How Much Does a Llama Cost? Price Breakdown

How Much Does a Llama Cost

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How much does a Llama cost? I asked my friend as I have decided to buy a Llama for my farm. How much is a Llama? You must be wondering as well, it is quite complicated to calculate the cost of an animal. Raising cost of an animal often surpasses the purchase price, so I wanted to know the Llama purchase price and raising cost.

Llamas were quite popular in the 90s but the interest dropped off as they became densely populated. Still many admirers like me want to keep and raise Llamas.

It is hard to get a definitive answer when it comes to Llama price, but I decided not to give up and find some answers. I looked online and contacted local farms to know the Llama purchase, raising, and upkeep cost. I want to enlighten our readers who are looking to buy Llama and want to know the purchase price. However, first, let’s introduce you to this creature.

Llamas (Lama Glama) belong to the family Camelidae, which makes camels, vicuna, guanaco, and alpacas their cousins. Llamas are lively, social animals, quite popular among the kids for their friendly demeanor. Llamas are usually kept as a pack animal and used for livestock purposes. 

Llama meat is consumed in different parts of the world and quite popular in many cultures. Their appearance resembles camel and sheep, Llamas are not delicate creatures, they can lift the load up to 30 per cent of their body weight. Llamas, on average, weigh 450 pounds and are usually 6 feet tall.

When it comes to the purchase price of Llamas, you may find dealers demanding different prices. It is because the purchase price is influenced by different factors. Do not worry, I have come loaded with all the information you need to know about the Llamas buying cost and the factors affecting it.

How much does a Llama cost?

How much does it cost to purchase a Llama? It would be impossible to give you a definitive number but if we talk about the average estimated price, a Llama would cost around $300 to $5000. If a buyer is looking for an untrained and untamed Llama, he should be paying around $400 to $900. 

Trained Llamas for reproduction and weaning are usually in demand and sold at a higher price. The price for trained Llama starts as $1500.

Many factors affect the pricing of Llama as height, size, bloodline, age, and the located area has a larger role to play. Many dealers may offer more or less than the average purchase prices mentioned above depending on many aspects.

Where to buy Llamas?

Usually, people look for farms and dealers in close proximity to purchase Llamas. If you can seal a good deal there, search for a reliable dealer in the local area and make a purchase. However, if things are not looking good, we will be mentioning two websites here that are known for selling Llamas.

Llama Nation has grabbed the first spot as it is a classified site with over 400 listings offering different rates ranging from $350 to $3500. Many listings sell Llamas for around $750.

Shangri Llamas got many listings on their website and located in Callaway, Virginia. Many of the Llamas being sold at Shangri Llamas usually comes under the price range of $600 to $1500. 

Redwood Llamas is a website that is known for selling this adorable animal. They have been in the business since 1982. It also offers other services like leasing a Llama, full-service trips, photography lease, and more.

Adopt a Llama with Estimation Cost

If buying Llamas seems out of the reach, adoption would do. Many organizations are running Adopt a Llamas program where the Llama lover can feel the warmth of ownership without the commitment. With a minimal monthly fee, you can become an owner of one of the Llamas.

However, to be clear, the adopted Llamas stays at the farm, you are allowed to visit during the farm hours. An individual can not take the adopted Llama with him. Multiple adoption websites offer Llamas under $100 for adoption.

If Llamas are not up for adoption in your local area, go online and search for these websites

  • Carlson’s Lovable Llamas
  • Gift Republic
  • Cannon Hall Farm Shop
  • Llama Karma Kafe
  • Lakeland Llama Treks
  • Folly Farm
  • Nidderdale Llamas

All you have to do is apply for Llamas adoption, fill out the paperwork, and choose a Llama from the lot. Just pay the assigned fee and visit your Llama from time to time, bring him some treats. Gift the adopted Llama to your loved one who admires this unusual and friendly pet.

What makes the total cost of the Llama?

You must be aware that it is just not the purchase price you have to pay. Raising and upkeep costs should be included in the total cost of the Llamas. There are many additional costs associated with keeping an animal. 

Same is the case with Llamas, there are many additional costs like feed, shelter, vaccinations, deworming, nail cutting, sheering, and other aftercare assistance.

Upkeep Cost of Llamas

Raising or upkeep cost should be considered when buying an animal or a pet, as the purchase price needs to be paid one time only but the upkeep cost is the recurring cost.

There are several ways with which you can cut down the raising cost but can not bring it to the number zero. It is also advised to buy 2 or 3 Llamas to avoid aggressive behavior.

Feeding Cost

If the Llamas are feeding on pasture, it will cut down the feeding cost. An acre of pasture is sufficient to feed two or three Llamas.

If the buyer buys feed, it may cost around $350 to $500. The cost can be more or less depending on the area.

The feed worth $350 would include pellets and six months of hay feed. Usually, Llamas eat grass, hay, grains, fresh fruits, and veggies. In addition, you may have to feed supplements and minerals in case of a deficiency. That must be added to the feeding cost. (Source)


If Llamas is bought for guard duty, then the living expenses would be minimal. If not, a barn, three-sided shelter, or a spacious shed must be constructed to protect them from hot sun and rain.

Llamas like to stroll around but in the summertime, it becomes impossible because of the hot day. The living space of a Llama needs to be properly fenced.

According to the University of Massachusetts, A fence must be durably made either from boards or split rails, also include vents in the living space for airflow.

Fencing or shelter is a one-time expense unless you want to keep Llama in a rented space. Fencing may cost around $300-$500 also add a few more dollars for maintenance. This rate may change depending on the fencing.


A buyer has to cover shipping costs if the seller lives elsewhere. In some cases, it is the seller that bears the shipment cost but not always. Also, if you live away from the city, you might have to pay for transportation to move Llamas for a vet’s visit or other work.

Medical Attention cost of llamas

Llamas rarely get sick unless they are old. You will not have to visit the vet frequently as these animals do not require much medical attention. However, the fighting teeth of males need to be cut off, if left as it is, they might hurt fellow Llamas.

These friendly pets need vaccinations to save themselves from deadly diseases. According to Kansas State University, Medical expenses vary according to conditions.


Deworming is done by a local vet or a professional within regular periods. Deworming bill is added to the annual upkeep cost. 

Nails Trimming

If you are an expert yourself, the nail cutting cost would be zero dollars. However, if the nails or llamas hooves are cut by a professional, have some extra cash ready. 

What Factors Influence the Price of Llamas?

As we have discussed earlier, the price of Llamas keep changing depending on various factors.

  • Age – Generally, the average lifespan of a Llamas stands anywhere between 15 to 20 years. The Llamas in his prime years are sold at a higher price than the older ones.
  • Bloodlines – Bloodlines play a vital role in pricing an animal. If it’s a registered breed with a pedigree, it is likely to be sold at a higher rate than an unregistered Llama.
  • Location – Every state has different rates assigned to the animal’s purchase. Rates change depending on the area you are living in and the inflation.
  • Height & Size – Llama usually is 4 to 6 feet high and weighing around 250 to 425 pounds. The taller and heavier the Llamas are, the higher the purchase price.
  • Training – Many buyers prefer trained Llamas for events and shows. However, if you are a trainer and capable of taming the animal, buy an untrained animal as they are usually cheaper.

Putting it all together, the purchase price for a Llama costs around $300 to $5000. If the purchase price does not fall under the budget, there is always an option to adopt. However, the Llamas would not be allowed to stay at your farm. It would be wise to buy a Llama if you want to raise them for work or weight lifting.

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