Can Ducks Eat Cranberries? 3 Ways to Feed

Can Ducks Eat Cranberries

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Your ducks may eat plenty of fruits from the ground of your lawn. You may want to be careful and think about what to feed and what to avoid. You may ask, can I feed cranberries to my Ducks?

Yes, you can feed your duck cranberries. The sharp and sour taste fruits have a number of benefits on the health of your ducks.

Nutrients in Cranberries for Ducks

Cranberries are rich in vitamins and minerals. Such as:


Cranberries have a good amount of antioxidants that shield your ducks from heart-related diseases.


Insoluble fibers in cranberries improve the digestive system of your duck. It also prevents your duck from constipation. Learn Can Ducks Eat Raisins?

Vitamin C

According to studies, The presence of Vitamin C in cranberries enhances the immunity system of your duck against various diseases and infections.

Vitamin K1

Blood clotting in your ducks will improve upon taking cranberries due to the presence of Vitamin K1. Mushrooms for ducks are the best alternative.


Fresh cranberries keep your ducks hydrated as it contains about 90% of water content.
Gum Disease

Cranberries prevent your duck from gum diseases. It keeps the mouth of your duck free from harmful bacteria.

Raw Cranberries for Ducks

The fresh raw pieces of cranberries have a sharp taste. Your ducks may not like the taste at first. But they will enjoy the latter part. Fresh cranberries are extremely good for your ducks’ health.

Your ducks can also eat dried cranberries. In comparison with fresh cranberries, dried have certain pros and cons.


Your duck may eat dried cranberries with more interest. It is due to a significant decrease in the sour taste upon drying.


At the same time, your duck may miss the essential nutrients. Dried cranberries have less amount of Vitamin C and other nutrients.

What About Cranberries Sauce?

Your ducks can do better if they avoid cranberries sauce. Such sauce contains an excessive amount of sugar which can be harmful to ducks in the long run.

Cranberries juice

Do not offer cranberries juice to your ducks unless it is made by you. Even homemade juice should be provided in moderation as it is saturated in its contents.

Like mature ducks, your baby ducks can also eat fresh and dried cranberries. Eating cranberries provide little duck with good nutrients for growth and development.

How to Feed Cranberries to Your Ducks?

You can feed the tasty little pieces of cranberries in a variety of ways.


You can make a garland from the pieces of cranberries. To make it more attractive, you can add popcorn. Your ducks would love to eat from such garlands.

In water

You can drop a handful of cranberries in water. Cranberries will become soft and your duck would enjoy the soaked form of cranberries.

Cutting down

You can cut the pieces according to the size of your ducks. Better to provide your baby ducks with tiny pieces of cranberries.


The benefits of cranberries for the health of your duck are obvious. However, you have to provide it in moderation. Excessive eating of cranberries can increase the sugar level in your feathered little friends.

Developing the habit

Your ducks may not show interest in cranberries at the start. However, after a few offerings and some time, they may develop an interest in these nutritious little fruits.

Cranberries trees

You can plant some cranberries trees around the lawn which is easily accessible to your ducks. This colorful fruit will attract ducks for having a tasty experience. Avoid usage of any chemical or pesticide to the plants.

Feed alternatives


Nutrient-rich cranberries should be included in the diet of your ducks. They may show little interest at the start, however with time your duck gets used to taking these beneficial fruits and enjoying them.

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