The 5 Best Knife For Frozen Meat in 2022

Best Knife For Frozen Meat

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Yes, cutting frozen meat is just as hard and tricky as it sounds. However, we humans have found ways to deal with it as well.

To cut the frozen meat, you first have to keep the frozen meat under running water for some time and then have the “right” knife to cut it perfectly.

Now how would you find the right knife for that? Well, here are some options and a brief buying guide.

Best Knife For Frozen Meat Reviews

1. Aisyoko 8 inches high carbon stainless steel professional knife

When it comes to kitchen wear and knives, Aisyoko is a well-trusted brand. The Aisyoko knives are known for providing flawless results without sticking the meat particles and slipping away.

This Aisyoko 8 inches high carbon stainless steel professional knife is just no exception.


The said Aisyoko knife is engineered from high-quality high carbon stainless steel.

The high carbon stainless steel knives are good for many reasons; one is maintaining the razor-sharp edge.

Since the high carbon stainless steel is highly resistant to wear and tear, there may not be an any better option for cutting frozen meat.

Ideal length

The professional butchers believe knives that are about 6 to 11 inches long are ideal for cutting meat(frozen or not).

This Aisyoko knife is well sharpened and about 8 inches long, this makes it highly suitable for frozen meat slicing.

Breathtakingly sharp

You might have heard from the professionals that frozen meat shouldn’t be an excuse for poor slicing. It does not require any special skill but a well-sharpened knife to do the job.

This Aisoyoko knife is frighteningly sharp so it does not just cut the frozen meat quickly but flawlessly as well.


What’s more convincing is that this Aisyoko knife can be used for other purposes as well. Congratulations! You have got your hands on a versatile product that can be used to cut regular fruits and vegetables as well.


  • Easy to resharpen
  • Engineered from high-quality high carbon stainless steel
  • Equally suitable for professionals and non-professionals
  • The knife has got slender, well-sharpened lightweight vacuum heated blade
  • Backed by a 30-day refund and a lifetime Warranty
  • Neither too thick nor too thin
  • Has got a wooden handle
  • Ensures effortless cutting


  • A little too sharp requires careful handling

2. Juvale meat cleaver heavy-duty butcher bone knife

If you are looking for a knife that can help you cut frozen meat instantly, this Juvale knife has got you covered.

It is designed and engineered for professional purposes however it suits unprofessional meat lovers as well.


This professional Juvale heavy-duty knife is manufactured from stainless steel. It is not mentioned whether it’s high carbon or low carbon stainless steel.

Even if it’s unknown, the stainless steel makes this Juvale knife strong, durable, and highly corrosion-resistant.

Comfortable to hold wooden handle

What makes this Juvale knife even more considerable is the perfect wide wooden handle.

The wooden handle does not just make the knife suitable for prolonged holding but also protects against bacteria. Moreover, it brings more toughness and durability to the knife.

Plain edge

The plain edge blade is what makes it highly useful for non-professional holding. It also assists in cutting smoothly and preventing snagging.


  • Meets the criteria set by the professional butchers
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Can be hanged
  • Sharp enough to cut bones as well
  • Perfect for cutting, slicing, and mincing
  • Just as useful for home kitchens as it is for professional butchers
  • Gets the job done instantly
  • Powerful and heavy duty


  • Poor wood grip

3. B013 8 inches Japanese professional chef knife for cutting meat

B013 is the most positively reviewed Amazon seller who won our hearts with excellent customer service, quality products, and super affordable prices.

Since this knife comes from a trusted seller, we can consider it a reliable option.


This B013 forgiving chef knife is constructed using German stainless steel and high-quality wood.

The German stainless steel makes it breathtakingly soft, smooth, and durable. Moreover, it requires less resharpening than the regular inferior quality steel.

Even when resharpening is required, the German stainless steel gets resharpened readily.

It comes with a wooden handle that prevents sweating and offers a better handgrip than plastic and any other material.

Plain edge blade

When it comes to cutting frozen or fresh meat, the plain edge blade is the best option. It is so because the plain edge blade does not snag and gives a smooth result.

Easy to clean and maintain

The best part of this B013 deal is that it does not require much to prevent rust build. A simple cleaning after use would brighten it up to perfection.


  • Professional chef-grade knife
  • Has got all the qualities of a good meat cutting knife
  • Thoughtfully constructed
  • Perfectly long
  • Comes with a durable wooden handle
  • Arrives in a luxurious packing


  • Not a specific meat cutting knife

4. Kitory forged high carbon steel Chinese chef knife

If nothing from the above-mentioned list has impressed you enough, this Kitory’s invention will surely do. It has got all the qualities one looks for in a knife.


This ultra-versatile Kitory invention is constructed using high carbon German steel and a wenge wood handle.

This wenge wood and German steel blend makes it highly durable and supernaturally useful for cutting frozen meat.


This knife is not designed and manufactured to serve a specific group of professionals or unprofessional.

It can perform all special and regular knife duties for example cutting, chopping, slicing, and cleaving.

Makes a wonderful gift

This Kitory knife is not cheap and comes in luxurious packaging. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, or any other special occasion this Kitory’s knife would make a wonderful present.


  • Seamless waterproof handle
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Multi-functional knife; good for chopping, cutting, slicing, and cleaving
  • A perfect balance of thick back and thin mouth
  • Can be used for cutting vegetables, fruits, and even small bones
  • Seamless bolster between the blade and the handle gives you better control
  • Professional-grade knife
  • Ensures effortless cutting


  • A little too sharp
  • Requires careful handling

If you lack the necessary knife skills, you may need a more specific solution; a meat slicer. Since we are writing to help you find a perfect solution for frozen meat, not mentioning a meat slicer would not be fair. So, here is the specific solution.

5. Befen stainless steel manual frozen beef and mutton slicer

Befen is a versatile mutton/beef slicer that does not require any specific cutting skills. You simply have to leave the meat in a specific compartment and apply gentle pressure to the handle and you are done.

What comes in the package?

This Befen is a complete deal, it comes with all necessary accessories.

As per the information gathered from Amazon, it includes a set of frozen meat slicers, a separate meat holder, meat freezer bags, an Allen wrench, a suction cup, a blade(installed), and a user manual.


This Befen meat slicer is “truly” versatile in all senses. It might have been made to slice beef and mutton but the existing users have found it equally useful for fruits and vegetables as well.

Easy to set up

This meat slicer is super easy to set up. All -necessary accessories would be there in the bag.

Take out the user manual, read and follow the instructions and assemble it to perfection.


If you are low on budget, there might not be any better option than this Befen meat slicer. What’s more convincing is that it comes with all the necessary parts, so there would not be any additional costs.


  • Versatile, affordable, and durable
  • Has got a plain blade edge
  • Comes from a well-known brand
  • Gets you done slicing meat, fruits, and vegetables quickly and flawlessly
  • Manufactured from heavy-duty upgraded stainless steel
  • Has got the well-sharpened blade
  • Comes with a detailed user manual
  • Slice to perfection
  • Does not require any special cutting or slicing skills
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with plastic bags to freeze the meat
  • Listed with useful tips


  • Does not work on bones
  • Meat has to be frozen
  • A little extra sharp blade

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How to Find the Right Knife for Frozen Meat?

Cutting, chopping, slicing, or mincing meat is tricky. However, cutting frozen meat is even trickier.

You need to have the right equipment and the basic cutting skills to do the job to perfection.

To cut the frozen meat to perfection, having a good quality knife is more important than having necessary cutting skills.

While finding a perfect knife, you need to be a little extra careful towards the few things;


The material should be your first and main concern. Material can make a knife hit or a miss.

The knives can be made of high carbon steel, stainless steel, high carbon stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, and even plastic.

Make sure the knife you order to cut frozen meat is made of high-quality stainless steel.

If you can not find a simple stainless steel knife, the low and high-carbon stainless steel is also effective for the job.

Blade style and length

Having the right blade style is mandatory to get done with the job flawlessly. Knives come in a variety of blade styles as well.

There might be hundreds of blade styles, the plain blade is more suitable for the job. So no matter how convincing any other knife appears, you have to place an order for a plain blade edge knife.

Blade length is equally important, make sure the knife you are just about to order has a blade length somewhere between 7 to 11 inches.


Lastly, you have to make sure what you are ordering is not overly priced. If it is, continue searching until you find a cost-effective solution.

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