Why Do Camels Spit Out their Stomachs?

Why Do Camels Spit Out their Stomachs

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Camels are known and admired for many reasons; going without food and water for days, storing food in their humps, having three sets of eyelids, and being able to eat thorny plants. What’s more surprising about camels is that they spit out their stomachs.

It’s not a common belief, people have “actually” witnessed the said animal spitting their stomachs out.

Have you ever wondered why? How does this animal survive after spitting out the stomach? Well, if you have, here is the answer.

Why Do Camels Spit their Stomach Out?

First of all, camels do not spit their stomach out. It’s neither stomach nor tumor that gets spitted out by the ship of the desert.

Let’s look at the case this way, the stomach is a muscular organ that digests food. So, if the camel spits out the stomach how would it survive then? How would it digest food? And most importantly how would the camel detach and bring it out in the mouth to spit?

If it is not stomach, what is it then and why does it get spat out?

For the record camels do not spit their stomach out, it’s a pink meatball that looks a lot like a tongue.

That’s why it is sometimes taken as a tongue. Since all camel types are unique from head to toe, they have a distinctive way of attracting females as well.

Spitting meatballs is just a way of attracting a mate in the heat period.

The pink flesh ball is a secret weapon that somewhere resides in the male dromedaries, they spit it out to attract a female for courtship.

There is no other reason. In simpler words, the camels spit out the pink flesh ball because they do not want to stay alone in the mating season.

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What do you need to know about the “pink meatball”?

The “pink meatball” is a combination of bile from the animal’s stomach and saliva. The secret weapon(pink meatball) has a foul odor and can only attract the female camels. The camel inflates and flashes out the meatball and takes it back in.

Foam comes out of their mouth with the pink meatball as well. That’s not a great sight. Frankly, it always looks disgusting to humans.

If you get a chance to witness a camel spitting a meatball, you may feel sick for days.

What’s more surprising is that not all camels are capable of doing that. The male dromedaries or camels with one hump are only capable of doing that.

The rest might have another way of attracting a mate for courtship.

Finding a perfect mate is just as hard for camels as it is for humans. The female camels usually prefer a dominant male to mate.

Since the standard is high, camels have to do a lot to win attention. Flashing pink meatball sometimes just does not work out.

If there is more than one candidate, the camels have to fight to make a way to the female’s heart.

That’s why most of the times camels fight to obtain mating rights. If they try to win the mating right through a fight, the victorious camel does not have to spit out a meatball to win the female camel’s heart. However, the defeated one can spit out a meatball to get a chance.

It must also be communicated that the camels spit their stomach content only in the mating season. However, you might not notice any such behavior in a non-mating season.

Lastly, I would like to mention here that the camels can not take this meatball for guaranteed.

If it gets hit by something, the organ gets infected easily and has to be removed immediately.

So in that case, the camels get deprived of one sure way of impressing the mate. However, it rarely happens.

So from the above-mentioned paragraphs, we conclude that camels do not spit their stomach out.

The substance that comes out of their mouth sometimes with or without foam is a combination of bile from the animal’s stomach and saliva.

The camels spit it out to attract a mate in the mating season. If the animal spits their stomach out, how would it survive?


Camels have been around for several hundred thousand years, most of us are still confused what is the pink meatball that comes out of the camel’s mouth.

Some of us believe it’s a tumor, stomach, or overgrown tongue. The experts want us to stop believing it’s an overgrown tongue, tumor, or stomach.

The stomach can not be undone and spat out, the tongue can only grow up to a certain point, and the tumor is a way more serious case.

For the record, it’s an organ located on the upper jaw of the camel’s mouth. It is inflated and flashed to impress females in the mating season.

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