10 Best Sub Compact Tractors in The World (2021)

10 Best Sub Compact Tractors

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Today, technology makes life easier for us in all areas, including agriculture and construction. There is no longer a need for manual tillage and painstaking work in the field. The technology has enabled us to have compact tractors that do a lot of work instead of people, thus saving us strength and energy.

Compact tractors are tractors that are scaled down to fit in smaller spaces and take up less storage space. These tractors can mow your lawn, move the dirt, gravel the driveway, build a fence, level land for new buildings, dig ditches, and many other things.

If you also need a sub-compact tractor that will ease your troubles, we have prepared a list of the 10 best sub compact tractors for you.

1. Massey Ferguson GC1723EB

10 Best Sub Compact Tractors

Massey Ferguson is one of the largest tractor manufacturers in the world. This multinational manufacturer of agricultural machinery was founded in 1953 and has been delighting farmers around the world ever since. One of the best products that this company has performed is definitely the Massey Ferguson GC1700 series of tractors. Whichever sub-compact tractor you choose from this series you won’t go wrong. Still, we should single out the most popular among them, and that is the Massey Ferguson GC1723EB.

The Massey Ferguson GC1723EB tractor is perfect for performing everyday tasks on your land. Whether you are a landowner or a farmer, these sub-compact tractors will make your job easier and do many tasks for you. This tractor has up to 22.5 horsepower that will easily mow, load, or haul whenever you need it. It also has a background package. This tractor also has 661 lbs of rear lifting capacity and 870 lbs of front loader weight. The GC1723EB tractor is equipped with the proven Iseki 1.1 liter 3 cylinder engine and 2 range hydrostatic transmission.

This amazing little beast has amazing style, operator comfort, and ergonomic enhancements. No cabin, therefore, allows you to have a 360 ° view all the time and gives you the flexibility you need to do all the work. This model also has warning lights for electrical charging, oil pressure, and water temperature to make you aware of its needs at all times. In addition, this tractor has certain updates compared to its predecessors, such as a 12V outlet in the glove box, seat with foldable armrests, tail light brush guards, and rear work light.

It can dig to a depth of 78 inches and has a max reach of 107 inches. This tractor is neither too big nor too small, so its size will allow you to do work even in very tight spaces. You will certainly not go wrong with this tractor because regardless of its size, it retains all the power, capabilities, and performance of any Massey Ferguson tractor.

The tractor is great for experienced farmers, but also for beginners who are just entering the world of tractors and need a tractor that they can easily operate. For it, you can also order attachments such as mid-mounted mowers, front-mounted snowblower, front-mounted rotary broom, front-mounted blade front-mounted heavy duty blade.

2. John Deere 1025R 

John Deere is one of the most famous brands of tractors, which has been on the market since 1837. Most people will immediately recognize the specific green and yellow color of this quality brand. With the John Deere 1025R sub-compact tractor, John Deer has once again proven its quality.

The John Deere 1025R is one of the smallest John Deere compact tractors but don’t let its size fool you. It has a powerful tier 4-compliant diesel engine that has 24.2 horsepower and has a rated speed of 3200 rpm. If you need a sub-compact tractor for small farm jobs, you won’t go wrong with this tractor. It has enough power to perform all the tasks, and its excellent engine will allow you to use less fuel while working on the farm or in the field. For all those who care about the carbon footprint, this engine with reduced fuel consumption also has lower emissions.

It is quite quiet during work and reduces sounds and vibrations to make your work as comfortable as possible. Beginners will easily manage it thanks to two speeds and twin touch foot controls. 3.5 GPM hydraulic enables the tractor to handle heavy loads. Don’t be fooled by its size as this tractor can lift more than 650 lbs on the front loader.

To give you flexibility and work in a variety of conditions, this tractor has an optional cab. On cold days and bad weather, the cab will protect you and at the same time give you excellent visibility. If you need to work in conditions where the cab bothers you, the ROPS frame on the rear can be folded. It also has an adjustable steering wheel that will give you an authentic user experience.

Depending on the conditions in which you work, you can choose between turf or industrial tires. On it, you can very quickly and easily switch the attachments on and off. Besides, with it you can easily use multi attachments from mowing, digging mid-size tree stumps or using the front loader to move mountains of dirt effortlessly. This tractor will exceed all your expectations.

3. Mahindra eMax 20S HST 

10 Best Sub Compact Tractors

The Mahindra eMax S series brings compact tractors that come with a powerful performance in small size. This series is an excellent choice for all homeowners and professionals who need a powerful and reliable compact tractor to work in tight conditions.

Mahindra eMax 20S has a best in class turning radius that allows you to perform demanding tasks even in the most difficult space conditions. This tractor can work long hours without strain. It has an EPA Tier 4 engine that utilizes reverse-flow cooling, drawing hot air away from the operator and minimizing debris buildup on the screens. Emax 20S is featured with 19.4 horsepower and it features to push, pull, and lift things without effort.

 Its seat has a turning function, and an ergonomically designed operator station to make it as comfortable as possible for you to do long-term work with it. It also has an optional cab with heater and windshield wipers which allows you to do the job easily even in the worst weather conditions. You can choose between industrial or turf tires that provide better traction, safety, and stability, but at the same time be careful not to leave damage to your country. There are also emergency flashes on it to make sure you ever find yourself on the road with it.

EMax 20S has a powerful loader and fast attachment system that allows you to lift heavy loads without any hassle. This small tractor can lift a maximum of 617 lbs. I can dig up to 71.35 inches. To be able to perform as diverse tasks as possible, many attachments and implements are available, such as a drive-over mower deck, standard quick-attach loader, snow removal equipment, and others.

This compact tractor is cheaper than the Massey Ferguson and John Deere, but it does all the tasks as well as they do. It is great for small property owners, but also large property owners. It is very easy to manage so it is a great solution for beginners and those landowners who need extra strength on the property.

4. Kubota BX 250 

Kubota has been producing the sub-compact tractor at very affordable prices for years. Kubota compact tractors are great for work loading, mowing, digging, and more. The BX series of tractors come with a fully integrated backhoe and front loader as standard equipment, while for most other sub contact tractors these attachments usually have to be purchased separately. . The size of the tractor allows it to be tucked into space where large tractors cannot, and at the same time, this small tractor retains the performance and efficiency of a large tractor.

The BX 250 is the most popular model in this series equipped to perform tasks on your property. The BX 250 has a three-cylinder diesel engine with 23 hp, two-speed hydrostatic transmission, and a simple mechanical four-wheel-drive engagement. Most things on this tractor are operated hydraulically, so the BX 250 uses very little fuel in its operation, thus saving you money. It has 991 lbs rear lift at ends and 661 lbs rear lift at 24 “. It is capable of digging up to 73 inches and weighs a total of 2700 lbs. This little tractor is extremely sturdy and powerful so you will be amazed at how heavy things it can lift and what you can do with it.

However, this tractor may not be the best choice if you are going to work with it in the woods. The lower part of the tractor is quite close to the ground and leaves only six, seven inches underneath which can be quite problematic if working in the woods or quite demanding terrain. This compact tractor is a great choice for fairly flat terrain where it will do the job perfectly.

This tractor is quick, smooth, and very powerful for its size. It will exceed your expectations and will successfully complete the tasks you doubted it could.

5. New Holland Workmaster 25S

10 Best Sub Compact Tractors

Whether you are a homeowner or a farmer, the New Holland Workmaster 25S will make it easier for you to perform everyday tasks by providing you with simplicity and perfect efficiency. The Workmaster 25S is the smallest model in the Workmaster line, but it is ready for you to do business in your yard, land garden, or help you maintain the whole property. This small sub-compact tractor is designed to perform a variety of jobs. It is extremely reliable, powerful, and easy to operate so it is great for beginners as well.

At first glance, the Workmaster 25S looks pretty small and not so strong. It is great for lawn maintenance and other property maintenance jobs, and its size allows it to operate and maneuver around obstacles and in confined spaces. But when you add a front loader package, a loader backhoe package, or a mid-mount mower package, this little tractor turns into a real beast.

It has a powerful Yanmar three-cylinder diesel engine with 24.7 horsepower. Yanmar engines are known for their efficiency and reliability. It has a dual pump hydraulic system and easy to operate the two-pedal hydrostatic transmission. With proper attachments, this tractor can load and move dirt, mulch, firewood, or snow, dig, excavate, and trench. He is truly capable of many tasks, and he will do it all with minimal effort.

To make your work as comfortable as possible, the Workmaster 25S has a high back cushion seat with armrests and an adjustable backrest. Cruise control is standard and engaged by a dash-mounted switch. Max forward speed is 9.1 mph. This subcompact tractor is a great choice for all beginners who have never encountered a tractor. It is very easy to manage, so you will feel confident with it and perform daily tasks on your land without worries.

6. John Deere 4066M Heavy Duty

John Deere has so many sub-compact tractors that two of his tractors are on this list of sub-compact tractors. The John Deere 4066M Heavy Duty tractor has a powerful engine that gives it 65.9 horsepower.

This small powerful tractor can lift 2500 lb. It is easy to maneuver and easy to operate. All controls are easy to reach. With the joystick, you can easily operate the loader. New models come with dual mid and single rear SCV’s and hydro transmission with twin touch pedals. This 3 range hydro transmission is both your clutch and transmission and also offers you many built-in features such as automotive-style cruise control, e-throttle switch, and load match switch.

To make it as easy as possible to change the attachment simply align the loader mounts to any attachment, connect the hydraulic lines, and loc the loader into its mounting brackets, and the job is done. In just a few seconds you can attach any of the many attachments available for this tractor. A heavy-duty compact tractor comes with an enhanced weight bracket and a brush guard that adds protection to the front grille. Both the weight bracket and brush guard remain attached when you connect the loader which will save you some time. Rear implements are also set up very easily so you will spend some time changing the extensions.

On this model, special attention was paid to lighting. Since this small tractor is expected to crawl into places where other tractors cannot, those places are often very dark and isolated. For the worker to have the best possible lighting in such conditions, there are four bright work lights on this compact tractor that give you better visibility.

The 4066M Heavy Duty will allow you to work on difficult terrain even when covered with mud. Its large, strong tires allow the tractor to move freely on any terrain without getting stuck in the mud. The tires are very large with a deep tread and give strength and versatility so that you can go wherever you want with your compact tractor at any time of the year.

7. Compact Farmall 45C CVT

10 Best Sub Compact Tractors

The Farmall Compact C series has brought us comfortable, easy to operate sub-compact tractors that have great power to get the job done as smoothly as possible. The Compact Farmall 45C CVT runs on an efficient 2.2-liter 3-cylinder engine that gives it tremendous power, better performance, and fewer vibrations. The top speed of this compact tractor is 19 mph which is pretty fast for sub-compact tractors.

It has a high-capacity hydraulic system that provides the power and response to be able to successfully complete each task. The hydraulic system ensures sufficient hydraulic flow to remove valves and it features a 9.7 gal implement pump, two mid-mount valves, and optional one or two rear remotes. In order to be able to work as long as possible, a 13-gallon fuel tank keeps you going longer. This little beast has 46 horsepower.

To make you as comfortable as possible during long-term work, the Farmall 45C has an open deck and step-through platform that gives you plenty of space to sit comfortably. Given years of experience in tractor manufacturing, Farmall has recognized the needs of its customers, especially those for comfort. Each tractor has an adjustable, contoured seat and telescoping steering wheel so you can find the position that suits you.

Farmall 45C is very easy to operate. It has a simplified control under which guides the CVT transmission and buttons that allow you to choose how your tractor will work. The Response button allows you to choose how fast the tractor will respond. The peed button allows you to choose between high and low speed. The cruise control button allows you to control like in a car. Use the left button to turn on or off and the right button to set or resume. Compact Farmall 45C is one of the fastest roading tractors available but it still provides smooth, seamless speed changes through varying conditions.

These compact tractors come to you with a ready loader so that you can get started right away. In addition to the attachments that come with the tractor itself, you can additionally order several attachments: mower, rake, tiller, and snowblower. Whatever you need this sub-compact tractor will allow you. Its size and great features allow you to work with it in cramped, inaccessible spaces without any problems.

8.  Kioti CS2610

The Kioti sub-compact tractor is really small but it gives you enough power to do all the necessary tasks. AS the Kioti industry says themselves: “The Kioti CS2610 is a great tractor for homeowners with property sizes up to 5 acres.” Kyoto will do a great job instead of the owner if you need to mow, mulch, or dig holes. It has a 6.7 fuel capacity that allows you to do most of the work on your property before you have to add more fuel.

It has a powerful 26 horsepower diesel engine that provides the power to do business with low fuel consumption for cost-efficient operation. The engine provides 19.4kW of power at 3000rpm and powers the 24.6-liter hydraulic gear pump. Fluid service and inspection locations are easily accessible to the operator so that you can check the condition of your compact tractor at any time. All operator controls are within easy reach to make this tractor easier to operate. Retractable seat belt, padded set, twin pedals, and loader controls allow you to feel safe and enjoy a comfortable and smooth drive.

Kyoto pays special attention to your safety so it puts some safety features in all its tractors. For example, if you leave your seat while the tractor is in gear, the PTO will automatically shut down. This tractor is also very stable. With a wheelbase of 1400 mm and a width of 1181 mm, the tractor has dimensions that give it stability. In the case of a rollover, the folding ROPS protects the operator, so you will feel quite safe while doing work in this compact tractor.

To allow you to work in dark conditions, the Kioti CS2610 comes with 55W lamps that are extremely bright so it will illuminate even the darkest corners. Also, when the engine is started, the dashboard illuminates to make it as easy to navigate as possible. On the dashboard, you will find tachometer, fuel, and temperature gauges, as well as low fuel and high-temperature warning lamps. The special hood design increases visibility and allows you to see all around. Below the hood are air filters, fluid service and inspection locations, fuse boxes, and electrical components that are easily accessible.

9. Branson F42R

10 Best Sub Compact Tractors

The Branson F42R has a 3 cylinder turbo diesel engine that gives it high power and great performance. The model can be placed in the middle of the Branson range with a design that provides low-cost operations for smaller properties. The Branson F42R is a great solution for those who need a powerful tractor but don’t plan to spend hours behind its wheel.

This sub-compact tractor has forty horsepower and a twelve-speed transmission with Synchro shuttle. Hydraulics is a dual pump that provides 18 liters per minute to the steering system and 33.5 liters per minute to dual remotes that come as standard. Hydrostatic transmission has a 3 range and variable speed by foot control so that you can have free hands for loader operation. It has a single joystick with a third function to be able to operate with a self-leveling loader. The front end loader has a 4 in 1 bucket with a lifting capacity of 330 kilograms.

The tractor has a flat deck, a high back, and a wide comfortable operator’s seat. Standard features of this tractor are wet disc brakes, power steering, tilting steering wheel, and dual hydraulic remotes. Also, telescoping, adjustable hitch stabilizers are standard equipment.

This sub tractor is a great solution for all amateurs because it is very easy to operate. It will also serve well to all who have to do easier jobs on their property, and if you add extensions to it, it will be able to do even harder jobs without any hassle.

10. Mahindra 4025

The Mahindra 4025 tractor is very easy to operate and at the same time gives the power to do all the work on your property. This tractor stands out as one of the heaviest tractors of all subcompact tractors making it very stable and sturdy. It has four cylinders 2-liter diesel engine and an output of 41 horsepower. The diesel tank has a capacity of 55 liters which is more than enough fuel to run all day without worrying about running out of fuel.

The controls are set up in such a way that you can easily steer the tractor and allow you to focus on your surroundings instead of driving the tractor. On the dash, you can see engine temperature, rpm, fuel level and receive warnings if the tractor overheats or for example runs out of fuel. Joystick control is easy to reach and use. Mahindra also has a comfortable cabin with a seat of quality material, seat belt, and 360° view.

It has a lift capacity of 1600 kilograms that will allow you to perform almost all tasks with incredible ease. The loader is strong and responsive and performs all tasks smoothly without showing signs of trouble. Stands are incorporated into the design so that the loader can be easily removed when needed.

 With this tractor that comes with a loader, you will be able to do most of the tasks, and the Mahindra 4025 is much more affordable than the John Deere or Manson Ferguson. Mahindra tractors are made to last for years, and if you buy a new tractor with it you will get a 5-year warranty to make sure.