6 Best Stick Welder for Farm Use in 2022

Best Stick Welder for Farm Use

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Many farm tools require maintenance and repair from time to time or need a welder for several projects.

Not all applications or repair adopts the same welding process, however, the best stick welders can work well on different projects.

It is important for a farmer to know what kind of stick welder he needs for the project at hand. When looking for the best stick welders for a farm, consider the following 07 options.

Best Stick Welder for Farm Use Reviews

1. SUNGOLDPOWER 200Amp Stick DC Welder

This versatile equipment is suitable for a variety of welding applications. The multifunctional welder is not just for farm use only but everywhere in general.

It offers both stick and MIG welding for fixing all types of metal from steel to aluminum and everything in between.

SUNGOLDPOWER welder appeals to many workers for its advanced functions.

Adjustable Wire Speed – Adjust the wire feed and welding current as per the welding job undertaken, type of material, and thickness.

Both these features can be changed according to the intended application.

Gasless Welding – This stick welder can weld on gas-less flux-cored welding and gas-shielded MIG welding.

Multifunctional – The multi-purpose device supports MIG, MAG, or ARC. Not only is it facilitate different welding types, the welder works on rusty metal without any challenges or prior cleaning.

Easy to Use – It can be used for welding stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, and other metals. It is easy to get started and simple to use, simply press the torch trigger to ignite the arc.


  • Stable power with a little spatter
  • Adjustment of welding current and wire speed
  • Equipped with a selector switch for MIG gun or spool gun operations
  • Ideal for outdoor repairs of farm equipment


  • Heavier
  • No LCD display control

2. Hobart 500570 Stickmate 160i

This list is incomplete without the addition of Hobart’s Stickmate 160i stick welder, one of the popular machines for stick welding.

This dependable stick welder is lightweight, compact, efficient, top-rated, and easy to use.

Hobart model is known for its high-quality and unique design for hot-start technology. Fit for large farms.

Hot Start Technology – This welder is easy to start with the innovative Hot Start automation. With this innovative technology, the welder starts quickly and gets going instantly.

Adjustable Controls – The usual control adjustments include changing amp output and heat for high-quality welds.

This model allows users to adjust one amperage increment to a level needed for the welding application.

Voltage Input – It can be connected to 120V or 240V receptacles without the help of tools.

The welder can be connected to the power source hassle-free with a dual voltage design and twist lock power cord.

DC Output – DC output ensures less spatter, fewer outages, and better arc control, therefore, preferred by professional welders.


  • Simple to use on farm equipment
  • Hot Start Technology
  • Comes with a long 6.5-feet power cord
  • Infinite amperage control
  • Lightweight and compact design


  • 30% duty cycle
  • Fails to work on magnetized metal

3. Forney 324 MIG/Stick/TIG 3-in-one 190-Amp Welder

It is hard to ignore this good-looking, brightly colored stick welder in the field. This 3-in-1 machine is not only good-looking but works efficiently as well.

This compact device will help you out with a variety of welding tasks on the farm.

Innovative design, easy controls, and power-saving technology make it a go-to option for many farmers.

3-in-1 – This 3-in-1 device works as a TIG, MIG, and stick welder, therefore, can be used for farm projects requiring multifunctional welders.

Designed with an electron holder for stick, MIG, and TIG torch setup (accessories not included).

Inverter Technology – The inverter technology is quite appealing to an operator, this welder is loaded with one.

Runs on 115 (15amps) / 220v (50amps), it is designed with synergic electronics for reduced spatter.

Flow Meter – Features a gas hose and flow meter to regulate the supply of gas according to the requirement.

The gas output can be controlled through the single staged piston.

Easy to Operate – It is perfect for odd jobs on the farm, even a beginner can handle it well with easy controls.


  • Switch between different welding processes easily
  • Rugged all-metal case
  • Flow meter for gas output adjustment
  • Constructed with strain relief


  • Weighs 52 lbs
  • No hot start technology, therefore, may take a little longer to start

4. Miller Electric Multiprocess Welder

As the name implies, this piece of versatile equipment can perform multiple welding jobs like Stick, TIG, and MIG.

This is a great investment for beginners who want to learn several kinds of welding. It is a monster when it comes to welding with a wide array of advanced features.

Multi-Voltage Plug – It operates on 120V and 240V, MVP or Multi-voltage plug allows effortless connection with 120v or 240v voltage receptacles without the need of any specialized tools. A simple plug change with no complicated configuration needs to be done.

Inverter Technology – This technology adopts top arc features to produce a smooth arc for performing well on different types of welds.

Automatic Spool Gun Detector – Features an automatic spool gun detector that detects when a spool gun is connected. It supports Spool mate 100 and 150.

Multi-Purpose – The welder comes with a DC stick, MIG torch, and its flux-cored to take on diverse welding jobs.


  • Dual gun terminal for MIG and TIG
  • LCD display for showing relevant information
  • Auto-Set Elite
  • Supports multiple welding


  • Price is bit high
  • Customer support issue

5. YESWELDER Stick Welder

This affordable stick welder is an ideal choice for small farms, DIY, and beginners.

It can be purchased without breaking the bank and boasts several advanced features that many high-end stick welders have.

Many farmers can benefit from its build quality and affordability.

IGBT – IGBT soft switch technology and excellent arc stability is ideal for welding thin workpieces. Sturdy components make it a handy tool for beginners and professionals.

Hot Start – Built-in Hot start and Arc force make sure that the equipment needs to be started instantly and makes different welding jobs convenient.

Safety – Safety is not overlooked in this model as it features Automatic compensation, overcurrent protection, overload protection, and temperature control.

Portable – It weighs around 10lbs, therefore, easier to take to the field.


  • Lightweight, sturdy, and affordable
  • IGBT Inverter technology for consistent stability
  • Dual-voltage
  • Welds a wide range of metals like steel types and cast iron

6. DEKOPRO 110/220V MMA Welder

This powerful-looking stick welder can handle the toughest welding jobs on the farm. It is the #1 Best Seller in Welding Systems on Amazon with hundreds of positive reviews.

This welding machine by DEKOPRO is lightweight, advanced, energy-efficient, and multi-purpose.

IGBT – It has an IGBT device with unique controls for a professional weld finish on farm equipment.

IGBT or Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor carries three-terminal semiconductor devices for better efficiency and switching.

Energy Efficient – The energy conservation design increases the welding frequency and reduces the wastage of copper and iron.

Multi-Purpose – Use it to weld stainless steel, aluminum, and many other metal materials on the farm. It can be employed for high-quality welding and thin material precision welding.

Portable – The lightweight, compact welder comes with a convenient carrying handle for easy transportation and storage.


  • ETL certified
  • Incredible structural strength
  • Mute fan motor for instant cooling
  • Ensures stable current output
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Affordable


  • Fit for small welding projects
  • Do not use in the rain

Our Pick

The buyer does not have to stick with our choice but to consider his requirements when buying a welding machine.

Of all the products, we find Hobart 500570 Stickmate a reliable welding solution. It is portable, lightweight, efficient, and capable of getting you out of any sticky situation.

How to Pick Right Stick Welder For Farm Use?

Choosing a stick welder for farm operations can be a daunting task for a beginner. The buying decision is highly influenced by the intended use of the welder.

A welding machine needs to be selected considering the welding type, power input, and output requirements.

Voltage Input and Amperage Output

Different welding machines have different input voltage and output amperage.

Some have dual or multiple voltage plug (MVP) that allows easy connection to 120V and 240V.

The output voltage may vary depending on the welder’s power and purpose.

Metal Thickness – Depending on the project undertaken, make sure that the equipment can weld metals of varying thicknesses.

It must be capable of multi-position welding allowing you to weld along hard-to-reach and blind areas.

Duty Cycle – Modern welders are designed with duty cycle percentages. For those of you who do not know, the duty cycle indicates the number of minutes that the machine can weld continuously in 10 minutes.

It should be ⅔ of the welder’s capacity at 60%, continuous use may cause overheating.

Easy to Use – For DIYers learning to weld, the welding machine should ensure easy starting and usage.

Check whether the operation and the controls are easier for you to understand and handle.

Professionals may understand complicated machinery but beginners trying to improve their welding skills should opt for a user-friendly welder.

Hot Start

If you do not want your welder to take ages to start, invest in equipment with Hot Start technology.

This technology works by pumping up the amperage for a short time when you start the arc.


Operators work at different sites from farms, construction to residential projects, therefore, the machine needs to be portable, lightweight, compact, and easier to work in the field and on heavier machinery.

Weld Quality – The weld finish can not be overlooked as it can make or break the welding project. Choose machinery with a stable current and less spatter to produce clean welds.

Others – A farm welder should work quietly or produce a little sound that does not disturb the operator. Moreover, it must be environmentally friendly emitting no harmful fumes.

Multi-Purpose design is a strong plus, some welders support several welding processes. Inverter technology, adjustable controls, @and the stable current should also be considered.


When buying a welder for farm use, you would want a hard-working, sturdy, and easy-to-use tool. Portability is also a big consideration as it allows convenient transportation to different places. Judge any of the aforementioned welders on high versatility, extreme durability, and ease of use.

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