Can You Eat Peacocks: What About Taste?

Can You Eat Peacocks

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Meat is a mandatory part of our diet, several hundred thousand chickens, quails, turkeys, and pheasants are slaughtered every day just to meet the table demands. Chicken, quails, turkeys, and pheasants are commonly consumed, there are some other birds and animals as well that are preferred for eating but occasionally. Peacocks are one of those birds that often leave us questioning whether it is edible or not? 

In this post, we would be discussing whether we can eat peacocks or not? If it can be, what does it taste like? Why is it not usually on the menu? And everything else you need to know. Starting with the first question that comes to our mind when we get to hear the words “Peacock meat”. 

Do People Eat Peacocks?

Can you eat peacock? Yes, we can, but only a certain kind. Though eating these majestic birds are not as common as chickens, ducks, quails, and turkeys, etc, it is rather eaten occasionally.

By the statement “certain kind” we mean the green peacocks

There are two kinds of peacocks, they are usually differentiated by their colors, green and blue Peacocks. Eating green peacocks is illegal whereas blue ones can be eaten. The green Peacock might be edible as well but several countries have declared it illegal to eat.

Peacock meat has a heavenly taste

Peacock meat to great extent tastes similar to turkeys and pheasants. Some regular eaters compare it to guinea pig meat as well. Whether it has the same taste as turkey, pheasant, or guinea pig, it can be said that Peacock meat has a heavenly taste.

Why is eating Peacocks not common? 

Probably because of the Peacock’s majestic beauty. It is uncommon because most of us do not have the heart to kill this piece of art just to feel stuffed for a few hours. 

Now that it’s clear that Peacocks can be eaten, it’s just that we usually do not see them as “food”, but beauty. This post can not be winded up here, there is still a lot for you to know. 

Muslims, picky eaters, do not mind eating Peacocks 

Muslims usually avoid a few kinds of meat for religious purposes but they do not consider eating Peacocks “haram”. The word “haram” means Forbidden. Eating Peacocks is not common in Muslim countries but this majestic bird is considered to be edible. 

Peacock meat is not easy to find

The other reason why Peacock meat is not commonly eaten is that it’s super hard to find. It’s just as hard and rare as finding a Peacock roaming around in the city loose. If you are craving for some Peacock meat, you either have to hunt green Peacock or find a dealer that regularly deals and sells Peacock meat. 

The Peacock meat is not at all expensive

It’s quite fair to think that peacocks would be expensive as these birds are breathtakingly beautiful and nutritional. Even though Peacocks are beautiful and nutritious, their meat is not as expensive. It is being sold between $5 to $77 per pound. 

Peacock is commonly eaten in France

Frenchs are fond of Peacocks, in fact, France is probably the only country where the guests do not get surprised finding Peacock dishes on the dinner table. The French chefs usually present Peacock meat is boiled, stewed, fried, and soup forms. 


In England, Peacock dishes are made on special occasions 

France may have been consuming Peacock regularly, England is another country that prefers celebrating Christmas with Peacock dishes. In England, the Peacock meat is however preferred fried or baked decorated with Peacock feathers.

Despite being legalized, Peacocks are not served in restaurants 

Though eating Peacocks is legalized in many countries, still you would hardly get to see any Peacock dish on the menu. It’s not that Peacock meat is expensive, the real reason is that Peacocks are not as common as chickens, turkeys, and quails, etc. So, if you are craving some Peacock meat, you probably have to find and cook for yourself. (Source)

Peacock meat is often recommended to patients and pregnant women

Peacock meat is just as nutritional as its eggs, the doctors often recommend the Peacock meat to exceptionally weak patients, pregnant women, and people recovering from operations. It can be eaten to cure a cold as well. 

Peacock meat contains less fat than turkeys

Based on the composition of trace elect Peacock meat often gets compared to turkeys. It might have the same composition but it contains noticeably lower fat than turkeys. But it is far leaner and tougher than the other bird’s meat. So, Peacock meat is considerably healthier for people suffering from obesity. 

Hunting and eating Peacock is illegal in several parts of the world

In India and several other countries, eating or hunting the majestic bird is illegal. It was made illegal a few decades back mainly for two reasons; religious beliefs and to protect these majestic birds from extinction. Despite the ban, it is still being eaten in some parts of Southern Maharashtra and North Karnataka on a large scale. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Peacock meat edible? 

Yes, there is no valid reason to call it inedible at all. Peacock meat is even more nutritional than turkeys and pheasants etc. It is just eating Peacocks is not encouraged because they are considered a piece of art. 

What does Peacock meat taste like? 

The Peacock meat tastes more or less similar to turkeys and pheasants. Some regular eaters think it tastes more like chicken meat but with a bit stronger flavor. 

Is it legal to eat Peacock? 

Yes, a certain kind of Peacocks is legal to eat. To be more specific, blue Peacocks can be kept in captivity or slaughtered for meat whereas the green Peacocks are not at all legal, neither to keep nor to eat. 

Why do we not eat Peacocks? 

We do not normally eat Peacocks for a variety of reasons; some meat lovers find it expensive, some of us do not have the heart to slaughter this piece of art, slaughtering green Peacocks is illegal, and Peacock meat is harder to find. 

Are Peacocks good for eating? 

The Peacock meat is highly nutritional and has a heavenly taste. So yes, it can be said without any second thought that Peacock meat is good for eating. 

How can you cook Peacock meat? 

Peacock meat is slightly leaner and tender than turkey, it needs to be marinated for at least 30 minutes. It can be then be boiled, fried, or baked just like any other meat out there. 


Yes, you can eat blue Peacocks but Cameo peacocks and green ones are declared illegal to eat. Peacocks are highly nutritional, the doctors often recommend feeding Peacock meat to pregnant women, exceptionally weak patients, and people dealing with the aftermath of operations. It tastes similar to turkeys and pheasants.

The Peacock meat can be fried, boiled, or baked just like ordinary meat. It is usually seen occasionally on family feasts, and Christmas dinners decorated with Peacock feathers. Peacock meat is not commonly eaten because some meat lovers find it a bit expensive and hard to find. Consuming Peacock meat is common in India(where it’s illegal), France, and England.

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