac red tractor models: Tier 0, Tier IIIA, Tier IIIB, and Tier IV Final.

6. Westwood Tractors 

Westwood tractors are small tractors that are generally used for mowing the lawns. These red tractors are compact and fit for landscaping. They have been manufactured in the UK for more than 30 years. According to their website, the paint job is so robust that it can withstand the salt spray without rusting for 500 hours. Electronic components are also weatherproof. Their current manufacturing plant is in Oxford, England.

Web page: https://www.westwoodtractors.com/

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Year Est.: N/A

Westwood red tractor models: F65-4WD, F255-4WD, T40, T60, T80, and V25-50HE

7. Antonio Carraro

20 Best Red And Orange Tractor Brands (2021)

Red Antonio Carraro is an Italian tractor brand that is prominent in Spain, Italy, and Turkey. The company was founded in 1910 by Giovanni Carraro. Their red tractors are small and compact which are best suited for maintenance work and small level farming needs. They have more than 25+ red compact tractors in their catalog. Some of the models have air pressured cabins optimal for using harsh environments with air impurities or temperature extremities.

Web page: https://www.antoniocarraro.it/en/mailing/antonio-carraro-cabs

Country of origin: Italy

Year Est.: 1910

Antonio Carraro red tractor models: Antonio Carraro, Ergit R series, TRX 5800, T major series, 30 series, 15 series, and Tigre series

8. Zetor

Zetor or Zetor tractors are the Czech Republic based tractor manufacturing company. They have many red tractor models that are available in Europe and the outside world. Red Zetor tractors like Major, Proxima, Forterra, and Crystal are the only models that are available in Non-European countries. They supply these models to all the major agricultural countries. It is one of the most popular and oldest tractor brands in the world.

Web page: https://www.zetor.com/products

Country of origin: Czech Republic

Year Est.: 1946

Zetor red tractors models: Primo, Compax, Utilix, Hortus, Major, Proxima, Forterra, and Crystal.

9. Belarus

20 Best Red And Orange Tractor Brands (2021)

One of the oldest tractor brands that are still around. Their red tractors are divided into two categories: specialized tractors and normal four-wheel tractors. The Minsk Tractor Works is the parent company name that sells the tractors with the Belarus trademark. Apart from tractors, this trademark can be seen on their special-purpose machinery and forest machinery. They have more than 15 red color tractors in their catalog. This company is more than 75 years old.

Web page: http://belarus-tractor.com/en/catalog/tractors/

Country of origin: Belarus

Year Est.: 1946

Belarus red tractor models: Motoblock, Belarus-320, Belarus-422, Belarus-550, Belarus-622, Belarus-923, Belarus-1025, Belarus-1220.1, Belarus-1221, Belarus-1523, Belarus-1502, Belarus-2202, Belarus-2103, Belarus-3022, Belarus-3522, and some specialized models.

10. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is a Japanese agricultural machinery manufacturing company that has been making tractors since 1959. Over the years they have developed some high-tech agricultural machines, especially red tractors. These red tractors are equipped with Mitsubishi diesel engines. 

The origin of Mitsubishi dates back to the 19th century. It is one of the most famous machinery brands in the world.

Web page: https://www.mam.co.jp/english/product/tractor_index.php

Country of origin: Japan

Year Est.: 1870

Mitsubishi red tractor models: GS series, GJ series, GOE series, GM series, GA series, and GCR series

Best orange tractor brands – 10 brands

1. Kubota

20 Best Red And Orange Tractor Brands (2021)

Gonshiro Kubota founded Kubota corporation in 1890. Kubota has all the large and small tractors in orange color. All the orange tractors have well-designed open/closed cabins. Kubota is a global machinery brand with a footprint in over 120 countries. They built their diesel engines and the implements to go with their tractors. According to Kubota tractors official website, they have produced over 4.8 million units of tractors so far in the world

Web page: https://www.kubota.com/

Country of origin: Japan

Year Est.:1890

Kubota orange tractor models: BX series, B series, L series, and M series

2. Daedong

Daedong is an orange tractor brand famous in South Korea. The main orange tractors are produced in two series HX series and the RX series. Daedong also manufactures combine harvesters and transporters for agricultural use. The company was formed in 1947. Daedong is integrating smart technology into agricultural machinery. The terms like smart machines, smart farms, and smart mobility can be seen on their official website. They produce UTVs and autonomous agricultural vehicles also.

Web page: https://ko.daedong.co.kr/

Country of origin: South Korea

Year Est.:1947

Daedong orange tractor models: HX series and RX series

3. Kioti

20 Best Red And Orange Tractor Brands (2021)

Kioti orange tractors are manufactured by Daedong corporation. Kioti is the brand name chosen for North American and European markets. This brand is well known for all-terrain utility vehicles. It was established in the United States of America in 1986. Their orange CX series of tractors was introduced in 2020. Later in 2021, some additional models were induced in this series.

Web page: https://www.kioti.com/

Country of origin: South Korea

Year Est.:1986

Kioti orange tractor models: RX series, CS series, CX series, CK10 series, CK10SE series, DK10 series, DK10SE series, PX series, and NX series


TAFE is short for Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited. All TAFE tractors are available in orange color. They are present in the UK, African countries, and Asia. They still sell their old heritage models. They are based in India and have more than 60 years of experience in agricultural equipment manufacturing. TAFE started its journey in south India. The DI models in this list are some of their older models.

Web page: https://www.tafe.com/tractors/tafe/

Country of origin: India

Year Est.:1960

TAFE orange tractor models: Magna series, 6300 DI, 5900 DI, 9500, 7250 DI,

45 DI, 1002, 9502, 8515, 8502, 7515, 7502, and 241 DI

5. Terrion

20 Best Red And Orange Tractor Brands (2021)

Terrion is a Russian equipment and machinery manufacturing company. They produce harvesters, tractors, special machinery, and wheel systems. All their tractors are modern and versatile with a prominent orange color.

Web page: http://en.terrion-vrn.ru/catalog/traktory/

Country of origin: Russia

Year Est.:N/A

Terrion orange tractor models: TERRION АТМ 3180M, TERRION ATM 4200, TERRION АТМ 5280, and TERRION ATM 7360

6. Bobcat

Bobcat is a North American machinery manufacturing company. Although the color orange is not that prominent in Bobcat tractor models, it’s still consistent in all the models. All the tractor wheels are orange in color with the brand name Bobcat is imprinted with an orange background on the body of the tractor. Famous for its excavators and construction machinery Bobcat was established in 1947

Web page: https://www.bobcat.com/index

Country of origin: USA

Year Est.: 1947

Bobcat orange tractor models:CT1021, CT1025, CT2025, CT2035, CT2040, CT2535, CT2540, CT4045, CT4050, CT4055, CT4058, CT5545, CT5550, CT5555, and CT5558

7. Ursus

20 Best Red And Orange Tractor Brands (2021)

This Polish agricultural machinery producer has two categories of orange tractors. Ursus orange tractors for global supply and Ursus orange C- series. With the experience of 120 years, Ursus SA is one of the oldest companies in the world. 

Web page: https://www.ursus.com/en/product-category/agricultural-tractors

Country of origin: Poland

Year Est.:1893

Ursus orange tractor models: URSUS C-335 B, URSUS C-350, URSUS C-360 B, URSUS C-350 B, URSUS C-380, URSUS C-385, URSUS C-395 POWER, URSUS C-3105, URSUS C-3110, URSUS C-3150 POWER, URSUS C-3150V POWER, URSUS 3515, URSUS 4512, URSUS 5312, URSUS 5314, and URSUS 6012

8. SAME Tractors

Francesco and Eugenio Cassani started this company in 1927. Currently the SAME Deutz-Fahr Group owns this brand with many other machinery brands. SAME orange tractor models are available in many series. This brand is visible mainly in EU countries.

Web page: https://www.same-tractors.com/en-ea/

Country of origin: Italy

Year Est.:1927



9. Steyr Tractors

20 Best Red And Orange Tractor Brands (2021)

Steyr-Daimler-Puch was established in 1864 in Austria. Steyr brand is owned by CNH Industrial. Over the years this brand has been owned by many companies through a series of mergers and acquisitions. Steyr tractors have two colors: red and orange. Red tractors are manufactured for agricultural use and orange for various landscaping and municipal works. These activities include snow removal, landscaping, and forestry applications.

Web page: https://www.same-tractors.com/en-ea/

Country of origin: Austria

Year Est.: 1864


10. Simplicity Tractors

Simplicity produces small lawn and garden tractors that are available only in orange color. This brand was purchased by Briggs & Stratton in 2004. They operate from the USA and supply their tractors to Europe as well.

Web page: https://www.same-tractors.com/en-ea/

Country of origin: USA

Year Est.: 1922

Simplicity orange tractor models: Regent, Broadmoor, Conquest, Prestige, and Legacy

Note:- Year est. in each case is the year in which the manufacturing company was established or started to manufacture tractors in particular.