How Much Weight a Camel Can Carry? Quick Answer

How Much Weight a Camel Can Carry

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Here is a quick guide to ”How much weight a camel can carry?. Camels, a gentle friendly animal, have been serving their owners since day one. Not just for a playful ride but camels are also kept for milk, meat, and fibre. They spend their whole life travelling and taking their masters and goods to places in the deserts. For this very reason, they are called ships of the desert. 

How much weight do they carry? This question pops up in our mind when we talk about camels. To put your mind to rest read this till the end.

We are just offering a general idea based on our knowledge and experience. Please check your vet to find out the accuracy of the information provided here. How much they can carry depends on their capacity and health too.

How Much Weight a Camel Can Carry on its Back?

In general, As per the research conducted by the National Geographic channel, a camel can carry weight around 170 to 270 kilograms or 375 to 600 lbs with ease. 

There are two types of camels found in the world and they are

  • Bactrian camels
  • Dromedary camels

Bactrian or two hump camels are much stronger as compared to the Dromedary camels. They can withstand heavy loads and extreme temperatures.

And their weight carrying capacity is remarkable. They can walk eight hours straight having a load on their back of 1000 pounds.

Dromedary camels or Arabian camels are also tough in nature and are also being used as a means of transportation. They are known for their thin legs. Their weight carrying capacity is a little lower than the Bactrian ones. The maximum weight they can carry is 990lbs.

Like horses, their capability of carrying weight is different for each breed. There are six breeds of camels found in the world, and they are:

  • Afar
  • Alxa
  • Arvana
  • Kalmyk
  • Somali
  • Sonid

You might be wondering are all breeds the same? Is there a weight carrying capacity difference? How much weight each one of them can carry. Since this article moves around this particular subject Let’s discuss each breed in detail.


This camel belongs to the type “dromedary”. They have one hump on top and are found in Somalia. They are kept for both milk and transportation purposes. Their milk production is around 2.01-12.0 per milking time a day.

These camels can carry weight up to 990lbs but they are more comfortable walking with a cargo weight of around 150 to 330lbs.


These camels belong to the ” Bactrian” type and they are called the camels of china. Like all other breeds are kept for transportation, meat, wool, and milk.

These camels have the capacity to walk up to 40 kilometers a day with a weight load of up to 330lbs on the back. And they are known to walk with a 

weight on the back for at least 7 to 8 hours a day.


Arvana belongs to the group of “dromedary” camels. In the beginning, they were only found in Turkmenistan and were the main source of transportation, milk, meat, and wool. Arvana camels offer the smoothest ride than any other breed.

They can run up to 35 kilometers a day tirelessly with a weight of around 440lbs to 661lbs on their backs.


This breed is in demand because of its musculature, hair cover, and fully developed skeleton. Their weight carrying capacity is exceptionally improved than any other breed. Because of all these qualities, camel lovers take pride in raising them. 

They can run with 1000 pounds on their back.


Somali camels belong to Somalia, the easternmost country in Africa. And as per an estimate, it contains almost 14 million camels of the world. Like most of the camel breeds, they can walk having 880 to 990lbs on their backs straight for at least 8 hours.


These bi-humped camels are found in deserts, semi-deserts, high plains, north and northwest China. Like most of their cousins, they can travel up to 40 kilometers a day.  They can suffer thirst more than any other breed and walk in the sun for up to 8 hours.

Their average weight carrying capacity is 330lbs.

Factors that Affect the Weight Carrying Capacity

The following factors affect the weight carrying capacity.

  • Health: The healthier the camel the better weight carrying capacity. Physically weak camels find it hard to walk with the average weight suggested for their type.
  • Type: It also depends on the type of camel you are about to use for carrying weight. Bactrian or dromedary? Their weight carrying ability is different from each other.
  • Diet: Their diet plays an important role in their ability to pick up and carry the heaviest loads. Poor diet and low nutritional content can decline their capacity.
  • Age: Like humans, age takes out their ability to do things in old age. They are stronger when they are at the peak of their age. To carry the weight they should be at least six years of age.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there any weight restriction for camels?

Yes, like all living things they do feel burdened. Weight above 1000 pounds is cruel to put on their backs. They might manage to take it to the destination but it’s hard for them.

Can camels carry 1000 pounds?

Yes, but only Bactrian camels can carry weight up to 1000 pounds. But for Dromedary camels, it’s way too much for them to have on their back. 

How much weight Bactrian camels can carry?

Bactrian camels are much stronger when it comes to carrying weight than dromedary camels. And seem okay with carrying weight up to 1000lbs. 

Who carries weight better, Bactrian, or Dromedary?

Bactrians, because they are stronger and tougher. Bactrian camels are preferred over dromedary camels for the transportation of heavy loads.

Why are they called the ships of the desert?

Because they have been used as a means of transportation since the beginning of time. They take both people and goods to places in the desert.

When can you put weight on the camel?

At the age of six at least. Age below six is considered too immature to carry weight.


This article reflects our knowledge and experience. Weight carrying ability depends on other factors too. You are advised to get your camel checked first to know the accuracy of their weight carrying capacity. Generally, Bactrian camels are much stronger when it comes to carrying weight than the Arabian ones. The maximum weight you can put on a camel is 990lbs. 

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