Do Ducks Cry?

Do Ducks Cry

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A crying duck? Not many of us have seen a duck cry, therefore, the popular online forums like Quora and Reddit are flooded with questions like do ducks cry?

More often than not, ducks come off as happy, carefree birds who wag their tails, waddle, and go for long swimming sessions. 

Though they are happy birds, it does not mean they do not become restless or sad. Most pets are capable of feeling and experiencing emotions, sadness, and grief. Can ducks feel emotions? 

Do Duck Cry?

Ducks cry when they are hurt or emotionally traumatized. They do cry, like human beings, but do so by quacking or making a loud, weird noise. When in an emotional state, their feelings do not prompt a flow of tears. 

Ducks tend to cry more loudly when feeling scared or they perceive a threat. When alert, alarmed, or feeling grief, they cry out loud by making weird noises. 

When caught by a predator, their nervous system shuts down as the shock kicks in. Most predator attacks are so quick that they rarely get a chance to cry out loud.

Do Ducks Cry Tears?

Most animals do not cry as humans do, the same goes for ducks as well. The pet owner would not see tears rolling down their eyes in response to grief and pain. 

Instead of shedding tears, ducks express their pain in different noticeable ways. Like humans babies, they vocalize their feelings to get nourishment, comfort, and safety.

Ducks whine and quack when feeling hungry, lonely, and cold. They also tend to cry when separated from their mothers, owners, or other waterfowl companions.

Do Ducks Have Tear Ducts?

One of the reasons ducks do not cry tears is because they lack effective tear ducts. For those who do not know, tear ducts are small tunnels from which tears pass through and ducks are not mammals so their duct is different.

The tear that moisturizes the eye drains through the small opening in the corner of the eyes. Since they do not have effective tear ducts, you will not probably see them crying with tears. 

Because of the absence of active tear ducts, they usually need water to clean and moisten their eyes regularly. 

What Noise Does a Duck Make While Crying?

Most people believe that ‘quack’ is the only noise that ducks make. It is not true, there are a wide variety of sounds in the duck’s vocabulary, so, they do a lot more than quack. 

Some ducks make sounds similar to quacking, however, when crying, they may utter a loud weird noise to attract attention or alert owners in case a predator is nearby. 

It is not fair to associate just a single sound with ducks. They express their emotions through different sounds, for instance, when ducks are happy, they may make a different sound to express their joy. 

Do Ducks Have Emotions?

Yes, if they cry that means they do have emotions. However, they do not feel emotions as strongly as humans or some other pets. Most birds and animals have emotions and feel things to a certain extent. 

Ducks show emotions and cry out loud when the ducklings are missing or they sense danger. They fight to defend their ducklings and loved ones from the predators.

Sometimes, ducks also cry when a fellow waterfowl has died. All these things indicate one thing that ducks do feel emotions.


Ducks are nice birds with unique habits and strange ways of showing affection. Similar to many other pets, they cry for a number of reasons like when they are separated from their offspring or perceive danger. Unlike humans, they do not cry tears when feeling sad.

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