Can You Ride a Buffalo?

Can You Ride a Buffalo

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Riding is considered a healthy and fulfilling recreational activity. It does not just entertain the rider but improves the rider’s muscles and cardiovascular health.

Fortunately, there are several animals to be ridden; horses, mules, llamas, donkeys, camels, elephants, etc.

However, these true riding animals are not in everyone’s reach. All of us can not afford to raise an animal purely for riding either.

It is believed that most of the large-sized domestic/farm animals can be tamed, trained, and ridden.

Buffalo is one of those domestic animals. However, it appears that it can’t be ridden or even if buffalo can be ridden, it would be a thrilling experience. Got to know?

Can You Ride a Buffalo?

Yes, you can ride a buffalo. There are a bunch of videos on Youtube where people are riding buffalos. The riders can be seemed enjoying the ride and the animal is unbothered.

It might not be as fun as horse riding in the beginning. However, with time you and the animal would get used to it and might even start enjoying it as well.

Whether you ride a horse or any other animal, your brain release endorphin and other feel-good chemicals to make you feel better/good. So, chances are that you would enjoy a buffalo ride as well.

Buffalos can be used for riding, it’s just that we do not use them for that purpose;
Buffalos and even cows can be ridden, bulls are a bit aggressive and harder to handle.

However, buffalos and cows are gentle enough to be handled and have a fun ride. Cows and buffalos are taken as legitimate dairy animals, it’s one of the reasons why they hardly get ridden. Learn Bull vs Buffalo Ride

Buffalo is not a “true” ridding animal

It’s not a secret that horses, donkeys, and mules are true riding animals. They do not need to be tamed or trained to give playful rides. Moreover, horse/mule riding would be more fun than buffalo riding.

Buffalo can be ridden but it can never be as good at the job as the true riding animals; horses, mules, and donkeys. Read some catchy Buffalo names.

However, when no other true riding animal is available buffalo would be the best option. It is more gentle and docile than cows, so riding a buffalo would be safer and more fun.

It’s water buffalo that can be ridden

It must not be left uncommunicated that only a true buffalo can and should be ridden. That’s Water Buffalo.

The American Bison is also considered a buffalo, however, it is not a true buffalo. Moreover, it is not suitable for riding as well.

We often see them being ridden in rodeo events, halftime shows, and other exhibitions.

They take more time and professional training and a professional rider to serve this way.

Whereas the Water Buffalo is a fine option, it can be tamed and trained for riding easily.

Animal needs to be tamed and trained for riding

Horses even donkeys and mules get ridden a lot. They are super used to walking or running having an adult human on their back.

The buffalo’s case is a bit different. The said animal can be ridden but it needs to be tamed and trained for that.

It must be kept in mind that professional training is not required, you simply have to make the animal accept you on its back. It might only take a week or so and buffalo would be ready to be ridden.

It is capable of giving slow and tiring rides

Buffalos is four times stronger than the ox so it can handle the weight on the back quite well.

However, the said farm animal can run fast with or without a human on the back. So, expecting or forcing it to give a faster ride would be torturous for the animal.

Buffalos are only capable of giving slow rides. But buffalo costs higher so their main purpose is only milking.

Moreover, the prolonged ride can not only be tiring for the animal but you as well. Since buffalos are not at all thick animals, you might end up having cramps in your legs. However, a short ride would be fun and not so tiring.


Yes, buffalo can be ridden even though it’s not a true riding animal. However, it is capable of giving slow rides. It’s Water Buffalo that can be proven to be a good riding companion. American Bison is not a fine idea unless the rider is a professional.

Since the buffalo is not a true riding animal, it needs to be tamed and trained for the job. No professional training would be required, it’s just that the animal needs to be used to carry a weight on the back.

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