61+ Japanese Bunny Names with Meanings

Japanese Bunny Names

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There are few Japanese rabbit breeds and some animated characters. One of the most popular is called Holland Lop who made an appearance in “Winnie-the-Pooh” as Piglet’s pet, Roo.

Some of the options include giving your Japanese breed a Japanese name or any Japanese name for a specific Japanese breed.

Famous Japanese Bunny Names

In Japan, rabbits are considered to be a symbol of luck and happiness. Did you know that Japanese people often give them names based on their personality? Here are some ideas for pet bunny names:

Yuki – For Good Fortune
Adzuki – Name for red bean
Amaya – Night Rain
Taro – Boy
– Name for wise
Hoshi – Star
Hana – Flower
Nami – Wave
Bonsai – Small tree
Emi – Blessing
Cho – Butterfly
Haru – Sunlight
Nori – Seaweed
Kingyo – Goldfish
Asami – Morning beauty
Yoshi – Good Luck
Kiseki – Miracle
Arata – Fresh
Jazu – Jazz Music
Kei – Style
Fuji – Unique
Chibi – Small child
Akachan – Baby
Shuga – Sugar
Aoi – Color of blue
Kimi – Noble
Chisai – Small
Pinku – Color Pink
Kichona – Precious
Koro – Poly

Male Japanese Bunny Names

Male Rabbit names are known to be tough and strong, meaning that you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to naming your pet.

Masumi – Masumi is the Japanese word for clarity. One definition of clarity is for one to see without obstacles obstructing their views, or to have an understanding of the subject that makes it easy to see.

Haru – Haru is a Japanese word for the season of spring. It literally means “spring” and grows from deep winter, bringing new life with its gentle warmth that melts away snow and ice on trees, flowers blooming in fields everywhere.

Haruki – Haruki is a Japanese name that means shining sun. This symbolizes the bright future ahead of Haruki, and their drive to make every person feel wanted in this world.

Kotaro – Kotaro is the Japanese word for small boys. It’s a common term used by parents to address their son respectfully, especially when they are trying to get out of trouble or want something from him.

Chisana – Chīsana is a common phrase in Japan that means small. I’m sure you’ve heard it before and know what its definition is. But have you ever wondered where the term came from?

Kaede – Kaede is the Japanese word for maple. This name means that he will be a person who loves nature and cares about everyone’s well-being.

Naoki – Naoki is the Japanese word for honest timber tree. Most people think that it’s actually a name, but its true meaning has been lost to time, and language changes over generations of usage.

Youta – Youta is a Japanese word that means “great sunlight.” The culture’s name derives from the original meaning of this term, which denotes something powerful and awe-inspiring.

Hayate – Hayate is a Japanese word that refers to the feeling of smoothness. The first time I felt this was when my fingers brushed across silk cloth as an infant in China.

Hiroshi – Hiroshi is a meaning that means generous in Japanese. The kanji for Hiroshi has two parts: the first part “hir-” (to give) and the second “hiro” (large, grand). When these are put together it looks like to be giving something of great size or importance away.


Female Japanese Bunny Names

Female rabbit names should be cute and adorable. Here are some of the best female bunny names to consider:

Kiko – Kiko is a word in the English language that means chronic child. These are children who cannot help but to always need attention as if they were chronically ill and needed constant care when really there isn’t anything wrong with them medically speaking.

Kimi – Kimi is a word that means noble, and it has been passed down in the family for generations.

Kimi was an old Japanese name meaning “noble.” It had belonged to my great-grandfather’s father but he never liked being called Kimi so I took up the mantle when grandfather died.

Chika – Chika is a name that means scattering flowers. Its meaning can be found in the kanji for “scatter” and “flower.” This could symbolize how this little girl spreads beauty all around her, even if she doesn’t know it!

Yuina – Yuina means to bind together, and it typically entails tying multiple objects such as clotheslines with rope in order for them not to be separated, but rather stay close to each other. Yuina can also mean “to bring people closer”.

Ceiko – Ceiko means “child of splendor”. They are children with a lust for life, showing gratitude and grace.

Hankao – Hanako’s name means “flower child” and she is the quintessential example of a Japanese girl.

How to Name Your Rabbit?

There are many ways to name a rabbit. Some people may want it to sound like their own name, while others might choose something more unusual and creative that will tell you about the animal’s personality or hobbies.

Personal preference plays a significant role in how a pet’s name is chosen. What sounds best for one person may not work for another.

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