The 5 Best Knife To Cut Prime Rib in 2022

Best Knife To Cut Prime Rib

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Are you a prime rib lover? Done hunting and trying different knives? Well, you have got a reason. Unfortunately, there are no specific knives out there that can help you carve the prime rib perfectly. However, there are some specific knives that can crave the prime rib perfectly well. Here are a few examples of those knives.

Best Knife To Cut Prime Rib Reviews

Versatile: Mairico ultra-sharp stainless steel carving knife
Butcher-sharp: SpitJack BBQ Smoked Brisket knife for slicing
Handy: Saken 12 – inch hollow slicing knife with wooden handle
NSF certified: Dalstrong NSF certified German knife with Granton edge
Non-slip: Fusionkei 11 inches long multi-purpose slicing and carving knife

1. Mairico ultra-sharp stainless steel carving knife

Mairico was founded in 2015 to give relief to all butchers and non-professionals meat lovers.

This brand is famous for manufacturing and selling high-quality kitchenware at affordable prices.

All Mairico products are made to offer the ultimate support and breathtakingly good results.

This ultra-sharp stainless steel carving knife is a living example of that. Here’s how;


If you are new to the knives world, stainless steel and carbon knives are your best friend. Fortunately, this Mairico ultra-sharp knife is made from high-quality stainless steel.

The stainless steel construction and the sharpness of the knife assist you in cutting prime rib quickly and efficiently.

If we keep the prime rib’s case aside, the stainless steel knives are perfectly thick, durable, highly corrosion-resistant, and have an ideal weight.

Performs up to expectations

As this Mairico’s knife is designed after considering the needs and wants of several professionals, it does its job fairly well.

You would not have to cut a prime rib off to know, just by holding in your hand you can tell how game-changing this knife would be.

POM+3 rivet handle

The best part of this deal is that this Mairico knife has got a riveted handle. It gives the hands ultimate support and prevents slipping.


  • Ultra-sharp edge gets you the job done quickly and efficiently
  • Manufactured from high quality German stainless steel that is softer and more durable than stainless steel with high carbon content
  • Does not require resharpening much
  • Requires minimal effort and skill
  • Designed and engineered to last
  • Versatile enough to cut through brisket, turkey, ham, pork loins, and fruits and vegetables as well
  • If unsatisfied, you can request a refund
  • Sharp yet safe and comfortable to hold


  • Expensive in Price

2. SpitJack BBQ Smoked Brisket knife for slicing

SpitJack is another famous and reliable brand when it comes to kitchenware. SpitJack came to the market in 2017 and in such a short period, it has won our hearts.

Butcher sharp

Since we have been using knives for quite some time, we have an idea of how important it is for a knife to be sharp.

When it comes to cutting a prime rib off, the knife has to be breathtakingly sharp and smooth.

Though this knife is not specifically made for cutting prime rib, its versatile nature makes it perfect for the job.

Hollow edge blade

A lot of you might not know that this professional-grade knife comes with a hollow edge blade.

This blade design is known for keeping the meat particles from sticking to the knife edge and giving a smooth finish.

Plastic handle

The performance of the knife depends on three things; length, sharpness, and handle.

This SpitJack has all the right reasons to win your heart; one having a plastic handle. The plastic handle gives a good comfortable grip.


  • Comes from a reliable brand
  • Designed for smoked BBQ beef brisket, large roast, turkey breast, ham, and smoked salmon. Perfect for slicing prime rib
  • Does not require professional skills to get done with the job perfectly
  • Butcher sharp
  • Has all the right reasons to be considered
  • Has an ideal weight
  • Inexpensive
  • Manufactured from premium quality alloy steel
  • 11 inches long
  • Strong sturdy handle
  • Safe and convenient
  • Factory honed edges
  • A reliable option
  • Has gathered several positive reviews


  • A little thin

3. Saken 12 – inch hollow slicing knife with wooden handle

If you do not want to invest in a specific knife, have one perfect knife to do all, this is the answer.

This multi-purpose knife can be used to cut prime rib and regular fruits and vegetables at the same time.

Hollow edge

Like the Mairico knife, this one comes with a hollow edge as well. The hollow edge knives require less dragging and enable easier and faster motion.

If professionals swear by the hollow edge knife, you would not be disappointed for sure.

Seamlessly joined handle

This Saken knife is comfortable to hold and use. The handle is seamlessly joined so it is highly suitable for prolonged holding.

Manufactured from high carbon German steel

The best part of this Saken deal is that it is manufactured from superior grade high carbon German steel.

The High carbon German steel adds hardiness, toughness, resistance to wear and tear, and several other good qualities to the knife. So, this Saken knife would be a long-term solution.


As per the existing users, this Saken knife is highly suitable for slicing prime rib, smoked salmon, brisket, fruits, veggies, cakes, and bread.

In my opinion, since it is a multi-purpose knife it can be used for all typical cutting purposes.


  • Well-sharpened blade
  • Gives a balanced grip
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear
  • Has got all the right reasons to be considered
  • Can be used for mincing, slicing, and chopping
  • It can make a wonderful housewarming, Christmas, and birthday present for a meat lover
  • Comes packed in a luxury gift box
  • Versatile, affordable, and handy
  • Can be used for all kinds of meat even chicken and seafood
  • Full-tang design
  • Can effortlessly bring culinary mastery to the kitchen


  • A little too sharp requires careful handling

4. Dalstrong NSF certified German knife with Granton edge

Dalstrong specializes in designing and manufacturing the best knives in the world. It manufactures the best chef, paring, butcher, cleaver, bread, utility, fillet, and boning knives.

NSF certified

The NSF certification makes it more superior to any of the knives recommended here. The NSF certification makes sure it meets strict standards for public health protection.

Build using high-carbon German steel

The high carbon German steel construction makes the knife highly durable and comfortable to use.

Moreover, it does not require resharpening and gives the knives a high-tensile strength.


This is another multi-purpose knife with a flexible blade. The highlighted feature makes it perfect for de-boning, preparing, filleting, skinning, trimming, and butterflying all kinds of meat.

However, as per my knowledge and experience, it would make a perfect knife for cutting prime rib as well.

Comes with a money-back guarantee

The best part of the deal is that this Dalstrong knife is backed by a money-back guarantee. So, it’s a risk-free opportunity, avail, try, and if unsatisfied get your money back.


  • Improved hardness, flexibility, and minimal slicing resistance
  • Can be used for carving roasts, hams, prepping fruits and vegetables, slicing bread, layering cakes, and cutting prime rib
  • Laminated and polished for a sanitary build
  • Perfect for de-boning, preparing, filleting, skinning, trimming and butterflying
  • Made to show supernatural performance
  • Requires minimal effort
  • NSF certified
  • Does not require much maintenance
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • Requires a little more sharpening

5. Fusionkei 11 inches long multi-purpose slicing and carving knife

If you choose simplicity over complexity and performance over good looks, there might not be an any better option than this Fusionkei 11 inches long multi-purpose slicing and carving knife. Want to know how?


Like most of the knives mentioned on the list, this Fusionkei multi-purpose knife is made from superior-grade high-carbon steel.

The high carbon steel add more hardiness, strength, and wear and tear resistance to the invention.

Razer sharp blade

The knife has to have several qualities to perform the job effortlessly and flawlessly. A well-sharpened blade is the one quality that must all knives possesses.

Fortunately, this Fusionkei 11 inches long multi-purpose slicing and carving knife comes with a razor-sharp blade. Just so you can love slicing, cutting, or chopping all kinds of meat.

Backed by 30-days unconditional return

This Fusionkei 11 inches long multi-purpose slicing and carving knife comes with a 30-day unconditional return.

If you are unsatisfied with the performance or the design, you can request a return without stating any condition.

It makes a smart Christmas gift

The knife arrives packed in a good box. So, if anyone in your family, friends, or acquaintances loves slicing meat, it would be a smart Christmas gift.


  • Crafted from rosewood and ebony
  • Razer sharp blade
  • Requires minimal effort
  • Perfect for cutting big roasts, prime rib, large-sized fruits, and vegetables
  • Prevent meat from sticking
  • Offers non-slip grip
  • Highly recommended for those with a hard rind
  • Has got a perfectly balanced weight
  • Goes well for brisket, turkey, ham, smoked salmon, and roasts
  • Perfectly thin blade
  • Has got a firm handle
  • Got no negative reviews


  • Not a specific prime rib knife

How to Find a Perfect Knife for Cutting Prime Rib?

Well, the knives world is quite complicated. Millions of options are available when we go out to find a knife for any purpose.

The high-quality knives are quite expensive, if you mistakenly get your hands on the wrong one you might regret it for days. If you want to save yourself from disappointment, here’s what you need to look for;


It must be mentioned here that knives can be built from several materials. However, carbon and stainless steel knives are the best.

Since you are looking for a knife to cut a prime rib, a perfect finish is required. Only a carbon or stainless steel knife can perform the job up to our expectations.

Blade style

It’s not known to most that the knives have different blade styles. The most commonly used ones are drop-point blade, Kershaw leek, CRKT HVAS, Benchmade bugout, sheepsfoot, Gerber fastball, Spyderco swayback, and hollow edge.

If you want your prime rib to be perfectly sliced, make sure the knife has a hollow edge blade.

Blade length

Blade length determines the efficiency of the knife. When it comes to cutting or slicing the meat, the bigger the blade the better. So, make sure the knife you are investing in has an 11 to 14 inches long blade.


Weight does not matter if you do not have to carve the prime rib frequently. However, if it’s what you do, make sure the knife is not bulky. If it’s bulky, you may not be able to perform the job well.

Blade thickness

It must also be kept in mind that the knife that works for prime rib should neither be too thick nor too thin.

Since extra thickness is not required, it would only add extra weight. Invest in some knife that is neither so thick that it gets bulky nor too thin that it loses it’s purpose.


We all know professional knives are expensive. However, they are not as costly as diamonds.

If you want to get something in that budget, gather all the best possible options, compare and judge the options, shortlist, and find the one that is more cost-effective of them all.

Bonus information

How to carve prime rib?

Once you have got the right knife in your hands, you need to learn how to carve the prime rib perfectly. It’s not always the knife, you need to have the skill as well. To carve the prime rib flawlessly, here is what you need to do;

  • Hold up the roast by its bones
  • Take your newly purchased knife
  • Slice down as close to bones as possible
  • Release the bones
  • Proceed to cut from left to right in even slices
  • Put the slices on a plate
  • Decorate
  • Serve
  • Get appreciated


Since our readers look forward to our recommendation, we would to reveal what we found more suitable for the job. As per the information given, we have found the Mairico ultra-sharp stainless steel carving knife and SpitJack BBQ smoked brisket knife for meat carving and slicing quite good for the job.