How Much Do Peacock Birds Cost? They’re not Cheap

Peacock Birds cost

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How much does Peacock cost? Do you have to pay extra for good looks? Are they worth keeping as a pet? Being a magnificent sight, people keep them in their backyards or around properties. Peacock is celebrated for its colorful, long, lavish tail. Even though they are birds, they spend most of their time on land.

You may have seen them in a friend’s backyard and fell instantly in love with their beauty. Their good looks are convincing enough to lure you into keeping them as pets. Once you are hell-bent on keeping them, the Peacock price can make or break a deal.

Belonging to the Pheasant family, the male is dubbed as Peacock and the female goes by the name of Peahen, and is collectively called Peafowl. Females can be distinguished from the male as they have a brown and grey tone with a tint of yellow color. Their distinctive tail feathers more than 60% of the bird’s body length. 

Males have more beautiful tail coloring than the female. Often Peahen chose their mating partner based on size, color, and feather train quality. Among the biggest flying birds, peafowl is widely recognized for their unique tail feather plumage, and the eye-like spots on their feathers are called ocelli.

Enough of the chit-chat, we know you are getting desperate to know about the Peacock purchase price and raising cost. 

How Much Does Peacock Cost?

The average price of a grown Peacock would cost anywhere between $35 to $275. Healthy birds with straight toes and no flaws are priced higher than birds with defects. Flawed birds with black spots or poor toes are sold at a lesser price, you can get one within the range of $35 to $55.

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How Much Do Peachicks Cost?

Many people buy Peachick as they want to witness their journey of growing up with them. Also, Peachicks are fairly cheaper than adult peacocks and most people opt for them because of the affordable purchase price.

Peachicks can be bought for $10 to $30. The raising cost is also lower for Peachicks for the first few months. Hatching eggs are also sold and many breeders require a bundle of 4 eggs or more. Eggs are usually sold in bundles and breeders buy many eggs together. The price of hatching eggs will set you back $45 to $85.

Peacock Breeds Purchase Prices

Many Peacock breeds have impressed people with looks, color, and gait. People who know about the bird and its breeds may want to select the prettiest one. Rather than go search for each breed price elsewhere, we will mention all the prices here.

Black Shoulder Peacock is very good-looking, having black wings with a greenish-blue iridescent sheen. The average price of a Black Shoulder Peacock is $50 to $100.

Cameo Peacock does not have as rich coloring as other breeds. Feathers are creamy brown followed by darker chocolate brown neck feathers. This unique coloring gives Cameo an edge and ultimately a price surge. On average, Cameo Peacock is sold at $200 to $250.

Indigenous to the Indian subcontinent, India Blue is known by different Peacock names like Common Peafowl, Indian Peafowl, and Blue Peafowl. Being a common breed, it is easily available and sold for around $50 to $75.

Pied counts among one of the beautiful Peacock breeds with white patches in their wings and cost around $175 to $250.

Named after the late Mrs. Spalding of California, Spalding was produced after the crossing of Blue India and Green Java. They are sold at a price of  $75 to $125. (Source)

White Peacocks have no colors, just pure white. Being a rare color breed, a hike in the price is justified. Prepare to give around $200 to $250 or even more for them.


How Much Does it Cost to Own a Peacock?

Most people care about the initial purchase price and make their buying decision solely based on it. However, what they should really look into is the raising cost. As compared to some big pets, the Peacock upkeep cost would be much less. 


These are not pasture grazing animals, so you have to buy their regular diet from the market. They rely on corn, fruit, nuts, worms, reptiles, ants, crickets, and wheat for their survival. A Peacock pet owner would need a monthly feeding budget of $10 or $20. Also, you have to treat them with their favorite snacks and food items to keep them happy.


As they are birds most people prefer to keep them in cages. If the bird is kept in a cage or fence all the time, a Peacock owner needs to build an enclosure big enough for them to move easily and spread its train. For a captive bird, a 16 feet tall cage would be ideal. It may cost a few hundred dollars.

Free-roaming Peafowl spends most of their day roaming around the property, so a small enclosure would do. As the birds will only spend the nights in the enclosure, no need to make it lavish. 

Also, the floor should be concrete as predators often dig holes under the fence and attack the birds.

Medical Care

Peacocks are healthy birds who rarely fall sick. If provided with the right conditions and a nutritionally balanced diet, you may not have to visit the vet for years. Peafowls are treated for internal and external parasites, check with the breeder or seller before buying, if the bird needs any such treatment.

Where to Buy a Peacock Bird?

It would be better to purchase Peacock from a local breeder. Because of the size and health issues, most farms do not ship them out of state. If the breeder has agreed to ship, you have to pay around $100 for boarding along with the purchase price. 

Search ‘Peacock For Sale’ and you may find many websites with different listings. Only go for the online option if you can not find your favorite breed from local farms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Buy Peacocks As Pets?

Peacocks are quite popular among people and they want to show off the ornamental bird. The rare green and white species fetch higher prices owing to their popularity. One can buy them as a pet but they do not make good companions or guards.

Are Peacocks Easy to Keep?

Because of their nature and temperament, it is not easy to keep Peacocks. They are not made to live in urban built-up areas. Best suited to Country Houses or rural areas, they should be kept in a large pen or aviary.

What are Peacocks Good For?

Peacocks eat a variety of insects, amphibians, and rodents. Most people keep them to control the pest population. Also, they alert the owners when a predator trespasses the property. 

How Much Does a Peacock Egg Cost?

Eggs of any size or color type would cost around $40. If you add the postage, insurance, and handling charges, the cost may go up to $50. 
Lastly, Peacocks are beautiful birds but not as expensive as other pets. Also, the rising cost does not put a dent in the wallet, it is fair to say, their low-maintenance lifestyle is just not costly.

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