Are there any tractors made in the USA

Are There Any Tractors Made In The USA

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Tractors have become an inseparable part of the agriculture industry worldwide. They serve multiple functions, from plowing to feeding cattle. Tractors are a basic necessity for most farmers and ranchers. Several brands have set up their manufacturing units in the United States. 

John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, and AGCO brands like Massey Ferguson and Challenger are some of the most popular American tractor manufacturers. Popular non-American tractor manufacturers like Mahindra & Mahindra and Kubota have several manufacturing plants in the United States.

Listed below are the top 7 tractor manufacturers in the U.S., and their most popular models.

  1. John Deere

An American Deere & Company brand, John Deere manufactures equipment for sectors like agriculture and construction. Founded in 1837, it expanded into tractor manufacturing by 1912. Its headquarters is in Moline, Illinois. 

The John Deere Model D tractor was the very first model manufactured by John Deere under its own brand, in 1923. Models like 7R, 8R, and 9R followed this initial model. In the 1940s, Deere & Co. manufactured tractors for the U.S. military. Subsequently, they entered the corn harvesting industry by producing various models. Currently, Deere is one of the largest agricultural machinery manufacturers in the world. 

Product line up:

  • Compact Tractors which makes use of gear or hydrostatic transmission or PowrReverserTM:

1 Series (22.4- 23.9 Engine HP)

2 Series (24.2- 36.7 Engine HP) 

3 Series (24.7- 45.3 Engine HP) 

4 Series (43.1- 65.9 Engine HP)

  • Scraper Special tractors feature spacious and quiet cabs, heavy-duty frames, and 18-speed PowerShift™ transmissions.

John Deere Official Website:

  1. Case IH

With more than 175 years of industry experience, Case IH has a market presence in more than 160 countries and is a global leader in the production of agricultural equipment.

Case IH manufactures fuel-efficient products covering markets worldwide. 

Product lineup:

  • 4WD, Rowtrac, & Track Tractors make use of PowerDrive or CVXDrive transmissions:

AFS Connect™ Steiger® Series
Steiger® Series (370 – 620 HP)

AFS Connect™ Magnum™ Series (180 – 396 HP)
Magnum™ Series (180 – 380 HP)

  • All Purpose Tractors with ActiveDrive, PowerDrive, or CVXDrive transmissions:

Optum™ Series (271 – 300 HP), PowerDrive or CVXDrive transmissions.
Puma® Series (150 – 240 HP), CVXDrive transmissions.

Maxxum® Series (116 -145 HP), ActiveDrive or CVXDrive transmissions

  • Compact, Utility and Speciality Tractors

Vestrum™ Series (4-cylinder 100 or 130 HP), ActiveDriv8 or CVXDrive transmissions.
Farmall® Series, this series comprises of several utility and compact tractor models ranging from 35 to 140 HP with the mechanical shuttle, power shuttle, synchronized shuttle, semi-power shift, or hydrostatic transmissions.

Case IH Official Website –

  1. New Holland

New Holland is a part of the CNH Industrial conglomerate and produces agricultural equipments and machinery. Founded in 1895, in New Holland, Pennsylvania, it was acquired by Ford Motor Company in 1986. In 1999 New Holland became a CNH Industrial brand. 

Currently headquartered in Turin, Italy, and New Holland, Pennsylvania, the brand has a market presence in over 170 countries. New Holland was also a major sponsor of Juventus F.C between 2007 and 2010. Their product lineup is versatile and the company also commands several trademarks for innovation. New Holland manufactures models for every requirement, one of their noted models is the T4V Vineyard series. 

NH offers a choice of transmissions on their Series TDD Plus tractor models to suit a wide variety of requirements. Synchro Shuttle™ transmission with paired forward and reverse speeds can be matched with TDD Plus tractors. New Holland aims to lower power loss through transmission by dialing down the number of gears engaged in producing a certain operating speed. The helically cut, constant mesh gears help lower noise and vibration so as to ensure maximum durability. 

New Holland Official Website:

  1. Massey Fergusson

Massey Ferguson is part of the AGCO corporation and commands a huge market worldwide owing to its versatile products. 

Product line up:

  • Sub-Compact Tractors

GC1700 Series Sub-Compact Tractors (22-25 HP)

  • Compact Tractors

1500 Series Compact Tractors (24-25 HP)

1700E Series Economy Compact Tractors (Model Year 2020) (34-39 HP)

1825E Compact Tractor (24-25 HP)

1700M Premium Compact Tractors (36-59 HP)

M Series Premium Compact Tractors (36-59 HP)

  • Utility Tractors

2700E Series Utility Tractor (Model Year 2020) (49-57 HP)

2600H Series Utility Tractors (45-74 HP)

4700 Global Series Utility Tractors (70-100 HP)

  • Mid-Range Tractors

5700S Series Mid-Range Tractors (110-130 HP)

5700 Series Mid-Range Tractors (100-110 HP)

5700SL Series Mid-Range Tractors (100-110 HP)

6700 Series Mid-Range Tractors (120-130 HP)

6700S Series Mid-Range Tractors (140-160 HP)

  • High Horsepower Row Crop Tractors

7700 Series Row Crop Tractors (140-255 HP)

7700S Series Row Crop Tractors (150-255 HP)

8700S Series Row Crop Tractors (270-370 HP)

Massey Ferguson Official Website –

  1. Challenger

An AGCO brand, Challenger tractors are produced at the Jackson, Minnesota manufacturing unit. 

Product line up:

High Horsepower Row Crop Tractors

Challenger 1000 Series 500+ Horsepower Fixed-Frame Tractor (396-517 hp)

Challenger MT600E Series High Horsepower Row Crop Tractors (270-370 hp)

Challenger MT500E Series High Horsepower Row Crop Tractors (115-200 hp)

Articulated 4-Wheel Drive Tractors

Challenger MT900E Series Articulated 4-Wheel Drive Tractors (500-600 hp)

Special Application

Challenger MT900E Series Special Application Tractors (500-600 hp)

Track Tractors

Challenger MT800E Series Track Tractors (460-600 hp)

Challenger MT700 Series Track Tractors (380-431 hp)

Challenger MT700E Series Track Tractors (355-405 hp)

Utility Tractors

Challenger MT400E Series Utility Tractors (110-150 hp)

Challenger Official Website –

  1. Mahindra

Mahindra Tractors is one of the largest and the most popular tractor brands in the world. In the year of 2010. this Indian company has set up manufacturing units in the USA, to cater to the growing needs of the agriculture sector in the country. Mahindra has been the recipient of awards like the Deming Prize and the Japan Quality Medal. 

Product line up:

Sub-Compact (19.4-24 Engine HP)

Compact (24-25.9 Engine HP)

Compact-Utility (25.9-65 Engine HP)

Utility (43-125 Engine HP)

Mahindra Official Website:

  1. Kubota

Kubota is a tractor and heavy equipment manufacturer, established in 1890, in Osaka, Japan. Their very first farm tractors were launched in 1960. This Japanese company has since become a global market leader, with its complete selection, with tractors ranging in size and application. Kubota is now entering the large scale commercial farming industry with their novel M17 series of larger tractors. 

Kubota produces both diesel as well as gasoline or spark-ignition engines in either air-cooled or liquid-cooled designs. 

Product line up:

BX series

B series

L series

M series

Kubota tractor models make use of several varieties of transmissions including mechanical transmission, hydrostatic transmission, glide shift transmission, power shift transmission, continuously variable transmissions and more. The company adheres to the emission regulations in every market it enters, to bring forth engines that satisfy environmental standards set by national governments. Kubota is one of the most popular tractor manufacturers in the United States.

Kubota Official Website:

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