25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

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As technology has slowly been introduced to farms over the last century, farmers have been able to see a significant increase in productivity. So now it’s not surprising that many farmers are wondering how mobile apps for iOS and Android devices can help them in their farming work.

There are many mobile apps available today, and in order for farmers to use only the ones that will really help them, we’ve decided to bring you the top 25 iOS and Android apps for 2020 below (with explanations).

25 Best iOS and Android Farming Apps

1. AgWeb

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

The latest news and tips from agriculture. All the news here comes from one proven source – AGWEB.com AgWeb currently has a score of 4.6 out of 5-star rating on both iOS and Android.

AgWeb iOS download

AgWeb Android download

2. TractorHouse

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

TractorHouse is a leading source of resources for buying and selling farm equipment. Featuring thousands of listings from hundreds of dealers across North America, TractorHouse lets you drill down instantly to the category, make, and model you need.

TractorHouse currently has a score of 3.1 out of 5-star ratings on both iOS and Android.

TractorHouse iOS download

TractorHouse Android download

3. ID Weeds

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

ID Weeds is produced by the University of Missouri’s College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources’ Division of Plant Science. ID Weeds allows you to search for weeds by their common or Latin name, view a list of weeds, or identify weeds based upon a number of different characteristics.

Details about each weed are presented, along with the photograph(s) of the weed specified. ID Weeds currently has a score of 3 on iOS, and 3.1 out of 5-star rating on Android.

ID Weeds iOS download

ID Weeds Android download

4. NozzleCalc

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

Now you can quickly calculate sprayer settings for TurboDrop and AirMix nozzles anywhere with the official Greenleaf Technologies Nozzle Calculator app. Determine optimum droplet size and PSI for all your applications on-the-go and spray with confidence. If you use Greenleaf Technologies spray nozzles for your applications this is the app you shouldn’t be without! This is the simplest and most accurate nozzle calculator app for Greenleaf nozzles.

NozzleCalc currently has a score of 5 out of 5-star rating on iOS.

NozzleCalc iOS download

5. Farm Futures

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

The power of Farm Futures magazine in an app! This enhanced mobile presentation of the leading management-oriented farm magazine features enhanced user-customized markets, market commentary, news, and audio updated every business day.

Farm Futures currently has a score of 2.5 on iOS, and 3.8 out of 5-star rating on Android.

Farm Futures iOS download

Farm Futures Android download

6. Climate Basic

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

Climate FieldView is an integrated digital agriculture tool that provides farmers with a comprehensive, connected suite of digital tools, providing farmers a deeper understanding of their fields so they can make more informed operating decisions to optimize yields, maximize efficiency and reduce risk.

Climate Basic currently has a score of 3.7 out of 5-star rating on iOS.

Climate Basic iOS download

7. Pocket Rain Gauge

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

A rain gauge right in your pocket!

Take Pocket Rain Gauge with you out to your field or garden and find out how much it’s rained in the last 24 hours right at your location. **Data is updated every hour and reflects the previous 24 hours**

Using the same technology as Morning Farm Report, Pocket Rain Gauge delivers highly accurate rainfall measurements based on your location. Rainfall measurements are calculated using our custom big data infrastructure and output from NOAA and NWS satellites.

Pocket Rain Gauge currently has a score of 3.3 on iOS, and 3.9 out of 5-star rating on Android.

Pocket Rain Gauge iOS download

Pocket Rain Gauge Android download

8. Weather Apps

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

There are all sorts of weather apps, here are a few of the best with links to them on both iOS and Android so your farming can be easier.

9. Encirca View

Keep your fields at your fingertips and capture important information with this GPS powered field documentation tool. Encirca View pinpoints your field location via satellite imagery so you can record notes or photos on the spot.

Instantly organize your crop scouting information on your mobile device or through seamless integration with the Encirca View website, where you can also access aggregated data from a community of Encirca View users.

You can also easily share notes with local experts to help inform management decisions.

Encirca View currently has a score of 3.4 on iOS, and a 3.9 out of 5-star rating on Android.

Encirca View iOS download

Encirca View Android download

10. Ag PhD App Suite

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

The Ag PhD Field Guide helps you to identify problem pests out in your field. You can browse weeds by name or by photo. The Ag PhD Field Guide also gives you the most up-to-date agronomy information through the FMC HatchTrak newsletter and the Ag PhD University.

Ag PhD App Suite currently has a score of 2.7 on iOS, and 4 out of 5-star rating on Android.

Ag PhD App Suite iOS download

Ag PhD App Suite Android download

11. FarmLogs

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

FarmLogs helps you:

  • Create, manage, and execute a profitable grain marketing plan
  • Know when to sell and when to wait with real-time futures prices
  • Monitor your profitability and budgets throughout the season
  • Monitor rainfall on your fields (no special rain gauges required)
  • View specific soil maps so you know where to apply inputs
  • Easily take and share notes while scouting
  • Identify yield threats and management errors with in-season satellite imagery
  • Create quick, comprehensive field records automatically
  • Plan inputs for the season

FarmLogs currently has a score of 2.5 on iOS, and 2.8 out of 5-star rating on Android.

FarmLogs iOS download

FarmLogs Android download

12. Growers Edge

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

The Growers Edge App is the best FREE way for farmers to manage their operation, providing critical data to become more organized, make informed decisions, and earn more money.

  • Get the Best Cash Prices
  • Pinpointed Weather Intelligence
  • Record and Track On-Farm Storage
  • Notifications On-the-Go
  • Industry Expert Commentary

Growers Edge currently has a score of 4.2 on iOS out of 5-star rating, and no score so far on Android.

Growers Edge iOS download

Growers Edge Android download

13. Sirrus

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

Sirrus helps agronomists and farmers collaborate on farming decisions by making field data accessible and easy to collect. By connecting to the agX Platform, standardized field data is available offline and can be shared with other users and applications.


  • Scout crops for pest pressures and easily record and collect observation photos
  • Create and share recommendation from the field
  • Generate PDF reports and share via email or text
  • Soil sample using a grid, zones, or previous soil sampling points
  • View fertilizer and nutrient recommendations
  • Send recommendations wirelessly using Raven Slingshot®
  • Export data as a shapefile
  • Receive rainfall estimates updated to the hour for each field
  • Drive or draw new field boundaries
  • Store and share data securely via the agX Platform

Sirrus currently has a score of 3.9 on iOS out of 5-star rating.

Sirrus iOS download

14. Agrodox

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

Agrodox app is a one-in-all application for the farmer. It helps you

  • calculate the required amounts of fertilizers for your crops
  • monitor weather forecast in your area
  • track all of your field activities in a simple and intuitive fashion
  • check out news articles written by our experts and associates
  • read about our best in class fertilizer products
  • test your knowledge with our fun quizzes
  • learn more about the crops you grow or plan to grow

Interim fertilizers – when agriculture works like magic!

Our philosophy is that the agronomic efficiency of fertilizer is determined not by its content, but by the quantity of nourishment it can deliver effectively to the crop. That is why our products are different than any other in the market!

Agrodox iOS download

15. SoilWeb

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

The SoilWeb for Android application accesses soil survey information (the SSURGO dataset, published by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service) at your current location.

This app was designed to be a lightweight version of the SoilWeb GMap web application. SoilWeb GMap features an interactive map for viewing and querying individual map units, while this app does not. However, SoilWeb for Android conveniently provides a link to the SoilWeb GMap web app.

SoilWeb currently has a score of 3.7 on iOS, and 4.9 out of 5-star rating on Android

SoilWeb iOS download

SoilWeb Android download

16. Farm At Hand

Built by farmers for farmers. Make managing your farm easier. Keep track of everything and everyone in one place. Manage your operation and collaborate with service providers all from your smartphone.

With its uncomplicated design, this app is easy to use and intuitive. Helping you focus on farming instead of learning another piece of software.

Easily keep track of important information at your fingertips.

  • Fields – from planting to spraying to observations and harvest, track and schedule all field activities with precision.
  • Storage, Contracts, and Deliveries – trace every bushel from the bin to the buyer and all the details in between
  • Equipment – manage your fleet on the go and follow all equipment details, maintenance logs, and part numbers

Farm At Hand currently has a score of 4.3 on iOS out of a 5-star rating.

Farm At Hand iOS download

17. Ross

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

The Ross App from Aviagen is a management tool for referencing poultry flock performance objectives focusing on the European Ross 308, 708, and PM3 Breeder and Broiler stock. It also has a built-in European Performance Efficiency Factor (EPEF) calculator and a number of other useful tools including a unit converter that incorporates Industry-specific calculations.

Ross currently has a score of 5 on iOS, and a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Android

Ross iOS download

Ross Android download

18. Citrus Pests Key

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

Citrus is one of the most important commercially grown agricultural products in the United States. Additionally, many citrus varieties are backyard crop plants, providing important sources of food at a local community level. As a result, citrus is one of the most economically important groups of plants. Numerous insect pests threaten the citrus industry and backyard citrus trees through feeding damage, while other pests vector diseases that are potentially lethal.

Citrus Pests Key is aimed primarily at extension agents, inspectors, and other plant professionals with access to a light microscope and hand lens. It is designed to help users determine which type of citrus insect pest they have encountered by featuring an interactive key coupled with illustrated, descriptive fact sheets for each pest. Citrus Pests Key is intended to be used as a screening aid. For definitive species identification, specimens should be sent to an expert for verification.

Citrus Pests Key currently has no score on iOS, and 4.3 out of 5-star rating on Android.

Citrus Pests Key iOS download

Citrus Pests Key Android download

19. Stockmove Express

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

An app allowing livestock farmers in Great Britain to manage their sheep holding register and cattle herd register. It is powered by NLMD-LT livestock database, meaning everything recorded on the device can also be viewed and reported online using any Internet-connected computer.

Key features of this time-saving farm management app:

  • Record animal movements, births, deaths, and replacements.
  • View animal details of all sheep and cattle on your farm.
  • Connects via Bluetooth to the Shearwell Data Stick Reader (must be an SDL440S).
  • All data recorded is sent to NLMD-LT where you can view and print your livestock holding register, herd register, and medicine book.
  • Send sheep movements to ARAMS (England) and EIDCymru (Wales).
  • Send cattle births, movements, and deaths to BCMS.
  • Send sheep births, movements, and deaths to ScotEID (for Scotland).

Stockmove Express currently has a score of 5 on iOS, and 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Android.

Stockmove Express iOS download

Stockmove Express Android download

20. Pocket Spray Smart

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

From the creators of Find My Seed®, Pocket Rain Gauge™, and Pocket Drone Control™, Agrible’s Pocket Spray Smart™ app provides field-specific spraying conditions, current wind speed and direction, and temperature inversion potential for your current location, all for free. Get the knowledge you need to plan your spraying operations up to 84 hours in advance.

Agrible’s Pocket Spray Smart app expands the features in a user’s Agrible account. Upgrade your Agrible account to see the Spray Smart™ forecasts for all your fields. Check and record weather conditions, sensitive crops, and all necessary information associated with your application for label requirements, all in one spot.

Pocket Spray Smart currently has a score of 4.8 on iOS out of a 5-star rating and has no rating on Android.

Pocket Spray Smart iOS download

Pocket Spray Smart Android download

21. Cash Grain Bids

See what your local grain elevators are paying. With AgWeb’s Cash Grain Bids app, simply input your ZIP code to find out cash bids and base levels in your area. Get bids from not one, but five elevators closest to you. This tool is independently contracted by Farm Journal Media.

Cash Grain Bids currently has a score of 1.9 on iOS out of a 5-star rating.

Cash Grain Bids iOS download

22. AgriSync

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

AgriSync enables farmers and advisors to connect and resolve support issues using a mobile video customer service platform. Farmers can connect with multiple advisors from different companies to submit and receive support in real-time via video. Advisors can manage multiple farmer service tickets through a dashboard and remote video that allows them to see what the farmer sees in real-time. At AgriSync.com a customer service dashboard allows the advisor’s organization to see open cases, resolution status, and farmer feedback in real-time. Farmers can use the basic service for free forever.

AgriSync currently has a score of 4.7 on iOS, and 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Android.

AgriSync iOS download

AgriSync Android download

23. Used Farm Equipment

25 Best Farming Apps for iOS & Android 2020

Search for used farm equipment and agricultural machinery with ease at Farms.com. Our mobile iOS app makes finding used farming equipment simple. Search by equipment category, manufacturer, brand name, price range, location, and more. With thousands of pieces of farm equipment for sale from leading farm equipment and machinery dealers, Farms.com will connect you with the used farming equipment you’re looking for, from a dealer you can trust.

Search our inventory of used tractors, tractor attachments, combines, livestock equipment, chemical applicators and sprayers, ATV’s, planting and seeding equipment, harvesting equipment, and more.


  • Search by equipment category, manufacturer, price, location
  • Find and sort the equipment nearest to your location
  • Browse by category and manufacturer
  • Full-size photos of listings
  • Save listings and searches for future reference
  • Click to call or email the seller
  • Map locations to a dealer or listing

Used Farm Equipment currently has a score of 5 on iOS, and 4.8 out of 5-star rating on Android.

Used Farm Equipment iOS download

Used Farm Equipment Android download

24. FARMapper

Farmapper is a cloud-based mapping application and much more. Built from the ground up for farmers, ranchers, landlords and anyone who works in the agricultural industry.

If you are a farmer, rancher, landlord, or work in the industry then you have a need for a descriptive farm map, which you can easily share with anybody. What about having a farm definition, which can be shown directly on Google Maps or Google Earth?

FARMapper is not on iOS or Android devices, but you can access it from your computer or smartphone here.

25. Nutrient ROI Calculator

The web-based ROI calculator, released by PotashCorp’s eConomics incorporates spatial variability, which provides growers with a more accurate reflection of an expected nutrient response in production-sized agriculture.

Nutrient ROI Calculator is not on iOS or Android devices, but you can access it from your computer or smartphone here.

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