Can a Cow Mate with Buffalo?

Can a Cow Mate with Buffalo

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Crossbreeding is common these days. It has been practiced for hundreds of years. There is a reason for it, it rewards us with an animal having the characteristics of both parents.

When it comes to crossbreeding what would be a better example than donkeys and horses. If we try to analyze the situation, the cows and buffalos must also be crossbred.

Can a Cow Mate with Buffalo?

Yes, just like the horses and donkeys a cow and a member of the Bovidae family can mate. However, “the member of the Bovidae family” is not a true buffalo. However, it appears quite the same as buffalo.

Are there any restrictions?

No, there are no restrictions. The cows and a particular member of the Bovidae family are crossbedded as many times as you want. It does not harm the animals. So, why would there be any restrictions?

Which member of the Bovidae family can be bred? And how does the misunderstanding arise?
You might have been wondering if cows and a member of the Bovidae family have been mating for years? Why have you never noticed that happening? How did it go unnoticed? Well, it’s because only a particular buffalo-looking animal can be bred with cows.

To be more specific, American Bison(an animal closely related to cattle and yak)are mostly bred with cows. So, this practice is kind of limited only to the countries where American Bison is found and raised.

The American Bison looks a lot similar to buffalo, even though it is not a true buffalo. However, it is commonly taken as a buffalo. That’s how the misunderstanding arose.

Water Buffalo and Cows Can Not Mate at All

Water buffalos are the true buffalos. They are commonly raised on farms. The true buffalos and cows can not mate because of different numbers of chromosomes. Even if they do, the embryos would fail at the 8 cell stage. Read more about 71+ Buffalo Names

The true buffalo can be raised together but not be bred

The horse and donkey’s case is different, they can be raised and cross-bred. However, the cow and buffalos, despite having the same background, can only be raised but not be cross-bred at all.

Why do the American Bison and the cows mate?

Well, it’s always intentional. The American Bison and cows are bred for two major reasons;

They are brought together to reproduce a hybrid animal called beefalo. Beefalo is defined as a hybrid animal reproduced when a domestic male cattle and a female American Bison mate.

More importantly, the said animals are bred to fetch beef having the characteristics of both animals.

The beef fetched from beefalo is much superior to standard beef. It is higher in protein, lower in fat and cholesterol, and possesses superior vitamin levels.

As FAO says, What’s more, surprising is that this cross-breeding produces fertile offspring(beefalo). Beefalo can further mate and continue to bring more rewarding animals to the world.

The paired American Bison and the cows mate several times

Their mating sessions are always planned. The said animals hardly get attracted to each other in the breeding season. Once the animals mate for the first time, they keep on mating several times.

So the above-mentioned paragraphs summarize that cows and buffalos can mate, and they do mate sometimes.

The said animals are bred to gain a fertile hybrid animal called ” beefalo ”. Beefalo are gained to get a rich beefy flavorful meat full of superior vitamins, protein, and lower in fat and cholesterol.


Have we ever cross-bred a cow and a buffalo?

Yes, but not the true buffalo and a cow. American Bison and cows have been bred to gain Beefalo, a fertile hybrid offspring.

Can a true cow and a true buffalo mate?

Not sure if they would come to terms with each other or not. However, we have never heard someone attempting that. It’s an American Bison who gets to mate with a cow and that’s not a true buffalo.

What is the result of a cow and American Bison breeding?

The outcome of a cow and American Bison breeding is ” Beefalo”, a hybrid offspring having the characteristics of both animals. The Beefalo are super aggressive but they produce nutritional low-fat flavourful meat.

Do we frequently breed cows and a Buffalo?

No, let’s not assume that it’s the cows and buffalos that are bred. The cows are rather cross-bred with American Bison, a member of the buffalo family. As far as the question, how frequently they are bred, is concerned they are only bred out of need as raising the offspring is not profitable at all.

Can cows and buffalos have babies together?

Cows and true buffaloes can not have babies. However, American Bison(a member of the Bovidae family that is often mistaken as a buffalo) and cow can have babies together.

Is American Bison a buffalo?

No, American Bison is not a buffalo. It is rather a member of the buffalo family called Bovidae. Due to some similarities, American Bison is often mistaken as a buffalo even though it does not look like a regular buffalo breed.

Is cross-breeding American Bison and cow common?

No, not as common as horse and donkey cross-breeding. It is rarely done and only in the countries where American Bison are raised. Cross-breeding and raising American Bison is not profitable so the said animals are not cross-bred frequently.