Wild Pigs Names

Common Wild Pigs Names with Different Terms

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We all adore pigs, even when this cute little creature rolls on in the mud and eats food scraps. Still, there are a million reasons to love this domestic animal.

There are so many pig breeds that have been serving us in one way or another. We all know the domestic pig breeds and distinguishing characteristics by heart.

However, the wild pigs are still somehow maintaining their mystery.

Albrecht-Durer-Schwein, American Guinea Hog, American Landrace, American Yorkshire, Berkshire, British Lop, British Saddleback, Chester White, Duroc, Hampshire, KuneKune, Middle White, Norsk Landsvin, Poland China, Red Wattle, Tam Worth, and Wessex Saddleback are the few pigs that have been living with us for hundreds of years.

Only a few of the fellas are left to survive the harsh wild world. As the breeds left in the wild can not be domesticated at all, it’s one of the reasons why we hardly recognize these pigs by their names.

There are several wild pig breeds living in the wild. All of them possess the characteristics of wild animals, which means they can not be domesticated at all. Even though these pigs can not be domesticated, knowing who these pigs are and what their names are would surely be worth it.

Wild Pig Names

Every domestic pig breed deserves to be called wild. However, Wild Boar is taken as a true wild pig breed. The Wild Boar is the most common of all wild breeds, it is not only known for its wild nature but being dangerous and a carrier of various deadliest diseases.

Since it is the most known Wild breed, it is admired and recorded with several pig names. This pig breed, that comes to our mind when we talk about wild pigs, is generally referred to as;

  • Wild swine
  • Common wild pig
  • Wild boar
  • Eurasian wild pig
  • Sus Scrofa

Feral pig names

Feral pigs were not originally wild pigs. It was a domestic breed that has been released to live in the wild.

It is not clearly mentioned whether the pigs escaped or were released. This pig breed has now been living in the wild for quite some time. It is recalled by the following names;

Feral pig

Yes, it is only feral pigs because this pig breed is not admired enough to have more names. They got this name(feral pigs) because they escaped from captivity to live in the wild.

Common Warthog Names

Common Warthog is another very well-recognized wild pig breed.

This medium-sized pig breed, which does not possess any territorial characteristics, is widely distributed in the wild. As per a rough record, more than 25000 Common Warthogs are living in Africa only.

The Common Warthhogs might not share the same limelight as Wild Boars however, they are still bothered enough to have several names. This domestic breed is commonly referred to as;

  • Common Warthogs
  • Common Wart-hogs
  • Warthogs
  • Phacochoerus Africanus
  • Desert Warthogs

Pygmy Hog Names

Pygmy hog, as the name suggests, is the smallest one from the pig’s World. These pigs are listed endangered as they are reducing in number day by day.

The majority of the Pygmy hogs are found in Assam, India, and Bhutan.

This unique pig breed is recorded in the books as

  • The smallest hog
  • Pygmy hog
  • Sus Salvanius

Wild Pigs Scientific Names

Though, every wild pig breed has a scientific name. Yet Sus Scrofa is the scientific name we use when we have to discuss wild pigs.

It must be communicated that Sus Scrofa is Wild Boar’s scientific name. It is not one name given to all wild pigs out there.

Pigs have been living with us, they have been living in the wild as well. Albrecht-Durer-Schwein, American Guinea Hog, American Landrace, American Yorkshire, Berkshire, British Lop, British Saddleback, Chester White, Duroc, Hampshire, and KuneKune are the few popular domestic pig breeds.

Whereas, Wild Boars, Feral Pigs, Common Warthogs, and Pygmy Hogs are the well recognized wild pigs.

These Wild Pigs can be known by many names. Wild Boars are known as common wild swine, Eurasian wild pig, Sus Scrofa, Feral as Feral pigs, Common Warthogs as Warthogs, Phacochoerus Africanus, Desert Warthogs, whereas Pygmy pigs as Sus Salvanius, or the smallest pigs.

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