What Do Farmers Wear?

What Do Farmers Wear?

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Everyone has a certain uniform. Doctors wear white coats, policemen are dressed in blue uniforms, nurses wear scrubs, firemen wear their fire-resistant jackets and pants, lawyers wear suits. They all wear their uniforms for a reason. A fireman couldn’t wake up one day and decide to go to work in a suit, because the suit wouldn’t protect him from the fire, and a nurse wouldn’t be able to do her job well in a bulky fire-resistant jacket and pants. Farmers also have a uniform that is closely tied to what they do. This uniform keeps them safe. If they didn’t wear proper uniforms, they would risk getting manure on them, slipping, tripping, falling, and even getting skin cancer. Here is a list of what farmers wear to protect themselves while they work.

1. Hats

Starting from the top, farmers wear hats. The sun is essential for crops, but farmers who are exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays for prolonged periods of time have a high risk of developing skin cancer. Using hats can mean the difference between life or death for farmers. Farmers should definitely wear hats when they’re working, and there are two main reasons. The first one is sun protection, and the second one is to protect their head and brain. 

A lot of millennial farmers have started wearing baseball caps for the last few years because they are comfortable, colorful, and convenient. However, a baseball cap can’t shield farmers from the sun and the risks of cancer properly. Many people don’t pay attention to their ears when applying sunscreen, but human ear tips are especially prone to cancer. Instead of baseball caps, farmers should wear wide-brimmed hats because they are able to protect the neck, ears, and temples from the sun’s rays. 

Best hats for farmers

1. BKLYNSURF men’s straw hat

This straw hat is great for anyone who wants a 100% natural hat made out of straw. It has a drawstring close so you can keep it from falling off your heat in case it’s windy outside. The draw corn chin strap will also make it more comfortable for you. This hat features intricate braiding of raffia straw fibers. It will keep its shape regardless of what you’re doing. Most importantly, it will do a great job protecting you from the Sun and keep you cool in the heat and warm weather. You can get it in 2 colors, brown and the natural color of straw. If you don’t like having a chin strap, you can easily remove it. Click on this link here to get this 100% adjustable straw hat. 

2. Manakama hemp sun hat

This hat is made out of hemp, so it is 100% natural. It comes in 3 sizes, medium, large, and XXL large. It comes in 4 colors, which are natural, black, brown, and colorful. If you have a smaller head, the M size should fit you. It is very lightweight and foldable. You can fold it and put it in your pocket when you’re not using it. It has a shapeable wire brim which will allow you to style it however you want. This hat is great because it will protect and cover your head, face, and neck nicely without making you sweat as most hats do. It is durable and earth-friendly. This hat is crafted in Kathmandu, Nepal. The workers who make them are skilled craftspeople and they are paid fair wages in safe working environments. If you want a hat that will both protect you and let you support a good cause, get it on this link here. 

2. Sunscreen

In addition to wearing hats, farmers should always wear sunscreen. They should use SPF of at least 15 because it will block about 94 percent of the ultraviolet B rays that are more than likely to cause skin cancer in the long run. The sunscreen should be applied every 2 to 4 hours, depending on how much time they spent outside and how much they sweat. 

Best sunscreens for farmers

1. Coppertone SPF 50 Sunscreen Spray + SPORT Face SPF 50 Mineral Based Sunscreen Lotion Multipack

This multipack consists of a sunscreen spray and a mineral-based sunscreen lotion. Lotions can sometimes feel too thick on your face when you’re sweating or when it’s too hot outside, that’s why it’s also good to have a sunscreen spray. You can wear the spray during the summer and lotion during the winter. This sunscreen is designed to stay on your face when you sweat and it has a durable and water-resistant formula. It will leave your skin feeling light, breathable. This sunscreen will protect you from up to 98% of the sun’s most damaging UV rays. It has a moisturizing formula, and Vitamin E to boost skin hydration and refuel your skin. Get this sunscreen on this link here and protect yourself from skin cancer. 

2. CeraVe 100% Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50

This sunscreen is great for farmers with more sensitive skin because it was developed with dermatologists. It is a hydrating sunscreen lotion that provides broad-spectrum protection with 100% mineral sunscreen that reflects the sun’s damaging UVA/UVB rays. It has a lightweight formula that will keep your face hydrated and protected. It is free of oxybenzone, oils, parabens, fragrances, and chemical-filters. Get this great sunscreen for sensitive skin on this link.

3. Shirts

Farm workers should never be shirtless. It is very inconvenient and it makes them more exposed to the Sun which can lead to cancer. Farmers should wear lightweight long-sleeved shirts that won’t make them sweat too much but will still keep them protected. Another reason why farmers should wear long-sleeved shirts is because they handle animals. These animals can be dirty, and farmers can even end up with manure on their shirts. It is easier to just take off the shirt and to wash it than to wash off manure from your hands.

Best shirts for farmers

1. Russell Athletic Men’s Cotton Performance Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Athletic shirts aren’t only for athletes. They are great for farmers because of how quickly they dry and how lightweight they are. They are great during the summer because you won’t be too hot in them, but they will provide you with protection against the sun’s rays. This shirt is made out of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. You can wash it in the machine and because of its mixed material, it will come out soft every time. It has a Dri-Power moisture-wicking technology that will keep you cool and dry. It also has odor protection which will help keep your fabric fresh. This shirt has a UPF 30+ which will provide you with protection from harmful UV rays. It comes in 11 colors and 7 sizes. Get this great summer shirt for farmers on this link

2. Wrangler Men’s Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt

While athletic shirts work great during summer, you will need something thicker to keep you warm during the fall and winter. This flannel shirt is made out of 100% cotton, which means that it will keep you warm but won’t make you sweat too much. It is great for layering in the winter or during fall. It has a relaxed fit that won’t restrict your movement. This shirt is finished with heavy-duty plastic buttons, and it is made to last. It has a button cuff closure which is designed to keep the warmth in, and the cold air out. There are 2 front pockets where you can store some of your necessities. This shirt comes in 9 colors and 9 sizes. Get this great fall shirt here. 

4. Coveralls and Overalls

Some farmers prefer overalls, while others prefer trousers. Overalls are more convenient to some because they have more pockets and don’t require a belt. The belt can easily get caught in machinery. They are also very convenient when handling animals because they keep your shirt somewhat covered. There is also another type of overalls that are called coveralls. Some farmers find them more convenient because they protect all their clothes underneath. It is much easier to only take one item of clothes off when you come home than to take 3 or more. 

Best coveralls and overalls for farmers

1. Dickies Men’s Bib Overall

These overalls are made out of 100% cotton. They feature durable triple-stitched seams for added strength. They also have a watch pocket, hammer loop, a convenient dual pocket for cell phone, pliers, ruler, and many more. These overalls are built for hard work and equipped for comfort and convenience with cross-over high-back shoulder straps, and dual buttonholes in the bib for a pocket watch fob. They also have roomy straight legs that can fit over boots. They are very comfortable and extra tough, and they resist snags and tears. Dickies is a very trusted name, as they have been making quality workwear and apparel since 1922. Click on this link here to get these comfortable and durable overalls. 

2. Dickies Short Men’s Sleeve Coverall Pants

If you like the idea of having just one clothing item cover you from head to toe, these coveralls are for you. It is made of polyester and cotton. They have a generous, roomy fit in the chest shoulders. Their bi-swing back accommodates a full range of motion. They also have elastic waist inserts for exceptional comfort. Concealed snaps at the waist, neck chest pocket are used for a secure fit. These coveralls are built for hard work and are very comfortable. They have a heavy-duty nylon 2-way front zipper secured with concealed snaps to prevent snags. There are also roomy chest and back pockets to secure your essentials. These coveralls are built for utility and efficiency. They are very easy to take care of. Durable but breathable poly-cotton poplin will resist fading, wrinkles, and stains. This coveralls have heavy-duty brass zippers and concealed snaps. Get these great coveralls on this link here.

5. Boots

Toes and feet are likely to get injured during farming. If you have boots that poorly fit you, they can cause you to slip, trip, or fall. Your work boots can cost anywhere from $90 to more than $200. If you properly care for your boots, you will protect and lengthen the life span. You can keep your boots clean by brushing off dirt and mud since either can ruin leather over time. You shouldn’t use soaps or detergents when cleaning your boots. In case your boots get soaked, stuff them loosely with newspaper and leave them to dry in a warm place, but never near a fire, heater, or another heat source.

Not every pair of boots will be suitable for farming.

Outsole material of farming boots comes in 3 options. The first one is a rubber outsole. This one offers great performance when it comes to abrasion, oil, and slip-resistant features. It is the best choice for farmers that work on worksites with rugged terrains because it provides maximum traction on both wet and dry surfaces. The second one is a thermoplastic polyurethane outsole. This one is long-wearing and chemical resistant. It resists splitting and is more lightweight than rubber. The last one is the polyurethane outsole. This one provides a lightweight, flexible, and comfortable option. 

Waterproof boots are essential for farmers. You should also consider getting a pair of boots with insulating properties for winter.

The two most common toe cap types are steel and composite. Steel-toes have been standard for a very long time because they offer maximum protection from sudden impact or compression. Composite-toe caps are just gaining popularity because they meet American Society for Testing and Materials standards but aren’t as heavy as steel.

The upper material of your boots will depend on your work environment. Leather is a great material for work boots because it is quite durable and breathable. It also provides a customized fit, because of leather molds to your foot with wear. However, synthetic boots are more lightweight. They will feel more like a sports shoe, but still, maintain the durability of a traditional leather upper. 

Best boots for farmers

1. Servus Men’s Work Boots

These boots have a synthetic sole. Their PVC polyblend injection-molded construction is seamless and 100% waterproof. However, they are still flexible and comfortable. They are also resistant to degradation from agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, and animal waste. Their comfort technology will offer you a unique scalloped top-line for easy flexing. They are also reinforced at critical stress points for longer wear. They have lightweight FOOT FORM contour cushion insoles that provide arch and heel support. These cushions are removable, washable and replaceable. These boots will prevent any slips and falls on slippery surfaces. Get these comfortable yet durable boots on this link here. 

2. Muck Wetland Rubber Premium Men’s Field Boots

These boots have a rubber sole. 5 mm of neoprene will provide you with comfort and flexibility. They are waterproof and have great shock absorption and heat retention properties. They will also adjust to your foot shape to resist blisters and chafing. Stretch-fit Comfort topline snugs calf will keep out cold and debris. You can roll them down from high to mid for warmer weather. These calf-high rubber overlays protect your ankles from sticks and rocks. The breathable mesh lining will wick humidity and perspiration and allow air to travel throughout the boot while keeping water out. Most people find them comfortable for temperatures from -20 °F to 50 °F. The lightweight EVA midsole provides additional cushioning and they will follow the natural shape of your feet. The MS-1 ribbed outsole is self-cleaning and it wraps around for optimal protection, stability, and performance in mud and snow. If you want warm, durable boots that will protect your ankles while not making you sweat, click on this link here.