Do Camels Eat Meat

Do Camels Eat Meat? Myth or Reality

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You might know that camels have three eyelashes that protect them from sand, but have you ever noticed those thick big lips? Well if you haven’t it’s time to get astonished by them as well. The three eyelashes help this desert animal in protecting their eyes from sand and those thick big allows them to eat almost everything including thorny Cactus.

Eyelashes may only protect them from sand but the thick big lip does a more astonishing job, allowing them to eat almost everything without causing any problem.

In this article today, we would be discussing If they can eat meat? What do they eat? If they do eat meat, what animals do they normally choose to eat? And everything you need to know about their eating habits. But first, let’s get to know this hardy little creature a little more deeply.

Camels, an important means of transportation for the people of the desert, have been domesticated for thousands of years normally for milk, meat, and fiber. The word “camel” is a general term we started referring to the giant animal with. The formal term is “camelid” and it can be used to refer to all the seven species.

There are two types of camels found in the world; Bactrian and Dromedary. Bactrian and Dromedary camels can be identified by their humps.

The two-humped camels are called Bactrian whereas the one-humped camels are classified as Dromedary camels.

Dromedaries were the first ones to get domesticated whereas the Bactrian camels second. As per the recent estimate, 90% of the total camel population is Dromedaries, Bactrian camels are rare, contributing only 10% to the total population.

Enough beating about the bush, all worth sharing information about camels is served. Now let’s get to our topic and discuss what needs to be discussed right now!

Do camels eat meat?

Do camels eat meat? No, for the record, camels do not eat meat at all. They have their preferences and meat is not one of them. Camels eat in a variety that deserves to be discussed separately.

They do not hate meat, it’s just that they do not prefer it over the suitable options

It can not be said or considered that they do not eat meat because they hate how it tastes. It’s just that they find the camel-friendly food options acceptable.

If they can not eat meat, what do they eat then?

Since camels are mostly found in deserts so they eat what they find there. If they are not being treated well, they live on eating dried leaves, seeds, and thorny twigs. Whereas, the well-pampered camels eat grass, wheat, grains, oats as well. (Source)

Camels are herbivores, the debate settles here!

Like all other herbivores, they can eat anything but not meat. All herbivores including camels are just not made to chew and digest meat. Their teeth and stomach can only break down and digest grass, leaves, seeds, thorny twigs, wheat, grains, and oats.(Source)

A claim has been made that  “camels eat fish” what do we have to say?

Camels can’t find and catch fish in the desert in the first place. As per our knowledge, they can not eat fish at all because they are herbivores. They strictly eat what they are made to eat. Let alone fish, they do not even eat insects. 

We don’t know on what grounds this claim has been made, who made this claim, or if it is backed by solid proof or not.

Even you can tell that you have seen camels eating grass, dried leaves, thorny twigs, wheat, grains, and oats, but never meat. Animals can judge what they can eat and digest and what’s not made for that sensitive stomach.


Camels can only eat meat in one condition

Camels and their all fellow herbivores can eat meat only they are STARVING!. Meat is not at all healthy for herbivores but it’s toxic as well. Not receiving the specific food and eating meat would leave them malnutritioned.

Now the most widely asked questions “do camels eat meat? What do camels eat? and why can’t camels eat meat? Are answered in detail so let’s move ahead and discuss their eating habits briefly.


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Everything you need to know about their eating habits

Camels are known for many unique qualities and weird eating habits. Since we are talking about their food preferences, it’s mandatory to talk about their eating habits as well. So, without further ado, let’s discuss some;

Camels don’t drink and eat for weeks

Yes, most of my readers and even the school-going kids can tell that camels don’t eat and drink for weeks. Their performance is not affected, they keep on doing what they normally do without eating or drinking for weeks.

They can go without food because they eat in bulk and store it in their humps. When the food is not available, they start utilizing the stored fats. When the hump starts bending down, it’s time for them to eat again.

They can eat thorns without getting hurt

It leaves most of us confused and astonished that how can they eat thorny cactus without getting hurt? It’s their big thick lips that save them from getting hurt.

They store food in humps and water in the bloodstream

It’s a common belief that the camels store food and water in their humps when in reality, humps can only store food. The approx. 20-gallon water they drink after weeks is stored in their bloodstream.

They can survive months without food 

Normally the stored food is consumed within a week or two, but this giant hardy creature can survive months without food. It would be hard to live as the power to function normally is declining every day but still, they can go up to seven months without drinking or eating anything.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can camels eat fish?

Camels do not fish or meat normally because they are herbivores. They would eat fish only when they are starving.

What do camels eat?

They eat what herbivores eat; grass, leaves, grains, wheat, and oats. Moreover, they can also eat thorny plants without getting hurt which makes them different from ordinary herbivores.

Why do camels not eat meat?

Camels prefer eating grass, leaves, grains, wheat, and oats because their teeth, lips, and digestive system does not support eating meat. Animals can judge what’s edible to them and what’s not, camels also avoid eating meat because it’s not nutritional for their body.

In brief, like all herbivores camels do not eat meat, they prefer fulfilling their food requirements from grass, leaves, thorny twigs, grains, wheat, and oats, etc. The domesticated camels normally eat grains, wheat, oats, and grass whereas, the camels in deserts are forced to live on dried leaves and thorny twigs, etc.

The exceptional big thick lips allow them to eat thorny plants without getting hurt. Camels would try to eat meat only when they are starving. They do not eat meat because their lips, teeth, and digestive system is not made to process meat, and meat is not a nutritional option for them as well.

A claim is circulating that camels eat fish, it’s not true camels would avoid eating fish until they are starving. Camels have supernatural eating habits, they can go and last up to seven months without food and water. They store food in their humps and water in their bloodstream. 

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