Beef Bacon vs Pork Bacon: Comparison and Types

Beef Bacon vs Pork Bacon

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Pork Bacon is loved for its heavenly taste but it gets hated for causing health issues as well. All meat lovers love Bacon to the point that they do not even mind putting their health at stake.

Fortunately, now we have got a bit healthier alternatives as well; one reputed one is Beef Bacon. 

Even if the alternatives are just as flavorful as the Pork Bacon, Switching to Beef Bacon would be hard for a loyal Pork Bacon fan.

Well if for any reason you are finally planning to switch, comparing the two options would help. 

We would only be able to compare the Pork and Beef Bacon when we know what exactly they are.

Though, both of them do not need a thorough introduction yet to compare Pork and Beef Bacon we need to know them keenly. So, here is what has taken the World by storm;

Bacon, as usually described, is a cured meat from the back or sides of the animal. There are more than twenty types of Bacon being served in the restaurants.

The most demanded ones are Gypsy Bacon, Duck Bacon, Canadian Bacon, coconut Bacon, Pancetta, Samgyeopsal, Ireland Bacon, Fried Chicken Bacon, Elk Bacon, Lap Yuk, Lardon, salo, German Bacon, Jalapeno Bacon, Chocolate Covered Bacon, Pumpkin-Pie Spiced Bacon, Tangy Dill Pickle Bacon, Raspberry Chipotle Bacon, Brand Smoked Bacon, and Japanese Bacon, etc.

Beef Bacon

Beef Bacon is one of the few reputed kinds of Bacon that has taken the world by storm. It can be defined in the following ways;

  • Beef Bacon is bacon fetched from beef.
  • Beef Bacon is a strip of meat fetched from a part underneath the short prime ribs and between the flank and brisket. 
  • It’s a belly or pastrami cut. 
  • Beef Bacon is a strip of cured meat that has been preserved through aging, drying, canning, salting, brining, or smoking before serving. 
  • Beef Bacon is similar to Pork Bacon, it’s just that Pork Bacon is Sliced from the pig’s belly whereas Beef Bacon is sliced from the cattle’s belly. 

Beef Bacon is a product of the Middle East region. It is breathtakingly common not only in the Middle East region but in the rest of the world as well.

Beef Bacon is more or less prepared the same way as Pork Bacon, if not that delicious it is never disappointing either.

To cook it to perfection, all you have to do is season the bacon and fry until it’s crispy. 

If we have to define how Beef Bacon looks and tastes like, we would say it is salty, beefy, and somewhat heavier than Pork Bacon.

A Beef Bacon admirer says that eating this strip of meat feels as good as watching football all wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket on the first cool day of fall. 

The best part of this Beef Bacon idea is that it contains fewer fats and has a perfect meaty texture.

It’s just not that popular because the Beef Bacon is chewier, however, the Bacon is supposed to be crispier. 

Beef Bacon is healthier than the other options as it comes from cattle, an animal that is safe for human consumption.

It might not provide enough protein or fat to do the job but it does not contain the cancer-causing elements either.

If you are protective of your health and a Bacon lover at the same time, Beef Bacon would be the safest and healthiest option. 

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Pork Bacon

Beef Bacon can be surprising but Pork Bacon is not. Most Bacon lovers take it as the only “true” Bacon.

It is a widely known processed form of pig meat. Though it does not need any introduction still;

  • Pork Bacon is a salt-cured strip of pork fetched from various cuts; belly and back.

Out of all the types of Bacon found in the restaurants, Pork Bacon gets more admiration and hate from meat lovers.

The Pork Bacon is usually admired for its heavenly taste and crispiness and it gets hated for carrying cancer-causing elements.

When it comes to taste, no other cured meat can compete with the Pork Bacon. It is rich, salty, chewy, savory, and crispy just as the Bacons should be.

As per the experts, when a Pork Bacon is being cooked the fatty acids break down and turn into compounds of taste and smell.

The fatty acid makes the Bacon sweet, salty, nutty, grassy, and buttery.

So far we can say, Beef Bacon is a strip of meat fetched from cattle whereas, Pork Bacon is a strip of meat collected from a specific part of a pig’s belly or back.

Comparison Between Beef Bacon vs Pork Bacon

It can be said that both Pork and Beef Bacon are two different things. 


Beef and Pork Bacon are both a strip of meat. Both are prepared more or less the same way.

It’s super hard for a naive to distinguish Beef Bacon from Pork Bacon. The weight, thickness, and color of the strip can only help you judge whether you have Pork or Beef Bacon on the plate.

The Beef Bacons are slightly thicker, heavier, and a bit darker in color whereas the Pork Bacons are exactly the opposite, thinner and lighter in color and weight.

So, the best way to judge the Beef and Pork Bacon is to hold and feel it in your hands. What’s lighter is Pork Bacon and what’s heavier is Beef Bacon.


When it comes to cooking, both Beef and Pork Bacon go through more or less the same process.

The first step is curing, second rinsing, a third smoking, and final cooking. Both Beef and Pork Bacon are cooked the same way on low heat.

The only difference is that Beef Bacon takes more time whereas Pork Bacon gets ready to be served readily.


Salt, seasoning, and careful curing rinsing, smoking, and cooking never make the Beef or Pork Bacon lose their true flavor.

No matter how uniquely the Beef or Pork Bacon is cooked, the Beef Bacon would have a beefy flavor and the Pork Bacon will also retain its taste.

If we get a little specific, Pork Bacon is sweet, smoky, and a bit salty whereas, Beef Bacon has got salty beefy flavor.


Since Pork and Beef Bacon are the product of two different animals. One comes from Pigs whereas, the other is fetched from cattle.

So, both of them can not have the same nutrients. As per the experts, one Beef Bacon Slice contains sodium, potassium, and a small amount of protein.

The Pork Bacon contains a huge amount of protein and B vitamins. So, the nutritional value of a Pork and Beef Bacon is breathtakingly different. 

Impact on health

Pork and Beef Bacon impact human health differently. To be honest, both Pork and Beef Bacon are treated with nitrates/nitrites and chemicals to enhance color and preserve shelf life.

The good part of the meat slice is taken over by the dark spirit; chemicals and nitrates. Both can not be healthy however beef bacon is a bit safer than Pork Bacon. 

Every one ounce of pork Bacon contains 30 milligrams of cholesterol, which raises the cholesterol level and increases the risk of stomach cancer.

The beef Bacon, on the other hand, has also been reputed to cause an increase in cholesterol level and the risk of heart disease and stroke. 

In brief, Beef Bacon is taken as the healthiest alternative to Pork Bacon. For being each other’s alternatives, the Beef and Pork Bacon get compared a lot.

Upon comparing these two we have found that the Beef Bacon is fetched from cattle. The Pork Bacon is collected from the belly or back of pigs.

The Beef Bacon is thick and heavier but the Pork Bacons are thin and lighter in weight. The well-cooked Pork kinds of bacon are sweet, smoky, and a bit salty whereas, the Beef Bacon has got salty and beefy flavor.

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