The 5 Best Milk Cream Separator Machine 2022

Best Milk Cream Separator Machine

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The livestock keepers have a million ways to earn money; one is selling cream collected from milk. Since the cream collected from milk gets sold for the highest prices more and more farmers are considering it a reputable way of making more money.

The milk collected from cows, buffalo, and even goats contains a certain percentage of cream. The cream can only be collected by using a milk cream separator. The milk is poured into the milk cream separator and the equipment divides it into skim milk and cream.

It’s useful and easy-to-operate equipment that can help you make more money as well. If you are willing to try, here are the best options.

Best Milk Cream Separator Machine

1. MS Electric All Metal Milk Cream Separator Machine

MS is an old trusted Amazon Seller who is known for selling the best products at affordable prices.

This MS electric milk cream is one of the most forgiving MS creations that has made livestock keeper’s job easy.

It is being listed here for several worth-mentioning reasons; here’s a few of them.


As the title suggests, this MS electric metal machine is all metal from head to toe.

So if you are looking for a durable and safer option, there may not be an any better option than this MS electric all-metal machine separator.

All parts of this cream separator are made from food-grade aluminum, so the whole cream separator is equally durable, handy, and versatile.


This MS electric all-metal cream separator is not designed to meet large-scale needs.

It can only hold 10 to 12 bowls at a time. So, if it’s not sufficient you may have to look for another option.


The best part of the MS cream separator deal is that it does not require manual handling. All you have to do is power on the machine and witness it doing its magic.

This is not all. Fortunately, this cream separator comes with all relevant accessories. You do not have to roam around the market or search online to assemble it to perfection.


  • Made from food-grade aluminum
  • All metal
  • Handy, durable, and super affordable
  • Made in the USA
  • Safer to use
  • Comes from a well-trusted Amazon seller
  • Does not require manual handling


  • Not configured for 120V/60Hz power.

2. Motor Sich Manual Dairy Milk Cream Separator Machine

If you have no issue in separating the milk cream manually, this Motor Sich manual dairy milk cream separator is made for you. It is simply as effective as the electric machines if handled properly.


The good thing about this Motor Sich manual dairy milk cream is that it is entirely made from metal.

So, it’s safer for you and the environment. Moreover, the metal construction makes this milk cream separator last decades.

Manual yet easy to use

If you live in the part of the world where electricity is an issue or you want to cut down your electricity bill, the Motor Sich milk cream separator has got you covered.

This milk cream separator is easier to operate. All you have to do is apply a little pressure and your job is done.

Comes with an electronic manual

Since we live in a world of advancement, figuring out how to use manual equipment can be hard.

So to help you out, this Motor Sich milk cream separator comes with an electronic manual. However, you have to request the manual through email.


This wonderful invention is versatile in all senses. It can be used for cow, buffalo, and goat milk. However, the existing users suggest that it suits goat milk more.


  • Constructed from food-grade aluminum
  • Manual yet easy to operate
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Zero running cost
  • Comes with replaceable gears
  • No plastic parts


  • Does not come assembled

3. Hottoby Electric Milk Cream Centrifugal Separator Machine

Hottoby is another trusted name in the world of electronics. It has built a good reputation by bringing us the most advanced, handiest equipment at the cheapest prices.

Constructed with stainless steel

Unlike the other options, this Hottoby electric machine is manufactured from stainless steel. The stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean, recyclable, and durable.

Unique design

The Hottoby stainless steel milk cream separator is designed and manufactured to give the livestock keeper a unique experience.

As per the manufacturer, the milk cream separator is around 19.3 inches tall and the bowl is 10.2 inches wide.

The ideal height and width make this Hottoby electric cream separator more desirable.


This stainless steel cream separator is equally useful for goats, cows, and buffalo milk.

However, to separate milk and cream, the milk has to be fresh or the percentage of cream must be at least 5.5% or more.

Comes with all accessories

The package contains a Milk container switch, Buoy, separating piece, milk pot, motor, cream mouth, skimmed milk mouth, funnel, and a separating bowl.

It’s a complete package, you just have to assemble the milk cream separator using the user manual.


  • Does the job quickly and efficiently
  • Handy
  • Comes with detailed assembling instructions
  • Got no burrs on cone holes
  • Multipurpose, it can separate milk components, concentrate milk, make cream and butter
  • Easy to clean


  • Not satisfactory “how to use” directions

4. Ecutee Manual Milk Cream Centrifugal Separator

This Ectuee manual milk cream centrifugal separator is made in the United States of America. It has all the qualities of a good cream separator.

All you have to do is move the handle and leave the rest to the milk cream separator.


This Ecutee manual milk cream centrifugal separator can hold and separate around 12 liters at a time.

12 liters is an impressive amount for a manual milk cream separator. The impressive milk holding capacity would get you done quickly.

With the given speed, the Ecutee manual milk cream can separate cream from 80 liters of milk.

Engineered from food-grade aluminum

The Ecutee manual milk cream separator is made from high-quality food-grade aluminum. The high-quality aluminum ensures safety, durability, and corrosion resistance.

Easy to use

This Ecutee manual milk cream is easy to use. To separate cream from milk all you have to do is bring the machine to the operating state, close the white switch rod in the bowl, warm up the drum, add the milk, and get done.


  • Highly suitable for cow, buffalo, and goat milk
  • Manufactured using food-grade aluminum
  • Fast working enough to process 80 liters of milk in an hour
  • Can hold 12 liters at a time
  • Durable, handy, and highly corrosion resistant
  • Can operate on the minimum and maximum speed
  • Cost-effective solution
  • The package includes a transformer, user manual, and a cream separator


  • The engine needs to be wiped clean after use

5. Motor Sich Electric Centrifugal Milk Cream Separator

Though millions of Milk cream separators are being sold in the market yet finding one with the USA/Canada plug is hard.

If you are having a hard time finding a milk cream separator with USA/Canada plug, congratulations you have the solution.


This Motor Sich electric centrifugal milk cream separator can be used for two purposes; separating cream from milk and skim milk from simultaneous decontamination.

Easy to operate

It’s super easy to work with. Once the warm milk is poured in and be allowed to rotate, the separator separates the cream and lets the milk go out to throw the tubes.

Your job is to power on the separator and adds the warm milk, the rest is the separator’s job.

Show quick results

This Motor Sich electric centrifugal milk cream separator operates at a very high speed. So, it does not take much time to separate milk and cream. You would be done in a matter of minutes.


  • Runs at the speed of 10,000 rpm
  • Equally useful for goats, cows, and buffalo milk
  • Does not require manual handling
  • Gets the job done in a matter of minutes
  • Durable, handy, and affordable


  • Got no reviews

How to Find the Right Milk Cream Separator?

Frankly, almost all milk cream separators appear the same. It is why finding a milk cream separator perfect for the job is hard.

If we pay attention to the details, the cream separator hunt gets easy. Before hitting the place an order button, you have to ask yourself the following questions;

What is the milk cream separator made of?

The material must be keeping you from hitting the “place an order” button. Most of the milk cream separators are made of plastic, stainless steel, or food-grade aluminum.

Keep in mind that a plastic cream separator might be handy but it can never be as effective and durable as the aluminum or the stainless steel ones.

If we have to compare the food-grade aluminum and the stainless steel separators, aluminum is perfect for the job.

The aluminum separators are far more durable and handy than the stainless steel milk cream separators.

How does it operate?

When the material issue is sorted, you have to judge whether it’s an electric or manual milk cream separator? The electric separators are “obviously” more good for the job.

They help you not only in getting the job quickly but efficiently as well.

However, if you are fine with operating the separator manually and need equipment with no running cost, consider getting a manual milk cream separator.


Since you are actively looking for a milk separator, you might know how much milk do you have for this purpose? So, go through the product description and find out how much milk it can hold.

Keep in mind you might not find the milk cream separator of the same capacity. So, consider what’s closest to the need.


When you are satisfied with the material, capacity, and the way the machine operates, ask yourself how much can you pay? Do not settle for an overly expensive option, keep searching and find a reasonable option.

Our recommendation

Well frankly, we have found all of the above-mentioned options perfect for the job. However still if we have to pick one, it would be Hottoby Stainless Steel Electric Milk Cream Centrifugal Separator Machine. It is being recommended because

  • It has all the qualities one usually look for
  • It is listed with all the necessary information.

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