Do People Eat Camels? What About Taste?

Do People Eat Camels

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Can humans eat camel meat? What’s the taste like? You may not have heard about people eating or liking camel meat as much as chicken, beef, or mutton. It may not be cooked as much as other meat but it surely holds a special place in many people’s hearts. 

You may have not seen a hunter chasing down a camel in a movie and eating it afterward, because eating camel meat never got any representation on TV and was deemed restricted to a few cultures. There are a lot of myths around eating camel meat which many people believe to be true.

You have to admit the camel is a beautiful, majestic animal with a quirky nature. It is not just famous among the desert dwellers but urban residents alike. Well-adapted to survive a hot climate, camels are usually found in desert areas of Africa and Asia.

Would it be fair if we do not talk about the camel’s hump? Absolutely not. Hump gives camels a distinctive look and they are often recognized for it. It is not just there for decorative goals but it serves a greater purpose. Read my complete guide on Why Do Some Camels Have Two Humps?

Camels are hardy souls that may go without food and water for days, fat is stored in the hump for them to live off for weeks.

Now that you know enough about the desert ship, let’s talk about one of the most asked questions: can we eat camel meat? Is it safe for us?

Do People Eat Camel Meat?

Camel is eaten as a staple or everyday meat in the Middle East and some parts of Africa. It’s not chicken, so, it is only reserved for special events. 

Being home to the camel, it makes sense why it is eaten regularly in the Middle East and North Africa. 

For other countries, it is considered gourmet meat only cooked for special, memorable occasions like a wedding reception and ceremonies. Many people are hesitant to try but they would be missing out on one of the best meats in the world. Many chefs and authors who have to eaten camel meat have written such poetic reviews about their experiences.

It is not just about the taste or flavor, camel meat is full of nutrients, protein and holds great medicinal value. High in protein, rich in Vitamin E, and lower in fat than beef, it sure is prized meat. Camel meat is safe, delicious, and enjoyable. It is a popular protein source for people living in countries where alternative forms of protein may be limited.

Can Humans Eat Camel Hump?

Hump is the most wanted and prized cut of camel meat, once you have gotten the taste of it, you may ask for more. The hump is the most important part of the camels’ body storing fats for them to survive. It is no less in taste either offering fattiest and most tender meat. Also, we hate to burst an age-old bubble that hump is full of water, it could not be more wrong.

Which Countries Eat Camel Meat?

Camel meat is prized for its taste and nutritional content, an absolute favorite of millions of people. 

It is eaten in countries like Palestine, Morocco, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Eritrea, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. In other regions like Gulf and Egypt, camel meat is cooked on highly auspicious occasions like parties, weddings, and festivities.

Medicinal Properties Of Camel Meat

According to Research, Meat is a great source of protein and other essential nutrients, Camel meat also tops the list for being a great protein source. Camel milk and meat holds great medicinal properties owing to the presence of protective proteins and other nutrients that helps in the enhancement of immune defense mechanism.

Even doctors recommend camel meat to different patients due to its healing properties. Being used as fuel by desert people for ages even science is no longer hesitant of admitting its perks. In a recent study, Camel meat is used as a cure and remedy for several ailments like seasonal fever, sciatica, shoulder pain, asthma, freckles removal, and improved performance.

Is Camel Meat Expensive?

Expect to pay a little more for this novelty item. One of the reasons many people are not familiar with the taste is because it may not be affordable for many people. In some states of the US, camel meat costs about $20 per pound, certainly a bit expensive than beef.

How Healthy is Camel Meat?

In many cultures, people prefer camel meat to other meat animal species because of the medicinal benefits. Camel meat is high in protein, carries low levels of intramuscular fat, and a high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids which makes it healthier than most meats.

How is Camel Meat Taste Like?

We can not use the cliche ‘Tastes like chicken’ to describe what is camel meat like, it just does not fit. Just like every meat, it has its own flavor and texture, but it is often related to beef. How true is that? In reality, it is a rich, red meat, a perfect combination of beef and lamb.

It has been approved as a healthy choice for being low in cholesterol and high in protein. It is a versatile protein option, can be eaten and cooked the same way as beef. Hunters like to hunt camels because they get to stock up quite well as a single camel provides a fairly large amount of meat. (Source)

The taste of the camel meat is also relative to different factors like age, health, gender, condition, and preparation. Aging meat may taste different and many people like a fresh, young camel. In many countries, only the young camels are slaughtered and eaten. Meat coming from an old camel may taste gamey. 

What Does Camel Burger Taste like?

Camel Burger is currently grabbing attention worldwide. This creative recipe to lure modern, International clientele is possibly originated from Morocco. Morocco is known for its love for camel meat, it has been an indispensable protein source throughout the history of Moroccan cuisine.

Coming back to Camel Burger, it sounds innovative but it tastes even better. Camel meat is tough than most livestock meat, the taste is quite similar to beef and veal. Camel burger tastes like a perfect blend between beef and lamb with a sweet aftertaste.

Is Camel Meat A Delicacy?

Even though camel meat is widely popular, still, you would find it missing from most menus. It is safe to say that camel meat is a delicacy as it is only available in a handful of dining places. 

Even in the Middle East and some parts of Asia, where it is one of the most celebrated animals, you would not find it available in many restaurants. Do you want to know Do Camels Eat Meat?

Camel Meat Recipes

Many chefs have experimented with camel meat and served delicious, mouth-watering dishes. Camel meat steaks are quite popular along with camel burgers. With traditional Middle Eastern flavors and spices, one can cook Camel Meat Karahi, Roasted Camel, Camel Nihari, Kibbeh, and more.

Putting it all together, if you ever happen to hear that camel meat is not healthy, you can shut the person up with all the above-mentioned details. 

Camel meat is leaner, healthier, and tastier than most meats. This delicious meat is reserved for special occasions only in most parts of the world.


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