Bull vs. Buffalo: Differences & Comparisons

Bull vs. Buffalo

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Bull and buffalo are the two commonly raised domestic animals. Both animals are needed for different purposes however, they get admired equally.

Though bulls can not produce milk and buffalos can not reproduce on their own yet raising these animals is not only profitable but worth experiencing as well.

Domestic animals are often compared, bulls and buffalo are rarely bothered. They only get compared when livestock has to bring one of the two animals for the herd.

Since there is not much information over the internet, we have taken the comparison responsibility on my shoulders. Before putting the two animals on a comparative scale, allow us to introduce them first.


The term “bull” is used for a non-castrated adult male cow. The bull is a widely distributed domestic animal.

It is fairly distributed in the whole world. It’s the same male cow that we keep breeding a female cow. Bulls are important for many reasons; ranching, carrying out daily activities, and breed cows. Related 127+ Bull Names


Note; Water buffalo is the only buffalo. The rest may not be a true buffalo. So, we would be comparing the true buffalo and a bull.

Buffalo, the largest animal found in North America, is also known as Asian Buffalo, domestic water buffalo, or Bubalus bubalis.

This member of the Bovidae family is widely distributed in the whole world however, the true water buffalo is only found in Asia and Africa. Whereas, in the rest of the world American bison is taken as a “buffalo”. Related 71+ Buffalo Names

Bull vs Buffalo Comparison

Now that the two animals have been introduced, we are in right place to compare the two widely raised domestic animals;


Bulls or male cows are a little taller, muscular, have furry coats, thicker bones, bony heads, and impressively thick horns, wide flat black, and larger feet.

The rest of the parts of the body resembles female cows. The water buffalo has got black or dark slate-colored skin, longer faces, a flat forehead, wide muzzle, smaller grith, and bigger limbs.

Though water buffalo is all unique from head to toe, however, these are the few characteristics that buffalo is known for.


Unfortunately, the buffalos do not have a variety of colors. Most buffalo breeds have more or less the same coat color.

They have black or dark slate-colored coats. Whereas the bulls can have white, black, brown, or red coats.


When it comes to appearance, the two animals are easily distinguishable. Bulls are muscular, tall, and have got furry coats.

Whereas, the buffalos are a bit taller and have got no fur or noticeable hair on their body. To be more specific, the bull is usually 5 feet and a few inches tall whereas the other domestic animal is about 8 to 9 feet.


Bulls and buffalos are both heavy. Mature healthy bulls usually weigh around 1100 to 2200 lbs.

The water buffalo also weigh more or less the same. They can weigh somewhere between 1500 to 2650 lbs. So, it can be assumed that bulls might be muscular and heavy but water buffalos are heavier.


Bulls and buffalos are both widely raised domestic animals. They are neither too aggressive nor too gentle.

However, when we compare the two animals, bulls are more aggressive than docile. The bull breeds are divided into two groups; dairy breeds and beef breeds. Both breeds happen to be aggressive.

Careful handling is required so no animal or human gets hurt. The beef breeds are a little less aggressive however it is not gentle either. The dairy bulls are unpredictable and super aggressive, they have caused several fatalities as well.

The buffalo’s case is not as aggressive as bulls. They are more docile however, they can get aggressive as well. They rarely show aggressiveness towards humans and fellow animals.


Bulls and water buffalos are herbivores. However, they eat different kinds of vegetation. Bulls mainly derive nutrients from grasses and grains.

They do not mind eating fruits and vegetables as well. The buffalo eats all kinds of grasses, shrubs, and aquatic plants like reeds, Arundo, donax, Cyperaceae, Eichhornia crassipes, and Juncaceae.


The non-castrated bulls have an impressive lifespan. If not killed, they can live up to a good 25 years.

However, the castrated bulls do not get to live that long, they are usually killed when they reach 1650 lbs. The buffalos also get to live up to 25 years.


It is believed that buffalos are more useful than bulls. However, bulls are mandatory as well. If they stop existing, cows would extinct as well.

Buffalo is mainly raised for two purposes; milk and breeding. Whereas, the non-castrated male cow or bulls can be raised and used for breeding, bullfighting, and riding. Other than that, bulls have also been carrying carts and burdens for humans as well.


Even though bulls hardly generate regular income yet they are super expensive. Purchasing and raising a bull is not in everyone’s reach.

An average bull can make you pay somewhere between $4400 to $4800. That’s how costly an average breed is. The healthy and well-reputed breed would be more expensive.

Water buffalo, even though it usually has to be exported, is still a cheaper option. Moreover, it gives milk and does assist you in generating a regular income.

The exceptionally healthy adult buffalo is half the price of a bull; $2000.


Both water buffalo and bulls are profitable, even though the bulls do not produce milk nor they are raised for meat.

The bulls are used for breeding, ranching, and cultural activities like racing, fighting, and riding.

The buffalo gives milk and birth. However if we compare the two domestic animals, bulls that take part in cultural activities and are offered for breeding and are far more profitable to raise.


Bull and buffalo can not be used alternatively, comparing might not be that useful. However, we would say both bulls and buffalos are useful and profitable for different purposes. Both domestic animals are good for the human world. Bull’s breed cows and buffalos give milk.

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