How Much Does An Ostrich Cost?

How Much Does An Ostrich Cost

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Most of the people’s minds are just stuck at the corn and cattle farming, whenever they hear the word farming. However, there are many non-traditional farming systems like ostrich farming that are far more profitable than cattle farms. 

Ostrich farming is the detailing unconventional business model with the most unconventional profit. It is the most advanced and advantageous type of agriculture farm that ends up in the form of a surprising amount of money. 

The great words fit exactly on ostrich farming, that once you get in this business model, you will never think of profit in the same way again and you may just find your next venture.

The only problem in the low expansion of ostrich farming is less knowledge. People want to know the costs of raising emus and ostriches. There is much less organized knowledge than how much an ostrich costs? How much does an ostrich egg cost?

This guide clearly defines the cost to raise ostriches from the very first stage of buying eggs to selling them.

Let’s get started.

How Much Does an Ostrich Cost?

An ostrich costs around $525, having the age of 30-60 days. While the price doubles if the age of the bird goes beyond 90 days. While the yearlings cost around $2500/bird.

Adult Ostrich

An adult ostrich costs around $7500 to $10,000 per bird. The high costs of the adult birds are due to the costs of raising the bird. 

Ostrich Egg Cost

An ostrich egg has a varied cost of eggs. It varies with the size of eggs and the time of the year you are purchasing them. A non-fertile ostrich egg costs around $30-$50 per egg. While fertile ostrich eggs sell for $100.

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How Many Eggs Does an Ostrich Lay?

An ostrich lays around 12-18 eggs under natural conditions. While under the farm conditions, a single bird of ostrich can lay around 40-60 eggs a year. In the first year, the young females might produce 10-20 eggs but in subsequent years they will lay 40-60 eggs.

Ostrich cost

How Much Does it Cost to Raise an Ostrich Per Month?

An estimated cost of raising a single bird of ostrich costs around $50 per month for chicks and $75 per month for yearlings. But in the case of adults, the cost rises to $100 per month. 

These expenses include all the costs of feeding, vet, and general expenses.

Ostrich raising

Ostrich – a ratite (flightless bird) is the world’s largest living bird having a great body size that weighs more than 100 kgs. They use their large wings for balancing the body while running and communicating. 

Raising the ostriches for meat, eggs and other profitable products is the most advanced form of non-traditional farming.If you want to raise birds for eggs or meat consider the cost of swan, ducks, or emus.

But there are many important things to consider before entering the ostrich framing. These important points are discussed in the lateral part of this guide. 

Before this take a look at the cost of ostrich from buying eggs/birds to the annual costs.

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Ostrich products

Ostrich farming is sometimes called “future farming” because of its varied products and unconventional profits. The most common ostrich products are eggs, meat, hide, and feathers.


Ostrich egg is the most profitable product that benefits the farm owner the whole year around once the bird matures. On average, one ostrich egg has 47% protein and 2000 calories.


Feathers or wings of the ostrich are used for cleaning the fine machinery and in the fashion industry. The best feathers are produced in the arid regions of the world.


Ostrich produces red meat that has the same taste and texture as beef. But this meat is high in protein and low in fat. A recent study shows that ostrich meat is far better than chicken and beef due to its high proteins and low fats.


Ostrich skin is known as hiding that is considered as the most luxurious leather in the world. Its popularity is by its thickness, durability, and softness. The hide is commonly used in shoes, jackets, and bags.

ostrich price

Revenues of Raising Ostriches

The revenue generated by raising ostriches comes forward in the form of products we get from ostriches. The products include meat, eggs, feathers, and leather.

All of these products add great value to the revenues generated by ostrich farming.


Ostrich Eggs seems to be the less important item but it generates a lot of revenue. According to agrinet A single bird lays around 40-60 eggs per year. On average 50 eggs and a single egg sells for $40, each ostrich can give you $2000 per year.

An ostrich has a lifespan of 30 years that is likely to be $60,000.


Ostrich is slaughtered for meat at the age of 14 months commonly. At this age, it produces around 75-130 lbs of meat. The ground ostrich meat sells for $10-$15/lb while the filets sell for $25-$50/lb. 

On average the meat selling generates the revenue of $1,500 per bird by keeping the $20/lb average price of meat.

Feathers and leathers

Another most demanding product of ostriches is their leather and feathers. An estimation reveals that an average bird produces around 14 sq. ft. of leather at the selling price of $40/SF and 4 lbs of feathers with a selling price of $40 per lb. 

It collectively generates revenue of around $1470 per bird.

Nutritional Value of Ostrich Meat

Per 100 g raw meatOstrichBeefChicken
Protein (g)21.920.021.4
Fat (g)
Cholesterol (mg)638674
Energy (cal)114276163
Calcium (mg)

How to Start an Ostrich Farm

Ostrich Farm is the most practical and profitable farming model in the future and present. It generates revenue in several ways. But there are some things to consider while going to start an ostrich farm.

  • Determine the revenue-generating method of your ostrich farm and how will you generate revenue by selling eggs or meat or feathers.
  • Locate a good place of around 1 to 3 acres of land with good shelter conditions to protect from harsh weather.
  • Ensure the proper supply of food and water. Ostrich can drink several gallons of water daily so make sure to keep it ready.
  • Choose a variety of ostrich wisely. Red and blue neck ostriches are aggressive while the African blackbirds are easier to manage.
  • If you are new to farming, then go for purchasing the young ones. Unhatched eggs and young ones require care at the start but they are inexpensive while the adults are expensive but produce eggs.(Resource)

Final words

An ostrich of age having 30-60 days costs almost $525. While a yearling costs around $2500 per bird. But the major thing is to choose the farm place correctly.

There are a lot of creative ways to generate revenue in ostrich farming. All you need is the wise decision taking power to choose the revenue-generating model.


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